10 Smart Software Solutions for Small Businesses and Call Centers in India in 2022

Profitability is the primary goal of all businesses, organisations, call centres,
and other institutions. They must increase work efficiency and productivity in order to achieve high
profitability. Fortunately, with the help of smart software solutions, businesses can achieve
profitability while growing at a rapid rate. This has been made possible by the introduction of a
slew of smart solutions that have enabled businesses to improve management, streamline operations,
and boost productivity. Aside from call centre and contact centre solutions, there are smart and
innovative software solutions that can handle a variety of important functions such as ticketing,
billing, call recording, and IVR, to name a few.


Need for Software Solutions

Businesses are increasingly relying on innovative software solutions for a variety
of reasons. Businesses have been able to achieve increased productivity and, as a result, better
profitability thanks to software solutions. Software solutions are used in almost every industry.
Software solutions are used by organisations and businesses for a variety of purposes, including
streamlining and automating. Businesses can divert their pool of human resources to other complex
processes and functions that require human intervention by automating a number of functions.
Streamlining, on the other hand, ensures that businesses are more productive. All of these factors
contribute to increased productivity and profitability of call centers.

10 Smart Software Solutions for Small Businesses and Call


  • Work from Home Softwares

The term “work from home” has become synonymous with COVID-19. It’s become the new
standard, and it’s here to stay. This required businesses to look for innovative software solutions
that made managing work from home employees easy for them. The majority of work-from-home solutions
are designed to function as an integrated solution that allows businesses to manage themselves more

SanCall Assist is a dependable work-from-home solution that enables companies to
operate remotely. SanCall Assist
is a smart mobile number dialer that works on both mobile and VOIP platforms. The users of this
cloud call centre software have a lot of options. It comes with a number of useful features,
including centralised recording, a user-friendly interface, simple call transferring and
blacklisting, a remote login option, call recording, IMEI authentication, centralised reporting,
call conference, live monitoring, and more. SanCall Assist allows businesses to streamline their
operations with the help of all of these features, allowing them to operate remotely.

  • IP-PBX

Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX) is an acronym for Internet
Protocol Private Branch Exchange. IP-PBX is used in a variety of offices because it connects
branches and multi-branch offices to establish voice calls over the internet. It’s a useful
telecommunication device that allows people in a building to communicate with one another via
telephony. Internal communication must be smooth in order for a company to succeed. Within a branch,
an IPPBX device facilitates communication exchange. It works by combining PBX systems and VoIP
gateways to allow businesses to communicate internally.

The SanIP-PBX is a smart
solution for internal communication in businesses. It connects all types of media, including PRI,
analog line, VOIP, and GSM, while utilising any resources, including analog phones, IP phones, PCs,
laptops, and smartphones. Live call monitoring, call recording, remote barging, call conference,
call forwarding, group/extension pickup, CDR reports, three-way calling, call routing (DID &
ANI), and SMS/Email API integration are just a few of SanIP-most PBX’s useful features. Overall, the
San IPPBX is a critical device for ensuring smooth communication within a system.

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Softwares

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is an important management practise for
businesses. Over time, business management software has evolved. The most recent management
softwares are integrated solutions that can handle a variety of tasks. Enterprise resource planning
software is a comprehensive software solution for businesses that helps them streamline their
processes by allowing them to plan, monitor, and manage their operations more effectively.

SAN Softwares’ VedaERP is one of the most
dependable enterprise management softwares. It enables businesses to automate their processes and is
packed with features that make it simple to use while also allowing them to manage their businesses
more efficiently. E-invoices, CTI Integration, GST Return Filing, Lead Management, Project
Management, and other functions are all possible with VedaERP. It’s a safe and scalable solution
that can be tailored to meet specific business needs.

  • Call Billing Softwares

Billing softwares are the most important softwares for any call centre. Since both
internal and external calls are important components of any call centre, billing for both can be
challenging. Call billing software is beneficial to both businesses and their customers. Apart from
hassle-free billing, call billing softwares take care of various other aspects that are related to
billing, accounting, and subscriber management. They are remarkably successful, precise, and

SanCBS is the
best call billing software for PBX. It provides accurate billing information. For monitoring and
future reference, billing information based on call time, phone number, trunk, extension, duration,
and other factors can be retrieved.

For DID billing, San
is the software to opt for. It is a useful pre-paid IP-PBX software. It is the best
billing software for small businesses in India.

  • IVR Softwares

An interactive voice response software is an essential software solution for
businesses that handle calls in bulk, both incoming and outgoing. It allows them to manage calls in
a better way and as a result, achieve better productivity. IVRs offer a number of features that make
them truly indispensable. Some of these include smart call routing, call tracking, call recording,
CDR, automatic calling, black listing, etc. An IVR system can be both on premise (SanIVR) and hosted (EasyGo IVR).

Other IVR-related softwares include IVR Bot and IVR blasting softwares. An IVR bot
is a smart voice bot solution for handling calls. It is a powerful tool for
companies to gain higher customer engagement and improve customer experience. The SanIVR Bot is the best IVR
Bot for voice bot customer service.

Similarly, IVR blasting softwares find usage in various fields such as
telemarketing, outbound call centers, and campaigning. IVR blasting software are used for reaching a
large number of customers at once. SanOBD is one of the most
reliable IVR blasting softwares in India. It is also one of the best election campaigning softwares
in India.

  • Transport Management Softwares

India’s transportation industry has recognised the need for software solutions to
manage logistics and transportation. Transport management software aids in the streamlining of
operations for transportation companies. Transportation companies rely on software solutions for
challans, GR, route payment vouchers, hired vehicle billing, fuel management, repair and
maintenance, tyre and spare inventory management, and so on.

SanTrans is
the best logistic and transport management software in India. It is a
feature-packed software for container billing and car carrier billing. It provides various services
such as Dispatch Entry, GR Entry, Route Payment Voucher, Daily Branch Report, GR Receiving, Bill
Entry, Truck Maintenance, and Hire Charges for Outside Truck, Diesel/Petrol Bill, Tyre Management,
Financial Accounting, etc.

SanTrans offers a comprehensive accounting module that handles all transportation
transactions, billing, bank reconciliation, tracking, and printing of payment vouchers and checks.
It’s simple to use, inexpensive, scalable, and adaptable. SanTrans makes it simple for
transportation companies to meet their regular billing targets.

  • Ticket Management Software

Efficient ticket management is the most important aspect of ensuring customer
satisfaction. Ticket management software is one of the most important software solutions that
businesses should invest in. Ticket management software performs a wide range of tasks, including
registering new lead tickets, support tickets, ticket generation via call/API, lead assignment, auto
replies, email attachments, Email/SMS alerts, and queue management, to name a few.

One of the most effective tools for ensuring good customer service is the SanTMS. It’s
one of the best queue management programmes available. Email queue assignment, escalation matrix,
queue filtration, task assignment, MIS reporting, and queue rules are just a few of the useful
features. It is one of the most dependable solutions for simple and convenient queue management.

  • Order Management Software

Small businesses are always on the lookout for innovative software to help them
manage and process orders. Manual order management is time consuming and prone to errors. Businesses
that sell goods and services to customers require dependable order management systems to keep things
running smoothly.

SanORDO is a
powerful order management software solution. It is one of the best order management softwares
available in India for small businesses. It simplifies and streamlines order management by
effectively handling pending orders, orders to be picked, orders to be delivered, and much more. It
is a user-friendly software because it has a single order management panel that allows users to
manage everything with ease.

  • Call and Voice Recording Softwares

Call recording softwares are a prerequisite for any business or call centre. Call
recording software is one of the most important tools for businesses that deal with customers on a
daily basis. Companies that deal with the public benefit significantly from recording calls and
conversations because they serve as tangible evidence in the event of a dispute or crisis.
Businesses can use recording software to provide excellent customer service.

The SanLogger is a smart
voice logger that records audio from various sources such as phone calls, radios, microphones, and
other audio sources. It makes administration easier by providing useful features that make it truly

SanMRec is the
best mobile call recording software. It helps users to keep track of agent-to-customer calls. It is
the greatest software solution for centrally recording all incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Customized Software Solutions

Companies are always looking for the best software solutions to help them become
more productive. Ideal software is simple to use and manage, and it blends into an organization’s
structure to help it perform better. However, this is rarely the case, as businesses hardly see the
one perfect software application that can fulfil all of their needs. This problem can be overcome
with the help of customized software

Businesses must be prepared to meet a variety of constantly changing needs, which
necessarily involves the use of best-in-class technology. Depending on the nature and complexity of
the demands, commercially available software may or may not be able to meet them. They frequently
fall short of expectations, resulting in productivity issues for businesses. While a custom software
solution may initially be more expensive, it will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. Commercially
available software solutions are generally more expensive when various hidden costs such as licence
costs and upgrade charges are taken into account. Customized software eliminates these problems in
the future while also giving consumers more control.

Custom software development is a feasible way for businesses and organisations to
boost productivity and efficiency. The software can be modified to make it run more efficiently and
give users more control. For many customers, customised software is the best option because of its
better integration, security, flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

About SAN Softwares

SAN Softwares was founded in the year 2000 as a client-oriented software development
company in India. We have extensive experience developing Telecom and CRM Software to provide our
clients with smart software solutions. With our interactive and dynamic software, we have
successfully served over 1500 clients, including government and private organisations.

We aim to develop unique software solutions that meet the needs of customers. Our
entire line of products and services is focused on quality and cost-effectiveness. Our customers can
be confident that we will do everything possible to assist them in gaining a competitive advantage
in the market by implementing feature-rich, custom software. We have over 21 years of experience and
a team of expert technicians to deliver high-quality telecom CRM software solutions and help you
achieve 100% business growth.




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