SanIP-DID: DID Billing Software

SanIP-DID: Best Billing Software for Small Businesses

Over the last two decades, the telecom industry has undergone a technological revolution. With the introduction of more innovative technological solutions, particularly in communication software, the world has truly shrunk. The DID industry has benefited greatly as well, as direct inward dialling has presented itself as a simplified solution for international calls. DID billing systems, on the other hand, remain complicated. To fill this void, SAN Softwares, one of the leading billing software companies in India with over 21 years of experience, developed San IP-DID, a pre-paid IP-PBX software that is bound to make DID billing simple and easy.

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Introducing of SanIP-DID

The SanIP-DID is a step ahead of the traditional PBX system, which has its own set of limitations. The SanIP-DID is a smart solution that comes packed with various useful features. It is the best billing software for small businesses in India. The user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) makes the entire process seamless and hassle-free. It is an advanced version of our previous window-based billing software. The SanIP-DID billing software comes with both prepaid and post-paid support. Apart from easy billing, it comes loaded with a plethora of smart features that serve both operators and subscribers alike.

Because it is supported by all major operating systems and area networks, the SanIP-DID software is simple to install and use. It has a smart user interface that is highly responsive and allows for mobile and tablet access as well. The SanIP-DID provides support for both pre-paid and post-paid billing. In addition, this multifaceted billing software also takes care of accounting and makes subscriber management easier.

best billing software for small businesses in India

Why SanIP-DID?

SanIP-DID is a multifaceted billing software that not only makes billing a hassle-free process for both service providers as well as subscribers, but also takes care of various other aspects that are related to billing, accounting, and subscriber management. In a way, it simplifies the billing process for the providers while presenting the users with a variety of options to choose from. It is a one-of-a-kind billing software that has innumerable advantages that make it an absolute necessity for DID. It is a one-time investment and does not burn a hole in your pocket, which makes it cheap and best billing software in India.


While manual billing gave way to electronic billing a long time ago, the billing system was far from perfect. In some cases, it was needlessly complicated due to a dearth of smarter billing solutions that not only made billing a quick and hassle-free process but also took care of other billing-related aspects. Certainly, the solution lay in a smart software that not only simplified billing but also took care of other aspects such as accounting and customer support without compromising on accuracy. The SanIP-DID addresses all of these frequently encountered challenges in billing calls and provides comprehensible solutions for all of them.

Advantages of SanIP-DID

  • Convenient and Cost-effective:

The SanIP-DID is just as easy to configure as it is to use. This web-based software works efficiently on all major operating systems. It is compatible with LAN, WAN, and fibre networks. It is a cost-effective way of carrying out billing efficiently that leaves no room for error. Since the SanIP-DID handles not only billing but also other billing-related aspects, it proves to be highly economical in the long run.

  • User-friendly GUI:

-The SanIP-DID has a highly responsive graphical user interface that provides the users with a seamless experience. The graphic-based user interface is ideal for billing software because it allows for easy navigation and can be accessed easily even from mobile phones and tablets. In terms of functionality, it offers a lot to both service providers and subscribers.

  • Utility and Efficiency:

Unlike other billing systems, the SanIP-DID gives users a lot more flexibility. A single GUI can be used to access and manage multiple IP-PBXs. It also provides support for accounting and subscriber management. Users can have easy access to their account details, which makes account management easier for them. This makes the entire process less hassled and time-consuming and ensures a pleasant experience for the subscribers.

  • Easy Billing and Accounting:

The software supports both prepaid and post-paid payment methods. It supports trunk-wise billing, purchase/sale entry, shifting entry, and also supports multi-branch billing. Other features include billing for extras and an option for subscribers to enter vouchers. It assimilates and processes billing data, and provides valuable information in the form of group summary, profit and loss statement, trial balance, and balance sheet. It promotes efficiency by simplifying the entire process and facilitating synchronisation among all parties involved.

  • Subscriber Management Support:

The subscriber management support provided by SanIP-DID is truly unparalleled as it has been created by SAN Softwares, which is one of the best billing software companies in India. It takes care of the otherwise complex task of managing subscribers. It notifies the clients about all activities related to their account through emails and SMS notifications. Clients get notified about bill payments, receipts, and call details on email. It also allows the allocation of multiple extensions to a single subscriber and ensures KYC verification. It tabulates STD/ISD data according to plan and allows access to CDR data. All of these tools have a significant impact and ensure the ease of use for the clients. More importantly, these allow service providers to manage the customer data more efficiently and effectively.

Main Modules

Multi Branch

Prepaid and Post Paid

GST Compliance

Trunk Wise Billing

Web Based so that you operate it from any OS

Responsive and Mobile Friendly GUI so that you can operate it from Mobile/TAB

Multi User

Handle Multiple IP-PBX from single GUI


Subscriber My Account Portal


  • Billing
  • Extra/Other Billing
  • Ledgers
  • Voucher Entry
  • Group Summary
  • Profit & Loss
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
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Other Features

  • Multi-branch and multi-user support
  • Handle multiple IP-PBX from single GUI
  • Prepaid and post-paid payment support
  • Plan-wise multiple STD/ISD tables
  • User rights
  • My Account portal for subscribers
  • Subscriber management support
  • Group billing
  • Bills/Payment receipts/Call details to clients on E-mail
  • Allocation of multiple extensions to a single subscriber
  • Upload KYC details to subscribe
  • CDR data import support
  • New connection entry
  • Receipts of bills/ pre-paid payments
  • Purchase/sale entry
  • Shifting entry
  • Notifications to clients on SMS/E-mails
  • Works on LAN/WAN/Fiber
  • Web-based for improved OS support
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