Top 10 Ways to Boost Employee
(& an Effective One-Stop Solution)

Employees are the backbone of any company. Business owners are constantly on the lookout for hacks and
techniques to help them get the most out of their employees. Good productivity is one of the most
important factors that determine success. Almost all employees want to work efficiently and outperform
their colleagues. This is a sign of healthy competition. However, there are certain factors at play that
hamper their productivity. While some of these factors are impossible to control (such as health,
emergencies, etc.), other factors like motivation and office atmosphere can be worked upon. These
challenges can be overcome by adopting certain measures that are known to help companies boost their

Here are 10 tried and tested ways that help
companies increase the productivity of their employees.

1.Maintain a suitable office environment
Cramped-up spaces, artificial lighting, and a lack of greenery are known to hamper productivity. People
generally perform better when they are surrounded by greenery and natural daylight. This keeps them
enthusiastic and helps them perform better. Similarly, bright colours are known to inspire creativity in
people, as opposed to monotonous whites and greys. Ensure a vibrant and lively office atmosphere to get
the most out of your employees. Social environment is just as important. Most of the times, it is stress
that acts as a hurdle in the way of most people realizing their full potential. Make sure that your
office environment is not a cause of stress for your employees.

2.Reduce absenteeism
Absenteeism is one of the biggest reasons why companies end up underperforming. Discourage unsanctioned
absenteeism and reward employees who have a good attendance record. At the same time, you can be
flexible and allow employees to work from home in rare cases. Being flexible and allowing the employees
to work remotely turns out to be an advantageous situation for both parties.

3.Discourage time-wasting habits
Unnecessary meetings for long hours, poor punctuality, and long, frequent breaks are some of the things
an average employee wastes time on and ends up underdelivering. Most people have a habit of checking
their cell phones frequently. This is bad for concentration and hampers productivity. While adopting a
no-phone policy is an extreme measure, you still need to ensure that employees do not neglect work
because of this. Encourage employees to take short breaks in which they can do what they like. Apart
from cell phones, meetings are the second biggest culprit. Most of the office meetings are unnecessary
and get stretched over long durations for no reason. Discourage unnecessary meetings and encourage
emailing for communication within the office, as it saves ample time.

4.Encourage teamwork
One of the most effective ways of increasing employee productivity is by making them aware of the value
they add. Emphasize teamwork by asking employees for their input wherever possible. This increases
employee engagement and helps inculcate a sense of responsibility. In addition, cut-throat competition
and office politics are other major culprits that cause employees to waste time and energy in unworthy
things. Adopt effective team-building exercises to foster a healthy working atmosphere.

5.Do not micromanage
Bosses who micromanage and ask for follow-ups every hour do not make it into their employees’ good
books. Moreover, this makes work feel like a burden to most employees, as they are under immense
performance pressure. Employees are more likely to make errors when they are under pressure and stress.
On the contrary, allowing employees to do a task their way fosters a sense of responsibility in them,
which causes them to be more productive.

6.Ensure employee well-being
Excessive stress is one of the biggest culprits that hamper productivity. While people deliver better
under little to moderate pressure, it does not go down well with most of us. Too much stress wreaks
havoc on a person’s mental and physical health. This weakens the immune system and puts people at an
increased risk of diseases. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the mental and
physical well-being of your employees. In order to ensure this, you should help your employees manage
stress in a better way by being more available and approachable. Always be open to communication with
your employees and resolve the issues they face at work. This is one of the most effective ways of
increasing employee productivity.

7.Set realistic targets
Unrealistic expectations are more likely to make people give up. Contrary to common perception, aiming
too high is a recipe for failure. It is not practical and people often compromise on quality in order to
finish a herculean task. It also gives rise to procrastination, which is the biggest enemy of
productivity. Procrastination happens when people are asked to achieve unrealistic targets. Instead, you
can present them with smaller tasks and watch them ace it! Setting smaller goals is more beneficial as
achieving them is more encouraging and rewarding for the employees.

8.Acknowledge and appreciate
Getting acknowledgment and appreciation for one’s efforts is one of the biggest motivating factors for
people. This makes them want to perform even better in the future. Appreciate and reward your employees
when they perform excellently or achieve a difficult feat. Celebrating your team’s achievements helps
them stay motivated and strive for more. This fosters healthy competition among employees and inspires
them to perform better.

9.Skill enhancement
Encourage your employees to enhance and improve their skills. Not only will this help them do better in
their career, but it will also be beneficial for your company. Highly-skilled employees are an asset to
any company. By encouraging them to broaden their skillset and lending them the support they need, you
will be able to witness a drastic improvement in their productivity.

10.Invest in the right tools
Workplace efficiency depends not only on the employees but also on how well-equipped the employees are.
Sluggish workflow is a primary reason behind poor performance. It is not uncommon for employees to spend
hours of their valuable time doing tasks that shouldn’t need to be done by them in the first place.
Automation has made work easier by leaps and bounds. As a result, employees can divert their energy
towards things that need their immediate attention.
In the absence of automation, a lot of human effort is still wasted on completing tasks that can be
accomplished with automation in no time. To make sure that your employees work at their efficient best,
you need to incorporate smart solutions into your office. These tasks can be anything, depending upon
the nature of the business. One should not undermine the importance of streamlining operations. When
good streamlining practices are implemented, it results in uninterrupted workflow and increased

The Solution

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