Top 10 Reasons to Move Your Phone System to the Cloud

Cloud Phone System

Travelers have more than 7,00,000 options worldwide when they are booking their hotel room. The main reason that change the travelers’ mind is the technology that helps the guest book their hotel rooms. Technology can improve the overall experience of a hotel/resort and attract new visitors into regular patrons by boosting the convenience and comfort of staying at a hotel. In 2021, 82% of guests booked their hotel rooms using a mobile device, app, or website.

Many hotels are already using a cloud communication system to run their call messaging and customer interactions process; these types of hotels already have a plus point when it comes to staying relevant with customers. You can track each and everything about your guests across various platforms using a cloud system, and you can keep your staff informed about account or customer needs. This is what proves that minimal investment can save your hotel’s reputation and can grow your business.

As the person in charge of managing your hotel’s foreign communications, it’s critical that your phone system has the reach, uptime, and call quality required to interact with your guests all over the world. Let’s go over the advantages of migrating your hotel or resort’s communications to a cloud platform.

Reasons For Choosing Hotel Communications To The Cloud

Save Tons Of Money

Who doesn’t like extra money or extra saving? That’s why moving to a cloud communication system makes sense. It significantly helps to save or cut costs. Thinking about how it works, simply moving to a cloud system eliminates the cost of maintaining costly hardware on-premises. Ultimately this causes cost savings in other areas as well, including:

  • Subscription, usage-based, or hybrid billing strategies are less expensive than running your system.
  • Call rates and business phone numbers are the market-leading and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Less time is required for your IT support to maintain an old on-premise system.
  • Less money is spent on costly trunk lines.

A cloud communication system enables hotels to be more cost-effective and flexible while still giving employees access to all of the business communications networks they require to provide seamless guest experiences. You may maximize your communications budget by lowering the amount of on-premise equipment required to handle sales and support calls and reallocating those resources elsewhere using call forwarding and direct routing features.

Furthermore, when it comes to the cost savings of a cloud-based communication system, it is not just your hotel that benefits. Long-distance international calls over a cloud-enabled network are frequently less expensive than those made through a PBX system alone – SIP trunking can assist! Let your visitors know that owing to your contemporary, efficient phone system, and they can remain in touch with business partners and loved ones all around the world for less while traveling.

Maintenance Is A Lot Easier

All system maintenance and upgrades are managed automatically by your cloud services provider. If you have a problem with your system, most cloud communication providers offer support teams available 24/7 or during working hours to assist you. Furthermore, cloud-based PBX communication systems are constantly backed up by failsafe servers in several places, so your hotel’s communications will not be disrupted while your supplier repairs the local issue.

Increases Personalization

When you combine your phone system and databases, you get the opportunity to customize a guest’s stay beyond their need for more towels. A significant proportion of customers or guests (84 percent) believe that being treated like a person rather than a number is critical to gaining their business.

An intelligent cloud-hosted calling system allows your hotel to integrate visitor data across departments in order to anticipate guest demands. Hotels and resorts that gather guest data through phone conversations, app usage, or website behavior may utilize that data to create tailored experiences that differentiate their facility from the competition. Furthermore, sharing guest history across databases and departments allows your hotel to provide upgrade situations to visitors who are likely to take advantage of them. When visitors feel that you have tailored their stay to their specific requirements, they are more willing to return.

Better System Interoperability

Cloud communications provide flexibility that most analog or traditional systems are capable of doing. Most systems are compatible with a wide range of software and voicemail systems. As a result, upgrading to the cloud does not need your resort to fully redesign its chosen voicemail, call accounting, or PMS systems. Furthermore, most cloud-based communication systems run on a standards-based platform, which means they will work with current radio and messaging systems in a specific area.

Services Consolidation

These days, hotels and resorts are growing in size and provide more services as a differentiating factor, which separates them from the competition; they rely on a more significant number of vendors to suit their needs. However, collaborating with several providers results in complicated processes. One way they’re consolidating vendors is by moving their communications to the cloud. Hotels frequently utilize many local providers to ensure communications dependability and backups in the event of disruptions. Hotels use cloud-hosted communication systems to communicate with only one provider while yet receiving technical assistance and service dependability.

A unified communications (UC) platform, such as UCaaS or CPaaS, also boosts staff productivity. When your databases and communication systems are all linked, you enable staff to solve problems and please customers by providing them with all the information they want about a visitor. When a staff has a complete picture of a visitor, their history with your hotel, and their request, they are more likely to develop a solution that satisfies the consumer and encourages them to return.

Top-Notch Service

Because they are backed up by numerous servers across regions, cloud communication solutions provide crystal-clear connections that seldom lose calls. Resorts in more remote places are especially aware that traditional calling systems might be vulnerable to the age and quality of local infrastructure. They’re migrating to the cloud so that their visitors are never cut off from the rest of the world for business or emergencies. Even in more populated areas, knowing that your Internet-based phone system will seldom if ever, fail means you can tell visitors that they will never be left in the dark about dinner reservations or planned trip adjustments.

Increases Scalability

A cloud calling solution allows you to effortlessly grow the number of lines in your hotel network. With a few mouse clicks in the supporting software, your hotel communications provider may add phone lines to increase your services or properties. If you’re changing rooms for other purposes, “rewiring” phones is also a straightforward operation. At a low cost, cloud communication systems may accommodate hundreds to thousands of phone lines.

Improved Overall Guest Experience

Whether the guest is coming by themselves or your sales agents are doing outbound calling to see how they enjoyed their stay, improving customer experience starts with reliable virtual numbers that meet your guest’s expectations. Cloud communications provide two-way calling with PSTN replacement services, ensuring the consistent connectivity and uptime that visitors demand. The multiple backups and simple scalability that a cloud PBX may provide your hotel mean that visitors won’t have to worry about unexpected disruptions that disrupt conversations.

Remember to include your property communication systems in your improvements as you continue to improve the guest experience at your hotel or resort to suit the needs of contemporary travel. A cloud-hosted calling phone system helps both your employees and your visitors. Cloud-based communications provide a powerful spectrum of services to help your hotel better understand and exceed the expectations of its consumers. Cloud-based communications are also a sensible choice for visitors because of their dependability and simplicity of integration with various communication systems and applications.

Meanwhile, cloud-based UC platforms are less expensive than traditional systems. Any cost reductions are noteworthy in a year when hospitality firms have fought to survive.

Opting For The Best Comprehensive Cloud Calling System

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