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SanIPPBX Salesforce Integration: A Step-by-Step Guide for Integrating Salesforce CRM with PBX

Elevate your business efficiency with the seamless integration of SanIPPBX and Salesforce CRM. Enhance your communication capabilities by connecting your telephony system directly to Salesforce, enabling streamlined call management, in-depth analytics, and enriched customer interactions. Empower your team to make and receive calls effortlessly within the Salesforce environment, optimizing your CRM processes and delivering a unified communication experience for heightened productivity and customer satisfaction.

1. After the installation of SANIPPBX, install the SSL certificate. (Refer to another document for the installation steps of SANIPPBX and SSL.)
2. Now log in to SANIPPBX, create a user and extension, and ensure to maintain the settings of the extension that you intend to use in Salesforce.
Extension Sitting
3. After changing the settings, verify whether the extension is functioning correctly by accessing the following URL:
4. Navigate to /var/www/html and paste the two folders, “Salesforce application,” onto your server. Change the domain in the file:
–> vi/var/www/html/webphone/salesforce.json
Delete the default SANIPPBX dialer application and initiate the Salesforce application after filling in your server details.
–> vi /var/www/html/salesforceApp/prod.json

5. start application : –> pm2 start /var/www/html/salesforceApp/prod.json
6. You need to edit the file using the command:
var statusMapStatic = {“Available”:”XXXXXXXXXX”,”Busy”:”XXXXXXXXXX”,”Break”:”XXXXXXXXXX”}; var statusMap =
Update the status code provided by Salesforce in this file.
7. To push CDR to Salesforce you have to edit /var/www/html/salesforceApp/api.php and update API details which is provide by Salesforce team.
For Example :
$tokenUrl “”;
$cdrUrl = “”;

8. Now you hit your domain with webphone on web browser and login with the user which your create on your SANIPPBX.

9. Now the same URL you provide your Salesforce team and they will open SANIPPBX webphone on the Salesforce Iframe


Salesforce CRM phone integration helps you unlock several key features. After you successfully integrate Salesforce CRM with IP-PBX, you will get the following features:

• Enabling or disabling the integration from the SanIPPBX portal
• Enabling or disabling the SanIPPBX portal’s click-to-dial functionality for users.
• Direct incoming calls to a user.
• Incoming calls can be routed to users via IVR.
• Incoming calls can be routed to a different user during parallel ringing.
• Incoming calls can be routed to the user via sequential ringing.
• Users get to make an outgoing call from their system.
• Users can make an outgoing call through the click-to-dial functionality inside Salesforce.
• Users can answer both incoming and outgoing calls.
• Incoming calls can be routed to a user through a blind transfer.


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