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Who Are We ?

SAN Softwares is a client-oriented software development company in India which is founded in Year 2000. We have an extensive experience in developing Telecom and CRM Software to serve the best technology to our clients. Currently, we have a team of 50 data-driven Software developers. We have successfully served more than 1500 clients including Government and Private Organizations with our interactive and dynamic Software.

SAN Softwares is an expert company in the industry of telecom and CRM software. You can contact us and fix a meeting with our expert Pre-Sales Team to discuss your requirements. We also provide recommendations for improvements to the software that will make it more efficient than ever. You can put your trust in us for your money and time.

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Our Aim

To provide our valued clients with impeccable service and consultancy, redefining standards to match customer expectations.
In late 90’s, companies were struggling to adapt the new technology and switching to Accounting and ERP software. The hurdle was to introduce the new work pattern to their employees who resisted computers as they feared in losing their jobs due to incompetence.The other factor that
needed the attention was the costing as the industry was primitive to accept the expensive solutions.

SAN took the challenge and design applications that were not complex in nature and ensured that the employees could easily learn the limited step operations for transactional entries. Since its inception, SAN has earned an accolade
from its clientele for providing the most user-friendly Software and priced to suit every industry.
SAN carries the mission to develop the solutions that are user-friendly and serve the industry by managing flow complexity with ease. The solutions served by us are cost effective and supported by our QRT.

The Organisation.

SAN Softwares is an India-based IT company. Since our inception, we have emerged as a global software developer. The company is rapidly growing as a quality player in delivering both inshore and offshore software services.

We have our expertise in Telecom Solutions. Accelerated schedules marked our service with a high degree of time and cost predictability. Besides custom software development, SAN Softwares has also developed a range of branded transportation software for car and trailer carrier services.

There is always scope for improvement in every work, and that is the core of development. SAN aims to be recognized Globally as a Solution Provider that has an answer to every complexity of business workflow.

We are driven by our vision to provide solutions in every industries domain and gain complete customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction is the goal in every service we provide, we work towards achieving it keeping the client’s interest as our priority, always.

Our Footprints

  • India
  • Australia
  • US
  • Belgium
  • UAE
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand

Our Mission

SAN Softwares is a client-oriented software development company in India that sees the mission of delighting customers by developing and integrating software projects. All of our products and services are focused on quality and business targeting on reasonable costing. Our customers can rest certain that we will do all possible to help them obtain a competitive advantage in the market through the use of feature-rich, tailor-made software. We have 15 years of top-notch experience and an expert technician team to deliver the best quality telecom CRM software and add extra value to your business.

What We Can Provide

  • Call Center Solution Software
  • Cloud Hosted Call Center Solution
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Transport Management Software
  • Mobile Recording Solution Software
  • Order Management Software
  • Interactive Voice Response Software
  • Call Billing software
  • Tele-Marketing Software

Why Choose Us

  • Setup Efficient Communication with our best Telecom Software

We are one of the leading and inexpensive software development companies in India that can set up efficient communication and telecom software for your company. To make your firm more efficient timely communication between business employees is important. In this era of telecom software, we can evaporate all the geographical boundaries distance from the commercial sector.

  • Boosting customer relations

Our efficient telecom and CRM software will let you stay in touch with your customers. They can contact you at any time with their needs. Customers are the primary source of revenue for any business therefore, they should be treated with respect and care. With our telecom software, you will get revolutionized the way to communicate rather than face to face all time communication.

  • Boost teamwork with our Telecom software development

Thanks to the telecom software, the employees can easily communicate with each other. The software can connect not only the project members but all of the staff as well. in this way, you will be able to work more efficiently on your ongoing projects. As it is very crucial to communicate with one another to run your firm effectively. Your staff must communicate with the members of their project team.

  • Adaptable workplace

The flexibility of the working environment can be enhanced through telecommunication software. Employees can now work more efficiently than ever before. With the software, they can connect from anywhere in the world. They use video conferencing software or telecom management software to attend any meeting or conference. The task becomes easier and more flexible.

  • Cost-effective

The principal cost of your firm will be reduced with communication software. Your employees can participate in any meeting or business without physically being present. As a result, you will be able to save money by lowering the cost of the office setting. You may also save money on electricity by allowing them to work from their houses

  • Automatic data-entry and time-saving

With our CRM software, your staff will never have to waste tie tracking emails, calling, meetings, or interactions because the system will collect and combine all of this data automatically. Customer data recording and presentation by hand is a time-consuming operation. CRMs can complete the entire task in a fraction of the time. it saves a lot of time and energy will allowing staff to focus on the more vital aspects of their jobs.

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