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SanIPPBX Hubspot Integration: Transforming Communication: SanIPPBX and HubSpot Integration Unleashed

Streamline Connections: Make Calls Directly in HubSpot CRM with SanIPPBX Integration

Unlock seamless communication and enhanced productivity with SanIPPBX integration into HubSpot CRM. Streamline your business operations by seamlessly connecting your telephony system with HubSpot, allowing for efficient call management, detailed call analytics, and improved customer interactions. Elevate your customer relationship management with the power of integrated communication, enabling your team to make, receive, and analyze calls directly within the HubSpot platform.

1. let’s move forward Now user will go in lead and click on make a call.

2. Now, the user will click on the phone number to make a call.

3. When the user clicks on the phone number on the San Web, a phone popup will appear, and upon selecting it, the call will connect.

4. After concluding the call, the user will proceed to the “Activities” section, where they can review and listen to the recording by selecting the corresponding phone number.
Hubspot CRM and IPPBX integration helps you unlock several key features. After you successfully integrate Hubspot CRM with IP-PBX, you will get the following features:

• Enabling or disabling the integration from the SanIPPBX portal
• Enabling or disabling the SanIPPBX portal’s click-to-dial functionality for users.
• Direct incoming calls to a user.
• Incoming calls can be routed to users via IVR.
• Incoming calls can be routed to a different user during parallel ringing.
• Incoming calls can be routed to the user via sequential ringing.
• Users get to make an outgoing call from their system.
• Users can make an outgoing call through the click-to-dial functionality inside Hubspot.
• Users can answer both incoming and outgoing calls.
• Incoming calls can be routed to a user through a blind transfer.


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