Benefits Of Call Tracking & Automatic Call Recording System

Call Tracking & Recording Software
Add Your Heading Text HereBusinesses and call centers need to handle a large number of incoming and outgoing calls. Calling customers and resolving their issues is something businesses are required to do on a regular basis. This means talking to customers, creating, managing, and resolving tickets, and getting feedback on the same. However, apart from attending to customers in a timely and efficient manner, there are several other things that businesses are required to do. The most important of an automatic call recording system is recording every conversation and maintaining a record of all interactions that take place with all customers. There are several reasons why businesses and call centers need to record conversations. However, two major reasons are:
  1. Recording and tracking calls for assessment and evaluation of their agents’ performance.
  2. Recording calls for creating evidence to avoid and resolve disputes.
  As important as it is to record and track calls, it is also fairly easy with the right software solution. Many businesses do not track and record calls, fearing the additional expenses. However, it should be looked at as an investment as it goes on to serve several purposes. It is, therefore, important for businesses to choose the right call recording and tracking software to do the same.  

The Need for Tracking and Recording Calls 

  Thanks to the ongoing trend of digitalization and the immense benefits it has to offer, an increasing number of businesses are building an online presence for themselves. There are a number of strategies that businesses employ in order to generate traffic. These include ad campaigns, SEO, PPC, etc. The purpose behind this is to generate as many leads as possible so that they can be nurtured and successfully converted into sales. The traffic and calls generated by these leads need to be tracked and recorded for several reasons. The significance of recording and storing conversations cannot be overstated. Businesses that rely heavily on public dealing benefit greatly from it because a logged conversation serves as tangible evidence in the event of a dispute or crisis. Voice recording solutions come with a number of useful features, such as caller ID recognition, date-based classification of call records, and other features that make them more customizable and user-friendly. It gives organisations more control and puts them in a position of power, which proves to be extremely beneficial in the long run. Similarly, call recording software records and saves phone conversations made over GSM networks. Call centers must have call recording software in order to provide excellent customer service and, as a result, improve sales and service. It can help you avoid fines and prosecution by staying in compliance with numerous regulatory bodies such as brokers, banks, insurance companies, and others. Moreover, being able to access crucial data helps businesses assess the performance of their strategies. It is also an effective solution for improving performance, as the recorded conversations between agents and clients can be referred to in the future for assessing performance and finding shortcomings. This proves to be of immense benefits for businesses, as they can then train their agents accordingly and ensure increased customer satisfaction.  

Benefits of Call Tracking and Recording Software  

  Call tracking and recording software solutions prove to be a resourceful investment for businesses. They help businesses keep track of both incoming and outgoing calls and contribute to making call centers more efficient and productive. Some of the most prominent advantages are:  
  • Access to Detailed Reports 
Call tracking software solutions can provide you with detailed information about all incoming and outgoing calls. Some of the important insights that call tracking software solutions provide include the total number of calls, call duration, call time and date, location, etc. This data is immensely useful as it can help you identify trends and patterns. It also helps you assess the performance of your campaigns and strategies, and helps you make decisions that are more feasible in the long run. By gaining access to location-wise data, you can get a better understanding of your leads. As a result, you can nurture your leads effectively and increase your conversion rate.

  • Evaluate and rethink your strategies 
With call tracking software, you can assess the performance of your strategies and fix shortcomings. Call tracking systems to assign a unique phone number to each online or offline campaign. Whenever a call is made, the tracking software forwards it to the main number for your agents to answer. When calls come through the assigned tracking numbers, businesses can gain more precise information about the leads. Moreover, they can compare the calls coming through individual tracking numbers, assess the performance of their campaigns, and rethink or work on the ones that are underperforming. Similarly, it can also help you with the assessment of your keyword strategy. You can also assess the performance of your pay-per-click landing pages and find the ones that are generating the maximum number of leads.  

  • Assess agents' performance 
Recording and tracking calls with the help of best call tracking software India provides you with crucial data that can be used to assess the performance of your agents. It can help you identify agents who have been skillfully handling and converting leads, along with those that have been underperforming. You can then route calls to the right agents and help the other agents improve. Not only will this help you improve your team, but it will also ensure a satisfying experience for your customers. Moreover, call tracking software solutions are an indispensable tool for call centers as you can find out the number of calls it took to resolve a ticket. You can work on your strategies and increase the number of first contact resolutions.  

  • Boost your ROI and conversion rates. 
While businesses end up spending a fortune on marketing campaigns and other tools to gain more customers, they need to invest in the right tools that can help them gauge the performance of their strategies, campaigns, and other measures. Since call tracking data helps them examine the performance of their strategies, they can come up with improved strategies and ensure that none of their efforts go in vain. Forming data-driven strategies increases the probability of getting more conversions. Moreover, it also helps businesses track conversion metrics, and at the same time, recorded conversations between agents and callers can be used to assess the response of callers to various approaches. As a result, businesses can get more conversions, thereby ensuring high ROI and long-term profitability.    

  • Improve responsiveness 
Call tracking software keeps track of all answered and unanswered calls. They help you ensure uninterrupted availability for your customers as you get notified about calls. This is helpful as you can ensure that all missed calls get answered and your customers’ issues get resolved at the earliest. As a result, you can ensure customer satisfaction and retain clients. Moreover, good responsiveness and customer satisfaction help to build a brand image and ensure profitability in the long run.  

  • Quick Dispute Resolution 
Disputes and disagreements are common problems faced by many businesses, and solving them tends to be tedious and time-wasting. Telephonic conversations with clients and customers can sometimes create conflict. It can give rise to disputes and confrontations, which have a negative impact on a company’s relationship with its clients/customers. Moreover, this greatly hampers productivity as it can lead to the wastage of valuable resources in many cases. It can also cause a business to suffer losses. This makes voice logging all the more important. It is necessary to ensure transparency so that neither party finds itself at a disadvantage. By recording conversations, companies can create tangible evidence that can help them avoid disputes. They can also safeguard themselves against various frauds and scams. Dispute resolution becomes easy with the help of a reliable call recording and tracking system, as it helps businesses maintain a record of all conversations that take place with their clients.  

  • Increased Productivity 
Automatic call recording system helps businesses become more productive. Since service-based companies and call centers can use the recordings to assess the performance of their employees, they are able to identify the problem areas and come up with the right strategies to help them improve. In the meantime, they can route the calls to other agents with a high first contact resolution rate, as they are more experienced in handling customers. This practise proves to be fruitful as businesses are able to serve their customers better and increase their productivity simultaneously.    

Tips to Choose the Best Call Recording Software for Call Center 

  While the benefits of recording and tracking software have been established, they can only be tapped completely in the presence of the right software solution. With a wide range of available options to choose from, it is not uncommon for business owners to get confused. However, there are certain parameters you can follow to choose the right option that best fits your needs. These are:  

  • Cost-effectiveness
Go through the available options and the features that are on offer. The price you pay for tracking and recording software should be justified by its features, flexibility, adaptability, and ease of use.  

  • Tracking numbers 
Since you will require several toll-free numbers for tracking calls, you should ensure that the tracking numbers are available for the area code where your target demographic is located. The availability of toll-free tracking numbers is an added advantage.  

  • Scalability 
Scalability matters the most when it comes to call center solutions. Since businesses expand and grow over time, they are required to increase their capability of handling calls. This can only be enabled with the help of the right software solutions that are adaptable and can be scaled up or down, depending upon the constantly evolving requirements.  

  • Integrations 
Whether your call tracking and recording software can be integrated with your existing CRM determines its usability. Integration is important for streamlining key operations and becoming more efficient. It would only be beneficial if all call-related data and recordings were automatically synced with your existing CRM. Integration with other platforms such as Facebook and Google Analytics is equally important.  

  • Simple to use 
Most importantly, your automatic call recording system and tracking software should be easy to use and understand. User-friendliness matters the most, as it can make or break the entire experience for a user. Certain complicated software solutions require you to make your agents familiar with their features. Moreover, you should consider whether all the features on offer are of use to you and whether any of the key features are missing.  

  • Support
Support from the service provider is a key parameter that you should not overlook. Downtime can acutely hamper productivity, and this is where service support matters. Downtime of even a few hours can disrupt all operations. Therefore, you should ask the provider about the time it takes them to identify and troubleshoot issues. Speedy assistance should be at the top of your priority list when looking for any software solution.  

Call Tracking and Recording Software by SAN Softwares  

  The SanLogger is a smart voice logger that records audio from many sources, such as phone calls, radios, microphones, and other audio sources. It stores the data on a hard disc or a portable storage device. It records and stores files in MP3 format, which consumes less disc space while maintaining excellent audio quality. Caller ID detection, automatic date-wise log of data, integrated play option, data export support, and the ability to record unlimited long-duration calls are just a few of its key features. SanLogger, a call recording software for businesses, simplifies administration by providing a comprehensive set of features that make it truly indispensable, particularly for businesses that deal with customers on a regular basis, such as banks, hospitals, call centers, and retail, among others.   SanLogger has many features that make it the best call recording software for call center.  
  • It records files in MP3 format, which occupies less disc space.
  • Caller ID and Called ID detection
  • It allows users to export call data to Excel for MIS reporting.
  • No limit on call duration allows users to record as many calls as they like.
  • Monitor the real-time activities of channels.
  • For your convenience, you can make calls and add remarks.
  • Easily access data with call filters. Call Filter by Date, Phone Number, Duration, Call ID, Caller ID, Incoming Call, Outgoing Call.
  • An integrated GUI makes the SanLogger a user-friendly solution. Easy administration with single-click access.
  • Access recordings in seconds using multiple search criteria, unlike other solutions, where records are obtained only serially.
  • Label channels with a name and number for easy retrieval.

San MRec Mobile Recording Software Solution 

  SAN Mobile Recording Software (SanMRec) is a convenient tool that allows you to record every call on a centralized platform, from incoming to outgoing. If you have agents who handle client conversations on their mobile phones and you want to log each call, SAN Mobile Recording Software is the most reliable solution you can find. SAN Softwares is a leading provider of the best call recording software for call center, along with other innovative software solutions and has developed the best call recording software for mobile phones. It enables users to keep track of all phone calls between agents and clients. It is an ideal software solution to streamline operations and improve productivity. San MRec call recording software captures and saves phone calls made over GSM networks. Call centres must have mobile call recording software in order to provide excellent customer service and, as a consequence, boost sales and service. It can assist you in remaining in compliance with several regulatory bodies, such as brokers, banks, insurance companies, and others, and help avoid penalties and prosecution.

Why Should You Choose SAN MRec? 

  • With built-in custom reports, live monitoring, search and replay, and more, you can use your call recorder as a powerful employee training and workforce management tool.
  • The best mobile recording app for quickly detecting and alerting any problems with the customer experience.
  • You can have absolute proof of all communications in the case of an investigation if you record your calls, and you can use previous events to teach employees about the best and worst practices.
  • Data filtering allows you to keep track of all calls between agents and clients. You can use live monitoring, granular search, and playback to evaluate all customer and staff interactions on a regular basis.

 About SAN Softwares 

  We at SAN Softwares have extensive experience developing telecom and CRM software solutions. We provide the best call recording software for call center. We aim to provide our clients with smart software solutions that empower them to become more productive. With our interactive and dynamic software, we have successfully served over 1500 clients, including government and private organizations. We aim to develop unique software solutions that meet the needs of customers. Our entire line of products and services is focused on quality and cost-effectiveness. By implementing feature-rich, custom software, our clients can be confident that we will do everything possible to assist them in gaining a competitive advantage in the market. We have over 21 years of experience and a team of expert technicians to deliver high-quality telecom CRM software solutions and help you achieve 100% business growth.  
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