Why Do Businesses Need to Invest in IP PBX Software?

Best Cloud IPPBX Software Solutions
The productivity and efficiency of any business depend on various factors. However, the biggest determining factor is the ease with which the contact center is able to handle communication. A company's greatest asset is its well-established communication networks. Businesses must communicate both internally and externally in order to function well. Telephony is the most dependable and cost-effective corporate solution. In the event of businesses that need to communicate both internally and externally, PBX, or private branch exchange, is an effective tool. PBX solutions can be on premise or hosted. While large organizations with multiple departments and a large number of employees prefer on premise installations, small businesses are looking for best cloud IP PBX software solutions they can rely on. While both on premise and cloud PBX solutions have their specific pros and cons, cloud-based solutions are gaining more favour due to the flexibility they provide. In large organizations and businesses, private branch exchange systems are commonly used to establish a convenient means for internal communication. External contact via VoIP is also possible with PBX solutions. Additionally, due to the freedom and flexibility cloud PBX providers in India offer, hosted or cloud-based PBX solutions are quickly becoming the preferred choice of a significant number of small businesses. In addition to PBX, other smart call management systems are essential tools for all contact centers for call management. Call management systems enable businesses to track, record and monitor calls.

How Do PBX Systems Work?

PBX systems are used by call centers to connect branches and sub-branches within the enterprise to make calls. PBX systems run on voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to establish internal and external communication. PBX systems can be used easily with other mediums such as PRI, analog lines, VOIP, and GSM while using any resources such as analog phones, IP phones, PCs, laptops, smartphones, and so on. It is scalable and interoperable with any existing setup. The IP-PBX software solutions provided by cloud PBX providers in India are extremely beneficial for the convenience they provide. With the help of PBX, users are able to share external phone lines. On the contrary, with PSTN (public switched telephone networks), call centers require separate lines for each call operator. PBX systems help call centers reduce costs drastically, and allow businesses to be more productive and profitable.

The Benefits of Investing in PBX systems

The last few years have seen businesses realize the need to establish strong communication channels. This is because the lack of an appropriate communication setup can cause organizations and contact centers to encounter various issues. Businesses encounter these hurdles on a regular basis, resulting in lower efficiency, heavier overhead costs, and a lower contribution of communication to decision-making. However, IP PBX software companies in India now provide PBX systems to help businesses overcome these issues, enable seamless communication, streamline operations, and contribute to an increase in productivity. Some of the most prominent advantages of PBX systems are:

PBX systems help businesses reduce phone bills.
Whenever you make an internal call, it gets routed through the phone company’s exchange. All internal calls are routed through the local phone company's exchange before returning to the internal network to reach the other agent. As a result, every internal call costs the same as an external call. On the other hand, the call does not go outside the building while using a PBX system, since the PBX system directs it internally. This is a feasible solution, as adding too many phone lines becomes complicated and unmanageable. Not to mention, costly. This is why adding direct phone lines is not a feasible option for businesses that need to assign a separate number to each employee.

PBX offers greater control.
With PBX systems, you can access and manage all incoming calls through one number. This is a useful feature as call center managers can listen to other agents’ calls and manage them at the same time. The opposite is also true, which means that you can advertise a single number and your agents will be able to answer these calls. Moreover, even though one number can be used by multiple callers, there is no such thing as a busy line with PBX. Your agents will still be able to answer multiple calls made to the same number simultaneously. This is a highly convenient feature that offers great control to call center managers.

Auto-attendant to attend calls
Just like any other software solution, PBX makes life easy for businesses and call centers. With the automated attendant feature, businesses can handle calls more efficiently, and callers get to avoid the hassle of waiting for their calls to be answered. An auto-attendant mimics a virtual receptionist and helps callers with their queries. The auto-attendant answers calls automatically, registers the customer’s response with the help of a DTMF menu, and routes the calls to the most suitable internal extension. This is a highly useful feature that helps businesses save valuable time. As a result, they can streamline operations, ensure seamless customer service, and enhance their brand image.

Exercise greater control with PBX
Managing lines and agent activity is difficult with regular telephony. PBX solutions allow you to have greater control of things. Since PBX systems can handle both outbound and inbound calls, you can expand or limit the access of individual extensions. You can control which phones are allowed to make external calls and which phones are allowed to make only internal calls or both. At the same time, you can also use other parameters, such as the distance over which each line is allowed to make calls, international calling, and restricting access to specific extensions. All of this allows you to be in greater control of things and helps you ensure the smooth functioning of your business.

Smart and accurate call routing
PBX software solutions come with an array of useful features that make call management easy. One of the features is call routing, which enables you to route incoming calls to any system within the network. Calls can be forwarded to other phones as well as voicemail. This proves to be highly convenient, as every time an agent is away from their desk, calls can get forwarded to another agent. As a result, businesses can ensure that no calls go unanswered, and even if they do, customers can leave a message through the voicemail feature. Additionally, you can route calls to multiple phones at a time, and also play music or messages that will be played while the callers wait for their calls to be answered.

Get usage reports and reduce costs.
With regular phones, the only way to know about the usage, the numbers dialed, and the duration of each call is through the detailed bill. This is where PBX systems put businesses at a clear advantage. PBX systems register all incoming and outgoing calls along with their details. It provides you with valuable information on the number of calls received by each line, the total number of calls, call durations, internal and external calls on each device, and more. You can also check if employees have been making personal calls. This data is easily accessible and provides you with useful insights into the productivity of your employees. As a result, you can take adequate measures accordingly and ensure increased productivity. Since employees know that their call activities are being monitored, they are bound to refrain from making personal calls. With the help of detailed usage reports, you can maximize your savings. Moreover, it is an economical options and businesses don’t have to worry about the price they’ll have to pay for IP PBX system price in India.

Zero Infrastructural Costs
With a cloud-based PBX, you will not incur any infrastructural costs. This holds true for a large number of cloud-based solutions. A cloud-based PBX does not require any additional equipment and is easy to install. This means that there will be no cost for maintenance and you will not have to hire technicians, which is required in the case of on premise installations in large organizations. The mere cost of maintaining an on premise PBX system can be exponentially high and tedious. While it is the more feasible option for large organizations, small businesses can make do with cloud-based solutions as they are more economical for smaller teams.

Cloud-based VoIP option for calling
The VoIP or voice over internet protocol technology has revolutionized the way businesses handle calls. With a VoIP PBX, you can completely do away with telephone lines as the calls are made over the internet. This means no monthly telephone bills and no hassle of dealing with downtime. A VoIP-based PBX performs all the functions of a traditional PBX but at half the cost. Moreover, the cloud-based PBX systems are just as efficient as the on premise systems. It is an ideal solution for small businesses that want to keep hardware and infrastructural costs to a bare minimum. With hosted PBX India, businesses don’t even need to invest in a PBX device as their internet router can serve this purpose.

Easy B2B communication.
If you run a small business, you very well understand the importance of B2B communication for network building and increasing B2B sales. Moreover, lack of availability and delayed responses can cause your business to lose quality leads. Added to that is the confusion in your employees’ minds about the device they are supposed to use to make calls. With the help of PBX call management system for small business, all of your employees will be able to communicate externally with ease. While this can be carried out using traditional phones, it will only result in enormous overhead costs and create confusion. IPPBX is an essential tool for streamlining contact protocols and increasing B2B sales.

Maintain Data Security with Cloud (Hosted PBX India)

Losing sensitive data to competitors can be disastrous for businesses. However, using regular phones puts enterprises at risk of losing data. IPPBX ensures end-to-end encryption of calls and helps businesses safeguard themselves against data loss. Hosted PBX India helps businesses avoid any risks of data loss as they can rest assured that their data is safely encrypted.

SanIP-PBX: The Best Cloud IP PBX Software in India 

Thanks to the adaptability and capability they offer, IP PBX systems are becoming increasingly popular. The San IP PBX by SAN Softwares can help you take your company’s communication to the next level. SAN Softwares is one of the best cloud IP PBX software providers in India. The customizable algorithm of the San IP PBX follows the most efficient approach to handling and routing a large number of calls at the same time. The two IP PBX solutions offered by SAN Softwares are server-based IP-PBX and SanIP-PBX. The San IPPBX phone system uses the LAN/internet to make and receive calls. It transforms analog voice signals into digital signals and forwards calls to the ITSP (internet telephony service provider) who is in charge of handling calls. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is at the heart of IP-based telephony services. For the VoIP telephony system, this universal protocol has become the norm. SIP trunking is useful as it provides a large number of channels. Some of the key features of San IP PBX include: Live call monitoring and recording: Monitor multiple calls at the same time and gain access to call data records. All calls are automatically recorded and can be retrieved in the future. Three-way calling: Need to add another person to an ongoing external call? The three-way calling feature allows you to add another extension to ongoing calls. The San IPPBX allows you to join ongoing calls with ease. Call conference: Hold conference calls with a large number of people on the line. Remote Barging: The remote barging feature proves to be beneficial as managers can barge in on live calls between agents and callers. Whispering Call Routing (DID & ANI): Smart call routing is an essential feature of the San IP PBX as incoming external calls get routed to the last contact or the most suitable agent. This helps businesses save time and money. SMS/Email API Integration: With API, SMS, and email integrations, it is easy to send notifications, confirmations, reminders, and more.

What makes SanIP PBX the best choice for your business?

The SanIP PBX has been developed by SAN Softwares, the most reliable provider of telephony and software solutions. It is a scalable solution that can be easily integrated with your existing setup and CRM.

A scalable solution 
San-IP PBX cloud based software allows you to scale up or down depending on your business’s demands. You can easily reduce your usage of the hosted IP PBX service and pay less. If there is a need for regular heavy usage, it can easily be handled by this efficient solution. It is simple to set up remote extensions in individual branch offices. It can also be used and managed using computers or smartphones, thereby allowing for more convenience.

Unlimited Savings! 
The San IP PBX uses SIP (System Initiation Protocol), which uses an internet protocol network for voice and data transmission. The network requirement for such transmission is met by a VOIP-based infrastructure. San-IPPBX is the most cost-effective IP PBX solution as it allows businesses to save money, irrespective of whether their IP PBX software is an on premise system or cloud-based. IP PBX telephony capabilities like low latency can be accessed with on premise IP PBX software on a server and the complete network. Moreover, latency is hardly an issue as VoIP solutions assure excellent call quality. Not only does it help businesses save money, but is also an economical option as businesses don’t have to pay an unreasonable amount for IP PBX system price in India.

Easy to Manage
The San-IPPBX Software solution provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and manage. Call monitoring, selective access, vendor management, DID administration, gateway/trunk management, phone books, blacklist, a whitelist, call recording, video calling, audio recording, conferencing, and voicemails are just a few of the many useful features it boasts of. The user-friendly dashboard provides several useful features such as advanced billing, rate cards, and bill plans. The IP phones can be moved from one connection to another as per convenience.

Streamline operations 
The SanIPPBX, apart from simplifying the entire process of receiving and managing calls, also contributes to the streamlining of business operations. It is a highly cost-efficient and reliable solution that can easily handle calls at high volumes at a fairly low cost and ensure the seamless continuation of all processes. This is possible since IPPBX systems can be easily integrated with the existing setup and CRM. As a result, processes get streamlined, and businesses become more productive and profitable.

Customizable Solutions from SAN Softwares: The Best cloud PBX providers in India

Customizable software and telephony solutions are highly reliable solutions for businesses and organizations as they help them increase their productivity and productivity by leaps and bounds. When software can be optimized to perform at its most efficient best, it empowers users with ease of use and greater control. Better integration, security, flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness are some of the factors that make customized software an ideal choice for many customers. Customized software solutions are scalable and can keep up with the evolving nature of an organization. We at SAN Softwares understand your requirements and offer scalable solutions that help you increase productivity and achieve unprecedented growth. SAN Softwares was founded in the year 2000 as a client-oriented software development company in India. We have extensive experience developing telecom and CRM software to provide our clients with smart software solutions. With our interactive and dynamic software, we have successfully served over 1500 clients, including government and private organizations. We aim to develop unique software solutions that meet the needs of customers. Our entire line of products and services is focused on quality and cost-effectiveness. By implementing feature-rich, custom software, our clients can be confident that we will do everything possible to assist them in gaining a competitive advantage in the market. We have over 21 years of experience and a team of expert technicians to deliver high-quality telecom CRM software solutions and help you achieve 100% business growth.
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