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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is credited with heralding a paradigm shift in India's taxation system. It has an equal impact on the manufacturing and service sectors. It took a long time for individuals to become familiar with GST, and some are still struggling with it. India's indirect tax system was extremely complicated prior to the implementation of GST. The new reform brought tax uniformity to the system. The new tax structure is broad in scope, with various slabs based on consumption patterns as well as the sorts of goods and services. Because GST is a transaction-based consumption tax, it is critical for every firm to calculate and record the GST component of their transactions efficiently and precisely. When it comes time to file GST returns, having effective GST data management is of utmost importance. Manually filing GST returns wastes a lot of time, energy, and resources that could be better spent on your essential business tasks. One option to make the process more efficient is to use software to automate it. Taxation software handles tax compliance for firms and people, as well as assists them in preparing and filing income, corporation, and other tax returns. Rather than relying on inconvenient manual methods of filing tax returns, you can use robust taxation software that will make filing GST returns easy. GST software for Small Business that is included in financial and business management software keeps track of all of your financial and GST data in a single place. GST software with financial accounting is a one-stop shop for all of your accounting requirements. GST-compliant ERP software streamlines GST filing and compliance, allowing you to focus on other important operations of your business. As a result, you'll be able to streamline processes, enforce transparency, and enhance productivity.  

Benefits of a GST Compliant ERP Software 

Despite the fact that many businesses already use ERP, they must invest in GST Ready Enterprise software to help them become GST compliant. Enterprises want GST-compliant billing solutions to help them become GST-ready. This is why most businesses are looking for cheap and best GST software in India. ERP systems that are GST compliant benefit organisations in the following ways:

  • Save time and effort 
Business automation is in high demand, and every entrepreneur is looking for cost-effective and speedy solutions. The GST-compliant ERP is a full-featured system that handles everything from entry to billing. Businesses can save time and money by using tax software to calculate and file their taxes. In the case of small enterprises, tax software is an excellent tool for increasing staff productivity because it eliminates the need for employees to spend long hours adding numbers and double-checking data while performing tax calculations. A holistic GST ready ERP solution accomplishes taxation tasks in a timely and effective manner.

  • Save Money 
An effective ERP system is a long-term investment that requires little upkeep. Spending money on GST-ready ERP systems will be far preferable to paying the penalties for unpaid taxes. When it comes to cost savings, a GST-compliant ERP solution can be a terrific alternative for businesses and individuals. The likelihood of tax errors is significantly increased when tax returns are filed manually. Human errors should be avoided when filing tax returns, as the cumulative cost of such errors can be enormous. Investing in professional services from accountants and financial consultants can be very expensive, and some small businesses may not be able to afford it. GST software is one of the most effective solutions for businesses. It is a one-time investment that automates all accounting and financial processes. It's a smart option to use GST-ready ERP software to reduce your company's overall operating costs.  

  • Accuracy 
Businesses must file GST returns on time and in full compliance with the law. Most firms are aware that even a minor miscalculation in tax calculations can result in significant penalties, interest, and other fees. When you calculate taxes by hand, you dramatically increase your chances of making an error. When you manually file tax returns, you are entirely responsible for organizing and accurately providing critical tax information across many forms. It's important to remember that when entering numbers or performing computations for credits, deductions, and other purposes, it's easy to make a typing error. This problem can be overcome by investing in a cheap and best GST software in India. GST-ready ERP software eliminates the human labour of reviewing data correctness and ensuring that the invoice fulfils GST standards by guaranteeing that invoices are consistent with GST guidelines. By automating everything, it eliminates manual labour, saves time, and ensures that business operations run smoothly.

  • Compliance 
GST compliance requirements can be complicated, and process manufacturers may find it difficult to comply with sourcing restrictions and multi-state tax legislation. Furthermore, such compliance is time and precision constrained, as GST is required to be filed three times a month by law. GST software makes it easy for business owners to prepare sufficient financial terms to comply with this law. A GST-ready ERP includes modules that assist with regulatory compliance and the difficult task of keeping accurate financial records.

  • Automation 
Business automation is in high demand, and every businessman is looking for cost-effective and speedy solutions. From entry through invoicing, a GST-ready ERP solution delivers a holistic solution. Businesses must keep track of all transactions and reconcile bank statements with sales records on a regular basis. This aids in the early detection of any mismatches. An ERP integrates and automates this procedure, ensuring that no data is lost in the process. Furthermore, the widespread shift away from paper money to digital currency may result in tax compliance and much-needed transparency. While ERP assists in digitization, the entire process also enables the preservation of necessary records to confirm returns and claims and prevent any penalties.  

  • Standardization 
Every business uses a unique structure for creating invoices for its clients. However, after the advent of GST, invoices have become more standardised. GST-enabled ERP software aids in the creation of invoices that adhere to the norms and regulations. The GST is designed to make it easier to trade products and services across the country while also lowering total tax expenses. Businesses will need a powerful ERP solution to take advantage of this uniformity. ERP solutions that are designed to satisfy GST standards help make the transition go smoothly. GST demands the standardization of the entire invoice recording process, for both sales and purchases, and this can be readily accomplished with the help of a GST-ready ERP solution. By facilitating automation, ERP promotes reporting standardization. It lets users access all reports from a centralised server, rather than forcing employees to store multiple spreadsheets and databases that must be manually integrated for generating reports. When sales orders are automatically entered into the financial system, the team in charge of the requests can process them more quickly and accurately, and the accounts team can close the books on time.

  • Data security 
GST-compliant ERP systems use cloud-based data storage technology to make data storage easy. Because one must upload all of their financial records to the GST portal, it becomes tough to maintain the data on hand. If this activity is completed manually, there is a high danger of data loss if it is stored in a single area. If data is manually saved on a computer, there is a considerable chance of the storage being stolen or crashed. Cloud-based data storage systems are preferred for the level of security they provide, as well as the ease with which invoices can be delivered and payments can be collected. Data is saved online using cloud technologies, making it easy to access data while maintaining complete security. Staff employees can quickly retrieve data, make changes, and upload it to the portal as needed. This system also saves time by eliminating the need to search for data because it is simple to use and can be accessed in a matter of minutes.

Choosing the Right ERP Solution with GST Compliance 

Now that the numerous advantages of investing in a GST-compliant ERP solution have been stated, there are a few aspects that influence an ERP system's usefulness. While you might be looking for a cheap and best GST software in India, there are several factors you need to take into account. The following are some of the characteristics to look for while selecting the best solutions: Compliance  The ERP software should be built to ensure that your financial transactions and GST calculations, as well as the reports and invoices generated, are all GST compliant. It should be able to automatically process data and generate insightful reports required for GST digital filing in real time. Integration  If you use an isolated GST system, you may need to resubmit data into your other software. For this reason, integration should be at the top of your checklist. An integrated solution manages your GST as well as all of your business's other financial tasks, thereby streamlining all key processes. GST software that combines all of the necessary accounting functions into a single application keeps financial and tax data synchronized. Analytics  An efficient ERP system should be able to provide you with useful insights and help you make better decisions. Reports  A GST-compliant ERP solution should be able to generate taxation reports as well as all other financial reports necessary for a business. It should be able to simplify and speed up financial auditing and report generation. Procurement, inventory, and sales  Many businesses rely on procurement and inventory management software. The optimal GST software should also be capable of managing goods and service purchases. Inventory and sales management tools are also crucial, since GST software that can manage all stages of the sales process would go a long way toward streamlining operations. Cost  Everything aside, you need to find a solution that fits your budget while choosing a GST compliant ERP solution for your business. When you approach things from a value standpoint, you can customise your budget to match your needs, not going too high or too low and still getting a solution that suits your requirements.

What makes GST compliant ERP solutions an ideal choice for businesses? 

While GST billing is something that can be ensured with a simple billing software with GST configuration, an ERP solution can also help businesses achieve the same. However, an ERP system proves to be more beneficial as it can act as a comprehensive solution that can help businesses plan their resources effectively. They serve as a one-stop shop for managing inventory, accounts, purchases, leads, sales, taxes, and more. Accounting, purchasing, compliance, supply chain operations, and more can be managed efficiently with the help of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Modern day ERP solutions are designed to be GST compliant and can help businesses stay ahead of compliance and deadlines.

VedaERP: The Best GST Software for Small Business 

VedaERP is the best GST software for small business that can simplify your business operations and management. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has made life easier for Indian businesses by assisting them in complying with the law and streamlining the entire taxing procedure. But still, many businesses are having difficulties preparing bills with GST compliance. VedaERP is the best software solution for billing and GST compliance. It has been developed by SAN Softwares, one of the topmost software development companies in Delhi. It can help you simplify and streamline your business operations and management. It is an ideal enterprise management software solution that can handle accounting, sales, e-invoices, GST return filing, inventory management, project management, and team management. VedaERP is a GST compliant software solution that can help businesses optimize their operations.  

GST Billing with VedaERP 

VedaERP offers various modules for creating invoices in GST format and managing finances. These are:  
  • Purchase (B2B and B2C)
  • Sales (B2B and B2C)
  • Purchase/Sale Reports for HSN Codes
  • GSTR-3B, and
  • GSTR-1
  Apart from purchase management, VedaERP is also an ideal solution for:   Lead management  With VedaERP, you can manage everything right from sourcing the raw materials to creating and selling a product. You can identify quality leads from a large pool of leads. You can also calculate the return on investment from your digital campaigns. With the help of the lead dashboard, users can assign and schedule leads, track teams, create new leads, and access call logs. By using a comprehensive solution for all of these processes, businesses can optimize operations and achieve better efficiency. All of these make VedaERP the best GST software for small business in India.   Telephony and CTI Integration  VedaERP is a cheap and best GST software in India that enables computer telephony integration and helps you manage your customers better. It helps you improve customer service, increase productivity, track results, save time, and improve customer satisfaction, among other things. Users can make calls with a simple click and also hide their phone number and e-mail ID at the same time. Accounting and Invoicing  VedaERP also helps you with invoicing, accounting, taxation, and more. It makes GST return filing a hassle-free process. Contract Management  The contract management feature allows users to create monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual contracts. Other features include contract reminders through SMS and email, upcoming contract reminders, and auto invoicing. A dedicated dashboard for expired contracts allows you to access any information about the old contracts if required. Project Management  VedaERP also works as a project management software and gives you the best tools for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management. It can be used as an administration system that lets the project manager, stakeholders, and users regulate expenses and manage budgets, as well as quality management and documentation. Roster and leave management  VedaERP, a cheap and best GST software in India, makes managing your team an easy task with features such as week-off rosters and leave approvals and rejections. Employees can also apply for leaves using mobile apps. You can also set reminders for payments, meetings, follow-ups, projects, and even birthdays! You can also create customized reminders. User-friendly interface  Using VedaERP is easy, thanks to an interactive dashboard and mobile app support. It allows users to manage multiple accounts. It supports unlimited users and is the best one-stop solution for managing sales, purchases, voucher entries, exporting data for tally, creating challans, inventory management, ledger reports, group summary, P&L statements, trial balance, balance sheets, invoice reports, and more. Users can easily export all the data to Excel.  

About SAN Softwares 

SAN Softwares, one of the leading GST software companies in India, has been providing the best software solutions to several industries. We provide customizable software solutions that are reliable and make procurement management an easy task for businesses. We provide customizable software solutions depending upon the nature of your business and its requirements. VedaERP is a flexible, adaptable, and robust inventory management software solution that is easy to install and use, and can be integrated with the existing telephony setup via the CTI integration. It is a one-time investment that helps businesses organize their resources, gain profits, and exceed customer expectations. These are only some of the benefits of managing leads and business operations with VedaERP. Our multi-featured solutions are efficient, cost-effective, and streamline business operations, thereby allowing businesses to be more productive and profitable.  
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