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How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

Are you interested in applying for the WhatsApp Green Tick verification? WhatsApp is a widely used tool for businesses to connect with their customers, and the Green Tick verification is a highly sought-after feature that adds credibility to a business account. If you’re wondering how to get verified on WhatsApp and obtain that prestigious Green Tick, this blog post will provide a step-by-step guide.

What Exactly is the WhatsApp Green Tick?

It’s a badge of authenticity, also known as the WhatsApp Verified Tick, is a badge of authenticity given to the business accounts. The verification serves as confirmation from WhatsApp that a business is authentic, setting it apart from other accounts. Having this verification increases the likelihood of customers trusting and engaging with the business, making it a crucial feature for companies looking to enhance their online presence. 

Importance of the WhatsApp Green Tick

Before getting into the process of how to get whatsapp green tick, it is important to understand the benefits of this verification. 

  1. Increased Trusts The verified badge reassures customers that they are interacting with a legitimate business.
  2. Enhanced Credibility: The green tick enhances your brand’s credibility, making it more likely for customers to engage with your messages.
  3. Improved Customer Relationships: With the green tick, customers can feel more secure about sharing information and conducting transactions.

How to Verify WhatsApp Business Account

If you are wondering about how to get green tick on whatsapp then to begin the process of obtaining the WhatsApp green tick, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 - Register Your Business with the WhatsApp Business API

To get started with the verification process, your business must be using the WhatsApp Business API. This is distinct from the regular WhatsApp Business app and is geared towards medium to large businesses that require a scalable solution for customer communication.

Step 2 - Ensure Compliance with WhatsApp Policies

Before applying for verification, make sure that your business complies with all of WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines. This includes adhering to commerce policies and ensuring that your business does not engage in any prohibited activities.

Step 3 - Use a Business Solution Provider (BSP)

WhatsApp works with official Business Solution Providers (BSPs) who facilitate the onboarding and verification process. These BSPs can help you integrate the WhatsApp Business API and submit your application for the green tick verification.

Step 4 - Submit a Verification Request

Once your business is set up with the WhatsApp Business API and complies with all necessary policies, your BSP can submit a verification request on your behalf. This request will include essential information about your business, such as your business name, website, and the nature of your business.

Step 5 - Wait for Approval

After submitting your verification request, it’s time to wait. WhatsApp will review your application and the information provided. This process can take several days to a few weeks. If your application is approved, you will receive the WhatsApp green tick on your business profile.

Tips for Successful Verification

To increase the likelihood of a successful verification on WhatsApp, it is important to follow these tips:

  1. Establish a Strong Online Presence: It is crucial for your business to have a strong and consistent online presence on various platforms. This involves maintaining a well-maintained website, active social media profiles, and ensuring consistent branding. 
  2. Provide Accurate Information: Ensure that all the information provided in your verification request is accurate and matches the details of your business other
  3. Engage with Customers Regularly: Engaging regularly and meaningfully with your customers on WhatsApp can increase your chances of getting verified. 
  4. Choosing Best Practices: Adhering to best practices is crucial when communicating with customers on WhatsApp. This includes responding promptly, using clear messaging, and maintaining respectful interactions. 

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

There are common challenges that you may face when trying to verify your WhatsApp business account: 

  1. Delayed Response: If you don’t receive a response from WhatsApp in a timely manner, make sure that all the details in your application are accurate and complete. You can also follow up with your BSP for updates.
  2. Rejection of Application: If your verification request is declined, carefully review the feedback given by WhatsApp. Make the necessary adjustments to meet their guidelines and consider reapplying.


It is essential for businesses to understand how to obtain the WhatsApp green tick in order to establish trust and credibility with their customers. By following the steps provided and ensuring compliance with WhatsApp’s policies, businesses can improve their online presence and engage with customers effectively. It is important to note that obtaining the WhatsApp Verified Tick goes beyond simply following
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