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In the last decade or two, globalization and economic development have greatly increased people's purchasing power. The automobile industry is one of the industries that has benefited from this changing trend. The automotive sector is undergoing radical transformations as a result of advances in transportation and technology. OEMs and dealers are no longer the only players in the automotive industry. It also includes platforms for selling second-hand vehicles, rentals, and self-driving automobiles, among other things. In order to improve their position in the new mobility ecosystem, automakers must shift from a traditional business model of making and selling automobiles to providing end-to-end mobility services. As a result of increased customer service standards, automobile manufacturers and dealers are facing a slew of challenges. Customer communication and information are currently distributed among CRM, phone platforms, SMS gateways, and other systems as a result of the dealership model. Dealers need to invest in robust automobile industry software solutions in order to achieve operational efficiency.

Common Challenges in the Automobile Industry 

The entire customer life cycle, which begins when a consumer inquires about a vehicle or service, or when an agent makes an outbound contact to generate new leads, has been adopted by the automobile industry, like any other. These sales generation and retention procedures need extensive communication, which must be recorded in order to determine KPIs and ROI. When calling customers, most car dealerships use an obsolete communications system that cannot be tracked or traced. Simply persuading a customer to buy a car isn't the end of the job; keeping the customer is a considerably bigger challenge that must be handled on a daily basis. If this fails, it's all too easy to lose a customer. There are, however, other problems and roadblocks, including:
  • No systematic record of calls
  • Absence of clear metrics for evaluating agent performance.
  • No mechanism to evaluate ROI
  • No mechanism to ensure service quality.
  • Losing customers to competitors
  • Salespeople focus on databases instead of pitching.
  • Following up on the wrong leads
  • Customer history is being lost.
The most critical consideration when building a call center solution for an automobile manufacturer is to ensure that the customer is retained for at least five years, and in some cases, even longer. This medium can be obtained if the corporation begins to consider customers as one unit and keeps track of all of their requirements. This, however, necessitates an automobile industry software that can be modified to meet the objectives of the organization while also ensuring that the needs that might steer business growth are met.

The Need for Call Center Solutions in the Automobile Industry 

The automobile business, in many ways, is unlike any other in terms of how operations and collaborations are carried out at various levels. Manufacturing relies on in-house production and procurement, even though operations are decentralized. The majority of sales are done to dealers rather than to customers. This necessitates the use of call center software designed exclusively for the automobile industry by the automobile software companies in India. Customers may be confident that all associated services will be delivered by the seller using a dedicated call center system, thanks to a solid call center setup. Dealers manage service and maintenance, which are important aspects of the automobile industry. It's also possible to use third-party service providers for this. Then there are the spare parts industry's wholesale and retail sides, which offer free replacement parts. This needs tight synchronization for improved operational efficiency. Another issue is the danger posed by electric automobiles. Customers can benefit from automotive call center software that is committed to educating them and assisting them incorrectly weighing their alternatives. Call Center Solutions find application in the automobile industry in the following ways:

Lead Management to Drive Sales 

A car is a valuable commodity that requires careful consideration before buying. Customers go through multiple options and do thorough research, comparisons, and test drives before making the purchase. Automobile dealers can provide personalized care and attention through call center solutions, which can lead to conversion. The customer is then led to their local automobile retailer, who already has the customer's information from the car manufacturer. Many operations can benefit from a customized automobile sector call center solution. Customer engagement can be boosted by connecting websites through IVR and chatbots as the first points of contact and then shifting to calls. Commonly, customers browse the dealer's website, check out some review sites, or schedule an online test drive through the dealership's website. In any of these cases, a proactive live chat will assist in answering any quick inquiries that the customer may have. Furthermore, making the FAQs available on the internet will help to answer some of the consumer's queries. This will lessen the number of calls that agents have to deal with on a daily basis, as well as the amount of time that customers spend looking for solutions to their issues. At the same time, a customer can choose an alternative route and start looking on social media. In this situation, the automakers can be alerted by the omnichannel contact center software to keep track of all potential leads. They can then initiate a dialogue that can later be directed to more private channels, such as the phone, before enlisting the help of a local store to begin the sales process.

Sales Management 

When consumers decide to purchase a vehicle, the majority of them do not want to pay for it upfront. They normally put down a deposit and acquire the remainder of the money through a car loan. Customers are required to make monthly payments in order to maintain ownership of the automobile. It is critical for a dealership to ensure that consumers do not fall behind on their payments. This also allows them to cross-sell because, in the case of large dealerships, they usually offer the entire package, including financing choices, add-on fits, and after-sales services. Consumers who have decided to purchase a vehicle do not want to pay for it upfront. They normally put down a deposit and use an auto loan to cover the balance of the cost. To keep the automobile, consumers must make monthly payments. It's critical for a dealership to ensure that consumers don't fall behind on payments. This also allows them to cross-sell because large dealerships typically provide the entire package, including financing choices, add-on fits, and after-sales services.

CTI Integration for Better Support 

It is critical to attend to every touchpoint along the customer's journey in order to create a pleasant customer service experience even after the purchase has been completed. Dealerships keep track of all the vehicles they've sold. Dealerships may easily manage and utilize this data by combining call center software with a Dealership Management System (DMS). It comes in handy when a customer who has recently purchased a vehicle from the dealership contacts them to update any information. With the help of computer telephony integration, the call center staff will easily enter the registered number and all of the customer details with a pop-up (CTI). Now the agent can make changes to the data that will be saved in real-time. As a result, the response time and resolution rate have improved.

Communication and reminders 

For basic communication, automobile dealers require contact center software. Customers should make their EMI payments on time because it affects their cash flow. This is when a call center software program comes in handy. You may set up automated payment reminders through a variety of methods, including phone, email, and SMS. This will not only help you ensure timely payments, but it will also help you better serve your consumers. For example, suppose there is a new exchange offer and those who own the previous model need to be notified. It will be time-consuming for the agents to call each consumer individually in this instance. Instead, a voice blast campaign targeted at people who are eligible for the offer is preferable. This is a more practical approach to connecting with leads and customers that saves time and effort for auto dealers. Also, you can setup a call management system to communicate with your customer. It can also help you to grow as a company. There are many call management system for small business or large business that can help your out.

Improving Customer Experience 

Customer experience can make or break a purchase in an industry like automobiles. This alone is a compelling argument for dealers to invest in the best customer service tools available. Customer service gets much easier with call center software. Customers frequently require assistance in locating the nearest service center. In such circumstances, the majority of the dial a toll-free support number, which connects to an IVR, which then walks the caller through the process of resolving their problem. A solid IVR solution ensures that all necessary assistance is provided at the appropriate time. IVR can also be used to collect information on the type of service requested, giving insight into the vehicle's performance as well as the quality of on-ground service support in different locations, potentially resulting in improved services.

Internal Communication 

An IP PBX solution can connect multiple branches of an automobile firm, whether they are in the same city or not. Integrating an IP PBX system into a dealership's day-to-day communication ecology can provide a slew of advantages. An IP-PBX can aid in empowering communication as well as empower employees to better accommodate client and prospect calls with capabilities like call forwarding, call recording, call waiting, and CDR. This innovative communication system can automate a variety of tedious activities, allowing your employees to work more efficiently. Furthermore, the IP PBX system can record all or selected calls. This can be used for quality assurance as well as for employee training programs to improve customer experience. Call Log Detail (CDR) reports generated by the IP PBX solution can be used to track activities and identify strong and weak points. These statistics can also assist in determining which locations or services are yielding higher returns than the rest. These reports will aid in identifying important performance areas so that future strategies can be devised and ROI can be enhanced.


Automobile dealers must be proactive in their pursuit of all possible leads. Dialing and screening quality leads, on the other hand, can be a mammoth process in and of itself. With the use of automatic diallers, this problem can be readily handled. Automobile software companies in India provide auto-dialers that are telephone dialing systems that make calls to a set of phone numbers automatically. The greatest dialing options are auto-dialers, which ensure that calls are made in a timely and cost-effective manner. Different types of auto-dialers do different tasks:
  • Preview Dialer places the call after the agent reviews a phone number from the database.
  • Predictive Dialer sends a call blast based on a schedule fixed by an algorithm.
  • Progressive Dialer automatically sends the next call blast when an agent is done attending the previous call.
  • Power Dialer sends a call blast according to a pre-decided schedule.
  • True Auto dialer sends pre-recorded messages to a list of selected numbers.
   Apart from these, dealerships can also automate an array of other tasks such as sending personalized messages, bulk calling, sending bulk emails/SMS, etc.

 Enhance Productivity 

While car dealerships focus on attracting new customers, they can also employ outbound efforts to persuade existing customers to upgrade to newer models and provide them with incentives to do so. One of the most difficult tasks for car dealers is to generate sales. Retailers can effortlessly coordinate and control all processes with the help of multi-tenant solutions. Ticket management, DID, multi-user login, and other essential services are available to all tenants, including manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. Call barging, whispering, trunk management, queue management, call routing, and other features are provided by automobile software companies in Delhi. It's a versatile solution because it allows dealers and retailers to work together on the same platform, yet with separate features where needed (such as CRM). Furthermore, call center systems simplify the management of agents and their targets for dealerships. This is extremely beneficial because it allows remote workers and field agents to participate in the communication system via their mobile phones. Call center solutions can effectively optimize all routine operations in the automobile industry.

SanCCS Call Center Solutions: The Best Software for Automobile Industry

Like most industries, the automobile industry also benefits from customizable software solutions that can help them be more productive. SanCCS is the best software for automobile industry. It is easy to operate and manage and fits into an organization’s structure to help it perform more optimally. However, that’s far from reality, as we rarely find the perfect software that can serve this purpose. This problem can be overcome with the help of custom-made software. Customized automobile industry software can be relied upon by dealerships to increase their productivity and revenue. When software can be optimized to perform at its most efficient best, it empowers users with greater control. Better integration, security, flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness are some of the factors that make customized software an ideal choice for most industries.


Using multiple software applications gives rise to various challenges due to poor integration between applications. The lack of communication among software presents itself as a major inconvenience as it requires the repetition of various tasks. Opting for customized automobile industry software enables businesses to integrate and optimize software in a way suitable to them.

A secure and reliable solution 

Using commercially available off-the-shelf software has its shortcomings, especially in the automobile sector. There are chances of them becoming obsolete. This increases the probability of cyber-attacks, malware, security breaches, and loss of valuable data. When it comes to security, customized software has a clear edge over commercial software, especially for automobile dealers, as it puts them in greater control of things. Automobile software companies in India provide customized software solutions that can be modified to meet strong security protocols and prevent any mishaps.

One-time investment 

Many businesses do not opt for custom-built software due to the general notion that it costs more. Even then, the best software for automobile industry is the one that can be customized. However, when we factor in the hidden and recurring costs, the commercial off-the-shelf software costs just as much, without offering the users the same control or features as a customized solution. While the initial cost of customized software is higher, they end up compensating for it in the long run. This makes them a smart solution to invest in as they help businesses enhance their productivity and perform better.

SAN Softwares: The Most Reliable Automobile Software Company 

SAN Softwares, one of the leading automobile software companies in Delhi, holds expertise in customizing and developing software to help dealerships increase sales and achieve growth. We are an established software development company in India. We use the latest cutting-edge technology and develop software to meet company-specific requirements and empower them to function efficiently. Customized software solutions act as an important tool that helps businesses perform better. Customized software allows businesses to add the extra features they need and remove the ones they don’t. There’s no additional cost involved for unnecessary hardware or licenses. All of these give tailor-made software a clear edge over regular, off-the-shelf software. Moreover, the customized software can be scaled up or down depending on the industry’s requirements. These multi-functional and multi-featured software solutions go a long way towards helping all businesses boost productivity and profitability.  
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