SanCCS: Complete Call Center Solution

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SanCCS: Call Center Solution with Video Calling, Co-Browsing, Live Monitoring, Qulaity Module and many more features

Call centers find usage in all spheres. It is an effective tool that allows businesses to perform efficiently and achieve better profitability. A good call center solution software provider helps businesses achieve work efficiency by streamlining all operations. SanCCS Call Center Solution with omni Channel Integration, Live Monitoring, Co-browsing and video calling helps them improve their services and enhance customer satisfaction. Call center softwares today are easy to set up, both on-premise as well as hosted. They enable you to manage and monitor phone calls and help you streamline all processes efficiently, thereby allowing your business to operate seamlessly.

Introducing SanCCS

SAN Softwares, one of the best software companies in India with over 21 years of experience, developed SanCCS. SanCCS is the best call center software solution that helps companies boost productivity and ensure customer satisfaction. It can be used to simplify a range of tasks such as ticketing, sales, appointment scheduling, call routing, etc. It allows you to be available to your customers 24 hours a day. SanCCS is a smart software solution that allows your business to unlock its true potential. It has been developed in such a way that it easily adapts to a wide range of setups, including educational institutes, healthcare, the service industry, and various others. All its components are scalable and can be scaled up or down, depending on the changing requirements of your business like Live Monitoring, QA module, Co- Browsing and Omni Channel Integration.


call centre solution service

call centre solution software provider

The SanCCS boosts your productivity and ensures that each client gets their request quickly. Every concern, such as ticket assistance, sales, appointment scheduling, and technical issues, can be handled seamlessly. Eventually, you will have assisted your call center agents in increasing their work productivity. This software can route and answer calls in a professional manner automatically. It’s built to provide excellent customer service.

Key Features

SanCCS provides a host of features that make it truly indispensable. It is as easy to manage as it is to install. Some of the key features of the SanCCS include:

SanCCS handles calls smartly and efficiently.Some of the most important functions performed by SanCCS are automatic call distribution, skill-based routing, Live Monitoring, Quality Module for agent quality assessment, Omni Channel Integration with multiple platforms like; Facebook, whatsapp, viber, twitter, website etc, Co-Browsing and many more. Automated call distribution is a telephony system that routes incoming calls to the next available agent. A good call center solution service is a smart way of shortening the wait time for customers and enables companies to handle calls in large volumes. Skill-based routing ensures that the call gets routed to the right agent who is capable of solving the caller’s problem. This ensures better customer satisfaction and allows businesses to be more productive.


Multilevel IVR 

Interactive voice response is a useful tool for most businesses that are required to handle calls in large volumes. It serves both businesses and customers alike. A multilevel IVR takes callers through several options, where they can use their telephone keypad voice instructions to enter their responses. It is loaded with features like call barging, call forwarding, voice mail, and time condition settings. Usually, the callers can solve their issues on their own. In other cases, the call gets routed to an agent. This makes multilevel IVR one of the finest tools that are worth investing in.

Omni-Channel support 

Omni-channel support provides customers with a hassle-free experience. It ensures that all interactions with a single customer are integrated comprehensively. This enables the companies to serve their customers better as they can start from where they left. This makes SanCCS a preferred choice among many inbound call center services in Delhi. . Call Center Solution integrated with Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Viber and Co-Browsing.

Quality Module 

Quality Auditing is a very important feature of a call center solution. By using quality module admin can monitor progress of agents, design Fatal and Non-Fatal questioner, add parameters, Quality Assessment with Call Recording with QA Team Hierarchy Management, Campaign wise question selection, Quality DQR Reports and Dashboards like QA Manager/TL and agent dashboard. After quality assessment of Agent Call, now agent can check feedback on their call recording in agent dashboard, agent can accept or decline the feedback by QA, if it’s declined by agent then it again goes to QA for re-audit.

Live Monitoring 

SanCCS provides Live Monitoring feature by using this feature Admin can check live status of agents by using Live Monitoring feature. In addition of that Admin can do Call Barging, Call Whisper, Call Conference, Pause/Unpause Agent, Force Logout and agent, able see number of calls in queue and many more.

Video Calling

SanCCS–Call Center Solution provides with Video Calling feature, by using this feature agent can do video call with customer by sharing link on whatsapp, sms or email.


SanCCS call center solution provides Co-browsing features help multiple users to access the screen, agent will send a link via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS then the agent can help the customer further.

Real-time analytics and reporting

The SanCCS provides users with real-time analytics and reports that prove to be of immense help as they allow them to identify the problem areas. This is an important tool as companies can use real-time analytics to make necessary changes and ensure profitability in the long run. Agent performance MIS allows you to assess the performance of your agents. This enables you to improve the performance of your agents.

Seamless Integration

SanCCS is the perfect call center software solution that integrates seamlessly with all existing software. It offers room for customization, and users don’t have to face the various challenges that occur due to poor integration between applications. The lack of communication among software presents itself as a major inconvenience for companies as they need to repeat certain tasks and re-enter data. SanCCS enables businesses to integrate and optimize software in a way suitable to them. Call Center Software Integrated with Zoho CRM, Sales Force, No Paper Forms, Leadsquared, Pipedrive, Kapture, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SugarCRM, Vtiger.

Advantages of San Call Center Software Solution

Increased Productivity 

Smart call center softwares enable businesses to multiply their productivity by leaps and bounds. SanCCS allows businesses to save time and money. Because most businesses are required to handle calls in large volumes, it can be a time-consuming task that consumes a lot of manpower and resources. SanCCS, thankfully, automates the entire process, enabling businesses to focus their valuable resources elsewhere.


Improved customer satisfaction 

The primary goal of call center solutions is to assist businesses in handling communication effectively. Since call center solutions enable businesses to be available to their customers 24*7, they ensure customer satisfaction. Similarly, IVR ensures customers tackle their issues on their own. This saves them from having to wait in busy lines and keeps them engaged. This also reduces the burden on agents, who can then attend to more complex issues.


Time & Cost-effective 

In the long run, manual calling is bound to cost a fortune, especially for businesses that must allocate their resources for calling and follow-ups. Companies can save both time and money with the help of San CCS because it is a one-time investment that allows them to focus their resources on other important aspects and maximize profits.


Why Choose Us? 

SAN Softwares is one of the best call center software companies in India that offers cost-effective but advanced technology for your call center setup. With over 21 years of experience in the field of software development, SAN Softwares has used its expertise in software development to come up with the perfect contact center solution.

Main Features

Automated Call Distribution

Real Time Analytics and Report

Multilevel IVR

Self Designable Web Based CRM

Seamless Integration

Skill Based Routing

Agent Performance MIS

Unified Agent Desktop

Video Calling


Live Monitoring

Quality Module

Click to call

Thoughtful UI

Omni Channel

Customer service

Interactive Voice Reaponse (IVR)

The most advanced and widely acceptable call center solutions in the industry, today.

  • Multi-Process
  • Time Conditions
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Barging
  • Call Forwarding
san softwares
san softwares

Omni Channel and Dialer Mode

The most advanced and widely acceptable call center solutions in the industry, today.

  • Dialer Mode
  • Predictive
  • Progressive
  • Preview
  • Manual

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Other Features

  • Dialing Mode: Manual, Preview, Progressive
  • Multi Alternate Number Dialing
  • Multi ACD
  • User/Group Rights
  • Import data from Excel/CSV
  • Customized Reporting Format
  • User Definable Filters in Reporting Format
  • Multi-Process
  • Directory Services
  • Live Barding Website/Remotely
  • CDR Reports
  • Data Management with Do not call, start Calling, Stop Calling, Call again
  • ACD/ Agent Management Reports
  • Dashboard Templates with User Rights
  • Back Office Self-designable process
  • Provision to Export in Excel with User Rights
  • Real-Time Statics
  • Process Hours
  • Agent/ Branch Wise Data Uploading

Why choose us

SAN Softwares is one of the best call center software companies in India that offers cost-effective but advanced technology for your call center setup. With over 21 years of experience in the field of software development, SAN Softwares has used its expertise in software development to come up with the perfect contact center solution.

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