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The biggest challenge for any organisation is managing client calls efficiently. The client should get a response on time and be connected to the exact matching team when they are calling. An efficient call response system not only helps in keeping the caller engaged by assisting them, but also ensures the smooth functioning of all routine operations and tracks each call of all team members. The absence of the right hosted IVR system is known to hamper efficiency and productivity. The solution lies in a secure, cloud-based system that serves as a one-stop solution for all your call response needs.

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Introducing EasyGoIVR

EasyGoIVR is a cloud-based IVR software which has been developed to serve as the ultimate solution for calling. EasyGoIVR is a multi-featured system that does it all – right, from personalized call responses to real-time call reporting and monitoring. This IVR on cloud offers a personalized greeting depending upon the campaign specific DID number. It interacts with the caller and directs the call to the appropriate destination, as per the caller’s needs. It also helps in analytics as it provides a graphical representation of all connected and answered calls. This interactive voice response system enables you to be available to your callers 24*7. It is a highly cost-effective system that proves to be highly profitable in the long run. Most importantly, the EasyGoIVR is a highly secure system as it can only be accessed through KYC.

Key Features:

The EasyGoIVR is loaded with several features that make it the ideal IVR system to opt for.
These are:


The EasyGoIVR dashboard provides easy access to all incoming and outgoing calls. It ensures end to-end support and helps streamline the entire process. The dashboard makes it easy to monitor ongoing calls. It also provides a graphic representation of the call data. Users can see the number of connected as well as answered calls within a given time frame. Users can also check the status of their current tariff plan.

Hosted IVR

IVR Setup

The EasyGoIVR setup interacts with the caller in order to provide the best possible assistance. It interacts with them in order to figure out the best way of providing assistance and directs the call to the appropriate channel. It is a cost-effective way to ensure immediate, round-the-clock availability, even in the absence of human assistance.

Mobile App

The EasyGoIVR mobile app makes it easy to monitor the entire system efficiently. This scalable, user-friendly app demonstrates dependability in round-the-clock troubleshooting.

Why EasyGoIVR?

EasyGoIVR is the most reliable hosted interactive voice response system. It is an effective way of ensuring uninterrupted communication within an organization. The EasyGO is a subscription based IVR system. It is a one-time investment as it proves to be highly profitable for a long period of time. It is an excellent and affordable solution for saving time as well as money. By ensuring smooth and effortless communication, it allows organisations to focus on other productive aspects. It allows the users to monitor calls and provides them with error-free call data, which can prove to be useful in data analysis. EasyGoIVR simplifies the entire process by making it quick and hassle-free.


In the absence of a good cloud based IVR system, organisations face several challenges. While they are able to overcome some of these, a lot of time and effort is wasted in the process. Clients don’t prefer to be put on hold or be greeted multiple times by a busy line. This is detrimental to an organization’s relationship with its clients. An IVR ensures that the client’s call is answered immediately. In most instances, clients can help themselves with assistance from IVR. These challenges are rarely faced by places that have an efficient IVR system in place, which has innumerable benefits. However, not all IVR systems are built equally. An overly complicated and poorly managed response system may turn out to be counterproductive. This is where EasyGoIVR has an edge over the rest.

Advantages of Cloud Based IVR:

  • Streamlining the Process:

In organizations with several departments and a large number of employees, communication tends to be complicated and time-consuming. Similarly, in call centres, a large volume of incoming calls can be difficult to deal with. This puts an undue burden on the management and often results in the wastage of time that could’ve been spent doing other productive tasks. EasyGoIVR solves this problem by helping the callers serve themselves in many cases. Not only does this lead to better customer satisfaction, but it also eases the burden on the employees, who can then focus on doing other tasks that need their attention.

  • Time & cost efficient:

Apart from simplifying the entire process of receiving, managing, and recording calls, EasyGoIVR proves to be highly time and cost efficient. It handles calls in high volumes at a fairly low cost. Hosted IVR systems ensure uninterrupted availability and are capable of processing more calls without human assistance unless required. This results in increased customer satisfaction and better profits.

  • Improved customer relationships:

Clients don’t like to be kept waiting on busy lines. Being immediately available to clients with the help of IVR improves the overall experience for the client. With the inclusion of self-service, you can help clients save time and resolve their issues quickly. This contributes to the development of trust and the enhancement of brand image over time.

  • Efficient monitoring:

EasyGoIVR provides quick access to current and previous calls. It saves all call-related data in a way that is easily accessible at any time.It allows the user to monitor and manage calls efficiently. EasyGoIVR is a secure system as it can only be accessed through KYC.

  • Flexible and Easy to Use:

EasyGoIVR is a scalable, cloud-based IVR system that adapts to the requirements of your business. It is also easy to use, especially with the help of the mobile app, which has a user-friendly interface.

Main Features

Automatic Call


Call Recording

Call Tracking


Customer Agent

IVR System


Other Features

  • Easy monitoring
  • Real time call reporting
  • Real time monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Graphical representation of call data
  • KYC secured system.
  • Easy access through the dashboard
  • Mobile app support.
  • Easy streamlining with end-to-end support
  • Personalized voice greeting
  • 24*7 availability
  • Easy scalability
  • Automatic calling
  • Blacklisting
  • Call recording
  • Call tracking
  • CDR
  • Customer agent support.
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