SanIVR Bot

SanIVR Bot

SanIVR Bot: Smart Voice Bot for Customer Service

Businesses have always been on the lookout for innovative solutions to help them perform their functions more efficiently. Companies have found themselves scaling greater heights due to increased efficiency ever since the introduction of IVR. IVR accomplishes a number of different tasks with excellent accuracy and efficiency, to the point where a growing number of businesses rely on it for the majority of their calling-related tasks. Manual calling has been phased out due to its high cost and time commitment. The San IVR voice bot is suitable for a number of functions, which include promotional campaigns, reminders, confirmations, follow-up calls, appointment scheduling, and more. It is indeed a dependable voice bot solution for completing a broad variety of duties.

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Introducing SanIVR Bot

The SanIVR Bot is a smart voice bot solution for placing calls to serve various purposes. It places the call automatically and places the desired voice message for the customers. This message can be customised to meet business-specific requirements. San IVR bot is the best voice bot customer service. Immediately after the message, the SanIVR Bot walks the customers through a menu that allows them to choose the option that serves them best. The IVR bot allows companies to customise these menus. It is a multi-language bot, which makes it more convenient for the receivers. Receivers can add inputs both manually and through voice commands. If required, it also offers the option of connecting with a human for further assistance. Once the call has ended, the bot also makes an automatic feedback call to the customer.

In addition, the SanIVR bot is packed with a multitude of useful features. It comes with API integration, which streamlines the process by simplifying it. Time-based call routing allows companies to schedule their calls for a particular time of the day. The text-to-speech optimization allows companies to do away with DTMF. The SanIVR Bot also makes accessible the graphic reports of the calls made and other call-related data.

Why SanIVR Bot?

SanIVR Bot is an important AI tool and voice bot solution for companies that use mass calling as part of their daily operations. By efficiently handling calls, it relieves businesses of the burden of manual calling, which consumes time, money, and manpower. It is a cost-effective method of handling calls that benefits both businesses and customers. It is packed with features that make IVR bot calls a pleasant experience for customers. In the event that customers are unable to assist themselves using the bot’s options, it connects them to a human for better assistance. The text-to-speech feature is another convenient feature. Moreover, it does not require DMTF input. It also gives businesses access to real-time graphical reports, which prove to be an invaluable feature for companies to better analyse their data and, as a result, strategize better. Companies can benefit from follow-up feedback calls as they provide them with helpful insights.


Manual calling proves to be a labour-intensive process for most companies as it takes valuable manpower to carry it out on an enormous scale. As the resources spent on manual calling keep on accumulating, their long-term cost is always unfavourable. While IVR systems are capable of handling incoming calls, they still require a human assistant. This is inconvenient for both companies and customers, as callers are directed to human assistants even for minor issues, such as general inquiries and bill payments, which they can resolve on their own. This tends to be inconvenient for both companies and customers, as callers are directed to human assistants for each and every minor issue, especially ones they can solve on their own, such as general enquiries and bill payments. This is where an IVR bot company comes to the rescue, as they develop solutions that allow businesses to save time and energy. The SanIVR is the most reliable voice bot solution.

Advantages of IVR Voice Bot

The SanIVR Bot is a valuable asset because it handles calls with ease. It serves a variety of functions, allowing operations to run more smoothly. It is an ideal IVR bot to choose for its useful features. The following are some of the most notable advantages of the SanIVR Bot: 

Increased Productivity and Profitability

The SanIVR Bot streamlines the entire calling process, allowing businesses to run more smoothly and efficiently. As a result, businesses can save money, time, and manpower that would otherwise be spent on the tedious process of calling. Not only that, the SanIVR bot can handle a wide range of routine tasks such as KYC verification, confirmations, reminders, promotional calls, and more, thereby allowing businesses to focus on more complicated tasks that require human intervention. In terms of profitability, this serves as an advantage.

voicebot customer service, voicebot solutions

voicebot customer service, voicebot solutions
Improved Services

The SanIVR bot can be a game changer for businesses whose operations rely on mass scale calling. This bot, as versatile as it is, is capable of performing a wide range of tasks. It includes a feedback call feature that can be valuable to a company’s growth. Regular feedback from customers, along with graphical reporting of call-related data, is exceedingly beneficial for companies. Companies can use this information to evaluate their shortcomings and work on fixing them in order to improve their services.

Customizable and Versatile

The SanIVR Bot is one of the best IVR voice bots available because of the wide range of functions it can perform. It can fit into any organisational structure and prove beneficial. Some of its most useful features include remote extensions, API integration, schedule-based calling, text to speech, multilingual interface, and voice input. It can easily manage a wide variety of tasks, such as promotional calls, reminders, confirmations, follow-up calls, on-board training, appointments, bookings, KYC verification, and more. It’s easy to customise and manage, allowing users to achieve their objectives successfully.

Key Features

Voice Inputs

Time Based Calling

Remote Extensions

No DTMF Input Require

Multi Lingual

Text to Speech

API Integration

Get Graphical Reports

Best Fit for –

  • Promotion of Offers (In House Setup)
  • Payment Reminders/Confirmation
  • Followup on Recent Purchase etc
  • Appointments Booking
  • Promotion of Your Brand (In House Setup)
  • KYC Verification
  • On Boarding-Training

Key Features

  • Voice input
  • Multilingual interface
  • Schedule-based calling
  • Text to speech
  • Remote extensions
  • API integration
  • No DTMF input required
  • Graphical representation of reports

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