Best CRM Software for Immigration Consultants

Best Software for Immigration Consultants

Boost Productivity with CRM Software for Immigration consultants. Access specialised system to manage leads, integrated SMS & Email tools and payment gateways. Equipped with cloud space CRM software for immigration.

SanE-Visa Features

Lead Management with CRM

Capture leads from various sources including websites, social media, and B2C platforms along with automatic allocation of leads.

Customer Relationship Management

Access detailed customer profiles containing contact information, communication history, purchase records, and preferences.

Manage Operation

Easily store and manage detailed quotation information, including pricing details, services offered, terms and conditions, and relevant attachments.

Document Management

Effortlessly manage document status track and record every document, from medical certificates to visa applications and bank documents

Marketing Automation

Seamlessly integrate with powerful tools such as WhatsApp, bulk SMS, and email for efficient and effective communication with customers throughout their journey.

Data Reporting and Analytics

Access in-depth reports and analytics on revenue, conversion rates, sales pipeline health, and individual performance.

Data Security and Privacy

Stringent security measures, including advanced data masking, robust access control, and regular data backup ensuring full compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Mobile Accessibility and Productivity

Access customer information, update data, and manage tasks from anywhere, anytime and boosts productivity.

SanE-Visa - Offers The Best Software for Immigration Consultants

Track Client Status in Real-Time

Stay informed about your clients' progress with real-time status tracking. Easily monitor the status of each client's application, ensuring transparency and timely updates throughout the process.

Effortless Invoicing Integration

Streamline your invoicing process with seamless integration. Generate and send invoices directly from the CRM, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. Simplify your billing procedures and improve cash flow management.

Seamless Email Integration

Enhance communication with clients through seamless email integration. Send and receive emails directly within the CRM, keeping all correspondence organised and easily accessible. Improve efficiency and responsiveness with streamlined email communication.

SanE-Visa Mobile App

SanE-Visa provides Live Monitoring feature by using this feature Admin can check live status of agents by using Live Monitoring feature.

Efficient Click-to-Call API Integration

Enhance productivity and streamline communication with click-to-call API integration. Initiate calls directly from the CRM interface with a single click, eliminating the need to switch between applications. Improve responsiveness and client satisfaction with seamless calling capabilities.

Accelerate Closure Rate with 2x Performance in Just 60 Days

Experience solid performance with the best CRM software for Immigration Consultants. With our solution, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Expect a high probability of achieving significant benefits and accelerating your closure rate by 2x in just 60 days.

Trusted by More Than 1500+ Clients

Our Amazing Clients Are Saying

Gaurav Sood (DM-Information Technology)

MAX users login thru VPN. In last 3-4 days we did the activities as per the client needs for TTS process, Movement of Gateways, Database indexing, New Extension mappings with user IDs for VPN users. Thank you for giving all required support during this emergency timings.

Jasdeep (Vice President)

Thank you for your support in setting up work from home for us at Vouchagram in a fairly short period. Your readiness for support and problem-solving acumen is commendable and I look forward to it as we move along. Once again, many thanks for your support and availability.

Nitesh Verma (DY Manager-NOC)

I am writing to appreciate and thank you for the quality of support you have provided to us. We sincerely appreciate your efficient customer service, and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each project. Would like to especially thanks to Mr Saurabh, Shashank and Rashid for their valuable support throughout.

Harpreet Singh Malhotra (Sr. Vice President-Sales)

I want to thank you in particular & the entire team at SAN Softwares, who came in handy in the tough times of COVID-19 to help us redefine our sales process via the SanCCS app. It helped us cope with the home culture & get our managers to drive & track the business proactively.

Sambit Panda (Deputy Manager)

We are pleased to inform you that today we went live with our HDigiCube Mobile App and CRM portal. The SAN team have done a good job which was reflected in the final product and was appreciated by our management as a 1st project with SAN Softwares. We are looking forward to more projects in association with SAN Softwares.

Sharad Kumar (Director)

I still remember When we approached you for VedaERP, and after testing it, we finally realised “ This is it”. It’s the best and only solution for any National/Regional Distributor: Veda ERP from SAN Softwares. My team is now much more efficient than before. Thanks to SAN Softwares Team.

Vivek Ramakrishnan (Director)

We witnessed a new level of confidence and reliability right from the first call centre software demonstration we had from SAN (nearly two years ago) and continuing throughout the solution's deployment. We are grateful for a supportive partner like you. The determination and dedication of Team members like Roushan have contributed significantly to the successful completion of numerous projects.

Samarth Jain (VP Technologies)

We planned to scale up our business processes as well as enhance our service delivery standards. But the cost factor and the rigidity of the solution towards process changes were not favoring us. We evaluated SAN on the same platform and found it a perfect fit for our critical processes. The solution was a quality technology product packaged at a reasonable cost.

Why Choose Us ?

We intensely care about the people we work with and the products we create.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritise the security of our users’ data. SanE-Visa utilises SSL masking technology to protect user data while it is in transit between a user’s device and our secure data centre. Additionally, we employ stringent security measures to safeguard data against unauthorised access.
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and clients. In addition to SSL masking, we adhere to strict privacy policies and practices. We implement access controls, regularly audit our systems for vulnerabilities, and provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure the highest level of data protection.
Yes, SanE-Visa offers comprehensive invoicing and messaging capabilities. Users can easily manage and send invoices, track payment status, and communicate with clients directly within the platform. Our integrated features streamline administrative tasks, saving time and improving efficiency.
SanE-Visa is a robust visa and immigration management solution designed to streamline and automate administrative processes for immigration consultants and visa service providers. It offers features such as lead management, client communication, document management, invoicing, reporting, and more, all in one intuitive platform.
Yes, SanE-Visa is designed to support a wide range of visa types and applications. Whether you are processing tourist visas, work permits, student visas, or other types of visas, our platform provides the flexibility and customization to meet your needs.
Yes, SanE-Visa is optimised for mobile devices, allowing users to access the platform anytime, anywhere. Whether you are in the office, on the go, or working remotely, you can conveniently manage your visa and immigration processes from your smartphone or tablet.