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SanIVR – Best Interactive Voice Response System

Do you want to set up custom-built menus which can expedite incoming calls, precisely route calls, and schedule a callback? If yes, you can install SanIVR software and get all these facilities. The technology that allows you to interact with a menu using a touch-tone telephone is known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). San Softwares is known for providing best interactive voice response system

IVR Service Provider Companies in India

San Softwares is one of the best IVR service provider companies in India. They can install SanIVR software to operate your call center more smoothly. SanIVR helps agents in triaging consumer requirements by allowing you to prioritize calls based on clients whose concerns are urgent or can be resolved promptly. We are known as one of the best IVR Software companies in India who can help you in reducing the time and improving the customer experience. This is one of the best IVR solutions for small businesses as well as for large organizations.

ivr software companies in india
best interactive voice response system

IVR stands for IVR Service Provider System. Contact centers can use an automated SanIVR phone system to answer incoming calls or to give a recorded message with options and information for callers when an outgoing call is answered. Callers can use their telephone keypad (touch-tone) or voice instructions to enter their responses. The call will then be routed to an agent or a self-serve application using the interaction Voice Response System.

Best IVR solution for Call Centre

SanIVR is one of the best IVR solutions for call centre that provides various services such as Interactive Voice Response, SanIVR Designing, and SanIVR Configuration services. this software is very easy to set up and use for your business or organization. Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a computerized system in telephony that allows a person, generally a telephone caller, to select an option from a voice menu and communicate with a computer system. We are the best provider of IVR solutions, and you can get IVR software from us. We provide the most cost-effective business IVR System Solutions with a variety of features.

Benefits of Best business IVR system solutions

Our SanIVR system can design and manage various services such as telephone banking, order placing, caller identification and routing, balance inquiry, and airline ticket booking, etc. it can engage the caller in a two-way conversation. When calling many larger organizations, Automatic Call Distributor(ACD) systems are commonly the first point of contact, and they can replace more expensive Interactive Voice Response Systems. Here are the other benefits of our Automated voice response software in India.

  • Better customer experience

If you want to enhance your customer experience journey then you need our SanIVR to be installed. If a customer wants to talk to an agent for any query, our Best business IVR system solutions can make sure that the information is seamlessly transmitted and provided to the most appropriate agent to handle it. This automated voice response system in India can boost productivity while reducing caller annoyance. Furthermore, our well-designed SanIVR is the most advanced voice IVR that allows callers to the self-serve outside of business hours, allowing your company to be available for 24*7*365.

  • Intelligent call routing

We are known as one of the best IVR service provider companies in India because our SanIVR can smartly route callers based on the caller’s phone number is linked with your CRM. This implies that calls can be routed to the most recent consultant, VIP callers can be placed at the front of the queue, or calls can be directed to a specific consultant who specific language. Our best IVR solutions for a call centre can minimize abandon rates at the time of high call volume because of our intelligent routing feature. It will also shorten call queue times and provide a customized Interactive Voice Response System.

  • Best IVR solutions for small businesses in the peak times

San Softwares is one of the leading IVR Software companies in India that provides SanIVR with amazing features for you callers such as self-serve and leave messages for business. This self-service option will help your call center by relieving strain on your agents during times of high demand, emergencies, or seasonal peak activity. Simple operations such as answering common client inquiries about account information, order status, or payment due dates, can be automated. During disaster recovery, SanIVR technology can be extremely useful.

  • Increase inbound call capacity

We are known for providing the best IVR solutions for small businesses as well as for large enterprises. Our Automated voice response software in India allows the company to handle larger call volumes. Inbound calls are routed to the agent or department that is best qualified to handle the query in no time. even if the customer has to wait in line, the waiting time will be as lesser as possible.

  • Cost-effective deals

If you are looking for cost-effective best ivr solutions for call center then San Softwares’ SanIVR would be the best for you. If you are installing an Voice Response System you can eliminate an intermediary customer service employee or receptionist who was employed for routing calls. Furthermore, installing an IVR solution is simple to scale up without incurring major cost increases. As a result, IVRs are a cost-effective solution to improve operational efficiency and agent productivity while also generating a high return on investment.

  • Professionalize Calling System

SanIVR allows you to greet customers professionally. To boost customers engagement, personalize the greeting while being professional, and guide customers to the appropriate agent/department. Even during non-business hours, don’t let any customers slip through the cracks. You can create a pre-recorded message that will be played over the holidays. It will inform the customers that the agents are unavailable and when they can contact the agents again. It will surely jeopardize the organization’s reputation.

  • Customer Satisfaction

SanIVR, one of the Best IVR solutions for call centre, allows your customers to receive a satisfactory response to their query on the first attempt. It will not only creates a positive initial impression but also help in the development of a relationship with the customer. There will be chances of an aggravated situation if the customers have to wait longer than they expect. With SanIVR, the customers can handle their problems and feel more independent and empowered. It will lead to higher levels of satisfaction.

Why Choose us?

San Softwares, one of the leading IVR service provider companies in India that can smartly route callers based on the caller’s phone number is linked with your CRM. We are known as the best Call Center Software solution company in Delhi. If you are looking for the most advanced and widely acceptable IVR solution companies in India, San Softwares’ SanIVR is the best software for you.

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