Tips to Manage International Remote Workforce Management

Remote Workforce Management

Without a remote employee monitoring software, managing an international remote employees is not so easy. It is quite challenging and can a great learning experience for most of us. 

Even the most experienced managers will learn something new while managing a remote workforce that spans nations and time zones. Remote teams are becoming increasingly frequent as companies strive to retain top employees. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, it was believed that 20% of all employees worked from home. That figure has already tripled.

More contact centers are providing work-from-home roles to lower health hazards, create a better work-life balance, get access to a bigger talent pool, assure call continuity across their markets, and capitalize on higher productivity. As remote team management becomes more common, contact center managers and operations executives are scrutinizing their technology stack, internal processes, and communication tools to assure success.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Remote Employees?

Well, there are many set of obstacles when you work with remote staff,  but there are significant benefits when execute properly. To begin, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world has various advantages in terms of talent acquisition:

Get Talented Emplyees: You can hire talented and deserving employee from around the world. Employee who can travel to the office, from another city or from another country. They can apply for your job opening. 

Reduced health hazards: Remote employee don’t travel much and they get time to give attention towards their health. Also, this isn’t effect in this productivity of your employee. And, from a business standpoint, you can keep your employees at full capacity.

Better productivity in work and personal life: With no commute, many professionals discover that they have more time for their duties and leisure hobbies while still doing the same amount of work.

Businesses might also see advantages if they use the right technology and internal procedures

Individuals who are more productive: People are generally more productive when they can work wherever they feel most at ease. 30% of employees think they are more engaged with their job from home. 

Improved worldwide phone coverage: If you need to guarantee that your phone lines are covered, having local agents in several time zones offers consumers with support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including regional and national holidays.

Reduced real estate costs: While you must still offer adequate equipment and supplies for employees to do their duties, because most or all of your team works from home or their preferred location, you do not need to buy more space for them.

What are the common challenges in Remote work

Whether you already have a remote call center or you are planning to build a remote remote team that can help your to handle your business. There are few points that you should consider before going for a remote team. 

Compliance and the technology stack: As a call center manager, you must ensure that your team has the proper technology stack to accomplish their work from anywhere in the globe. Understanding how such technologies integrate into your company environment and connect with regulatory rules will also be critical.

Blindspots: It might be tough for a manager to get a clear picture of how productive your team is and how much work is being completed. You’ll be able to manage your team as if they were in the office provided you have the correct tools and practices in place.

Opportunities for Coaching: Despite their remote location, agents desire to learn and advance in their employment. As a leader, you must be able to coach and manage your employees in real-time in order to guarantee that KPIs and customer success metrics are reached.

Onboarding: If you’re not prepared, onboarding new staff in a remote world might be difficult. Find technology that will speed onboarding and make it a seamless element of the new employee experience.

Building a team: Building and sustaining trust will be critical with personnel distributed around the world. Find strategies to get your team together so that knowledge transfer occurs on a regular basis.

Motivation: Working remotely may quickly become monotonous. It will be critical to keep your remote workforce enthusiastic and to create novel strategies to maintain engagement high.

You may also need to cooperate with your remote employees to ensure their home environment provides a steady and consistent internet connection. Some people reside in locations with inconsistent internet service, which can lead to quality issues like packet loss, voice delays, and lost calls, all of which can derail a good discussion. Having the correct technologies in place to evaluate your team’s connectivity proactively can help you manage with ease. Our clients utilize SanCCS’s call analytics to track their call quality performance in real time, ensuring that customer satisfaction stays high regardless of where their team is located.

How to Provide Assistance to Your International Remote Workforce

Now that we’ve discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages on how to  support an international remote employees, let’s move on to some tactical advice for ensuring your team is running at peak productivity and ROI.

  • Ensure that technological resources are available

As previously said, ensuring that your staff is equipped with the appropriate cloud-based solutions will be vital to your success. While there are several solutions available to remote call centers, it is critical to pick those that can boost performance and interact smoothly with others. Global communications platforms offer important call management software that may assist you in integrating all of your tools in one location, including:

  • Apps for messaging/collaboration
  • Customer service software
  • Video conferencing software
  • CRM and pipeline management software
  • Apps for file management
  • Environment of the phone system (cloud or PBX)

Other popular technologies, such as Microsoft Teams, have rapidly grown and got popular as a collaboration tool since the global epidemic, with a 70% growth to be exact! As additional technologies become accessible in this new distant environment, executives will be challenged with ensuring that these systems work well together, seamlessly synchronizing to assure client success.

Customers of SanCCS benefit from seamless connectivity with our global communications platform and a number of CRMs, helpdesk, and collaboration platforms like as Microsoft Teams. International enterprises may boost their operations regardless of their technology stack by seamlessly routing our global voice capabilities into the technologies of their choice.

  • Automate the workload of your emplyee

Automate the workload of your workforce

Selecting technologies that simplify work for your teams is a resourceful way to optimize your tech stack for better discussions, just as you would ensuring your apps are accessible. Managers may simply automate their agents’ work processes and remove tiresome duties by integrating computer telephony integration (CTI) into the corporate world’s most popular technologies. Some of the ways VoIP integrations are fueling profitable calls are as follows:

  • Automatic call logging to improve resolution rates
  • Contextualizing softphone data based on call history and consumer information
  • Creating a new local presence in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Offering queue callback and click-to-dial features to improve customer satisfaction
  • Putting the world’s number inventory into a single, controllable portfolio

When your employees collaborate to work smarter, you can improve the experience your consumers have with your business. Select your toolkit apps with caution. When it comes to cloud communications, be sure it has the network stability and flexibility to expand with you as your business requirements grow.

  • Set specific productivity targets

Setting clear productivity targets is essential in any workplace, but it is extremely critical for remote workers. Productivity objectives communicate performance expectations and hold everyone accountable for their level of work. Setting and upholding these standards ensures that everyone is on the same page and working toward mutual achievement.

Progression tracking necessitates the use of the proper call management software. With this technology in place, you’ll be able to track and analyze overall SLA and call metric performance throughout your business.

Pro tip: Investigate the reporting capabilities provided by your program to measure performance activities and utilize the data to detect holes in efficiency. We allow you to:

  • Monitor both current and historical reports.
  • Keep track of service-level KPIs.
  • Share thoughts and plan reports
  • Live call monitoring and analytics can help you improve your performance.

Encouraging your teams to compare their performance to set standards on a regular basis will help them to analyze their output and course-correct as needed to get back on track.

Well, to track your emplyee’s assigned targets you need a best remote employee time tracking software that can track everything. 

Provide live call coaching and training

Your workforce, like accessible and successful technology, require ongoing training on new implementations and improved procedures. Implementing technologies like as call recording and call monitoring will help you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. 

With recorded reviews and interactions, managers may simply organize tailored training sessions that enhance customer loyalty and productivity for beginner and experienced employees. Live coaching technologies such as monitor, whisper, and barge help to speed-up performance management even further. For example, call monitoring enables managers to listen in on ongoing discussions to ensure that quality standards are fulfilled throughout their teams.

You’ll be able to inspire confidence in your employees when they need it most with features like call whispering, which allows supervisors to train an agent on the line without the consumer hearing it. To fully support your team, call barging allows you to jump in and lead the conversation as needed. These live call coaching solutions not only make it easier to manage remote employees, but they are also necessary for a lucrative client experience.

Make a well-rounded team

Finally, the finest teams balance each other’s strengths. When creating your remote team or filling a job, consider which characteristics are most crucial for a successful call center agent and hire for those abilities. Examine your team members’ “soft” abilities in addition to their credentials. You’ll need folks who are good communicators, as well as ambitious and goal-oriented.

Call center executives claim the following characteristics operate well in distant environments:

Solving problems: To increase customer service KPIs and move through the lines, agents must be able to think on their feet and react to diverse scenarios rapidly.

Self-Management: Proactively contacting consumers and following up on interactions and open cases helps to develop customer connections and loyalty.

Listening actively: Allowing customers to talk freely about their problems allows agents to reply wisely and with a plan of action.

Communication: The capacity to impart information and ask discovery questions at the proper times improves clarity, professionalism, and more fruitful interactions.

Empathy: Empathy makes callers feel supported and respected, especially in difficult situations.

Manage Your Remote Workforce Systametically And Effectively

Manageing a remote team is has it own challenges and perks. From most of the employer’s stand point there are more challenges then perks as employee loose their productivity and effciancy. 

Cloud communications software is an important tool for remote worker success. This sort of software facilitates inbound and outgoing calls by allowing for smooth call routing, easy integration with other critical technologies, and simplified call monitoring. You’ll have everything you need to manage your inbound and outgoing discussions, whether it’s phone, chat, or contact center solutions (or all three).

SAN Software’s cloud communication platform called SanCCS. It is one of the best remote employee monitoring software and has numerous other benefits as well such as integrations with various other softwares, automatic call ditribustion, multilevel IVR, self designed web based CRM, omni channel approach. 

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