Benefits of Using Call Center Software for Businesses

Call Center Software Benefits

What Is Call Center Software and What Are the Benefits of Using it? 

It is quite hard to talk with customers using a mobile phone or telephone. Also, there are some other difficulties as there’s no time to pause and frame your answers just right unless you want to take the risk of putting the customers on hold too frequently. Apart from this, you can easily lose the context of phone calls. You cannot view the call details or any kind of call summary while on the phone with them.

To simplify this calling process, call center software comes into play. The main purpose of the call center software is to assist or help businesses in managing customer communication via different types of customer touchpoints such as phone, email, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text messaging, and social media. 

Generally, there are two types of call centers, an inbound call center solution or an outbound one. Let’s know about both.

What's an Inbound call center, and how does it work?

The most fundamental feature of an inbound call center is that agents have to wait for calls to come to them rather than actively making calls. Inbound callers are typically looking for customer services, such as technical support, product assistance, or assistance placing an order. As a result, inbound call center agents must respond quickly and efficiently to customer problems and requests.

What’s an outbound call center, and how does it work?

In this type of calling method, agents have a list of contacts to contact, and they typically track and manage their interactions using customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Both types of call centers are supported by a call center system such as SanCCS. It enables customers to contact the appropriate agents and provides call center agents with access to relevant information about a customer’s history in order to improve the overall customer experience.

What Are Benefits of Using a Call Center Software

There are thousands of call center software providers in India, but only a few of them are worth it. SAN Softwares is one of them. Also, if you are looking for cloud-based call center solutions in India, you can check Hosted SanCCS. Now, let’s have a look at the benefits. 

Enhance Customer Service 

There’s a reason why you have a call center number. It is the first point of contact for customers who have a problem with your product or service. Alternatively, for whoever requires your professional help.

Customers will expect immediate assistance from you when they call. They demand the quickest solution possible, regardless of the time. Customers expect you to answer their questions as soon as they answer the phone.

However, due to occasional high call volumes, it is not always possible to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Agents may be blown away by never-ending demands, resulting in a poor customer experience. You can professionally handle all of your clients’ requests with call center software. The tool is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it ideal for supplementing the work of your call center agents.

Improvement in First-Call Resolution 

The customer’s problem should be resolved in the first call, and it is an important call center metric that should be monitored to improve operational efficiency. Ascent Group researched this and found that 60 percent of companies that track the first-call resolution rate for a year or longer report a 30 percent improvement in performance.

Using call center systems can drastically improve the first call resolution rate. This software provides your call support agent with a customer data repository that is updated in real-time. This allows call support teams to understand complaints better, provide faster service, and resolve issues on the first call.

Outstanding Customer Service

People would love a company that has a customer service line that they can call at any time. When they buy a product or service from your company, they expect to be contacted if there are any problems, such as defective items, undelivered goods, and so on.

Customers are unlikely to spend much time writing an email referencing their issue. In fact, they require an immediate response that allows them to address the problem directly. This is where phone support comes into play. It allows you to communicate with a brand’s representative in a timely manner.

Customers expect a live response from your company when they call. They will not be pleased with a voicemail box or an unanswered call. They are unable to have such an experience due to the call center software. It quickly responds to client calls while giving them enough time to speak with the agent. Customers will be pleased with your company’s professional assistance as a result.

Support for Multiple Channels

Call centers are no longer just for answering phones! Many call center operations strive to provide a comprehensive customer experience via multiple channels, including email, social media, chat, and phone calls. Regardless of how your customers contact your customer support representatives, call center systems can assist in providing seamless assistance to them.

A good call center software allows you to communicate with your customers via various ways such as SMS, email, chat, voice calls, video, messaging apps, and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Furthermore, advanced BPO software allows callers to switch between channels during an interaction, allowing your clients to choose the most convenient channel for them. There are many such calling software for call center in India that provide this type of feature. Multi-channel support also helps to reduce customer frustrations while also allowing you to provide better customer service.

Slightly Increase Productivity

Each and every company strives to maximize productivity from the production of goods or services in order to provide an exceptional customer experience. Customer service, in this case, necessitates a significant amount of time commitment. Customers or clients would request queries on their timetable, which would be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, call center agents will not be available at that precise time. It takes a very long time for them to become familiar with the work. Call center software can help you cut through the problem by providing a full-time service.

The software boosts your productivity and ensures that every client receives their request in a timely manner. It is capable of handling any query, such as ticket support, sales, appointment scheduling, and technical issues, in a seamless manner. Eventually, you will have assisted your call agents in increasing their workplace productivity.

Improvement in Team Collaboration and Accountability 

By maintaining a centralized database, call center software enables employees from various departments to share real-time information and collaborate on customer support tasks. For example, sales staff can easily Share sales updates and communicate with other sales team members. Customer service representatives can also easily check and manage tasks, interactions, or service cases accomplished by a colleague. This enables the team members to facilitate the flow of two-way information in order to provide a great customer experience to loyal customers.

Besides that, call center software provides more accountability. Every employee is fully aware of their personal responsibilities in sales and customer service and can be held accountable for both success and failure.

Helps to Build a Professional Image

Customer service calls can represent the whole image of the company. 

Customers will perceive the business as professional if they make a phone call and quickly get the answers they’re looking for. To rephrase it, a professional and dedicated customer service call demonstrates your company’s seriousness.

Call center software can automatically direct and respond to calls in a professional manner. It is intended to provide much better customer service. For example, responding to a phone call by informing clients that an agent will contact them shortly will make your company appear more professional.

The graph above explains the main key factors that contribute to excellent customer service. The most important aspect of achieving customer satisfaction is an immediate response. Furthermore, more than 40% of clients would prefer professional help to resolve their issues quickly. This data suggests that call center agents play a critical role in providing positive customer satisfaction.

Improvement in Security

Data security is a major concern in call centers because they store large amounts of sensitive client information. If you do not have dependable call center software with embedded security features, you will always be at risk of losing vital customer and company information.

Advanced call center systems ensure that all customer data is safely stored in the cloud backup. As a result, there is no risk of data loss due to obvious circumstances. They also implement strict security protocols such as password protection, user access controls, and data encryption. This prevents potential attackers from accessing sensitive information and misusing it for personal benefit.

So, with contact center software, you don’t have to worry about hiring security personnel and can rest assured that your company’s data is secure from cyberattacks or troublemakers.

Helps to Increase Sales Deals

Because it responds to all inbound sales inquiries, call center software can also serve as an excellent marketing tool. If you don’t answer the phone, say it’s a sales call, you’ll miss out on potential customers.

Because 90% of voice calls are never returned, the likelihood of receiving significant inquiries decreases. Think about it: if these were customers about to buy your product or service, you would not really hear from them again.

Having a customer service center open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, can significantly increase your sales. People expect you to respond quickly, especially when it comes to product details. A full-service answering service enables your company to connect with potential customers effectively. If you engage directly with them via a 24/7 call service, you can collect more leads and close more deals.


Instead of employing a large number of customer service representatives to handle a large number of calls, you can save money by purchasing call center software. The software provides you with useful features that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You won’t have to think about unanswered phone calls during the course of your busy day, which is often the case with poor customer service.

Investing money in contact center software provides significant benefits because you will pay for a single tool with many features. You don’t need to hire people to perform a service that software can perform quite well. Furthermore, if you use call center software instead, you will not provide a large space for the employee.

Not to notice that call center software includes features for routing calls and measuring call metrics. Finally, you won’t add any extra services for this purpose.

Recognize Urgent Calls

Prioritization of calls is critical for a company to build customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. The contact center software system allows you to determine the urgency of a call right away. When customers contact your customer support, the system will provide a sequence that, for example, tells the clients’ needs by entering a specific number. 

You’ll know which calls need to be considered first after this step. This information is provided by call center software for you to sort logically. Agents can then respond immediately to those who require quick responses.

Ultimately, you won’t have to worry about which calls are the most important. Thanks to calling center software, you have a client list ready to respond. At the same time, the software will ensure that other calls in the queue are not lost in the process.

Advancement in Call Analytics

Call parameters must be monitored and analyzed by institutions. Did you know that institutions using call analytics can cut average call handling time by 40%? Consider the greater revenues and profits!

Using a contact center management system, you can produce custom reports that track call volume, client satisfaction ratings, and current trends. You can monitor peak days to efficiently manage staff schedules and maintain proper service levels if you are from India.

Monitoring contact center performance keeps your agents on their toes and fosters a healthy competitive spirit. They will be aware that their calls are being recorded and analyzed, so they will go above and beyond to resolve customer complaints and perform to their best abilities.

Call Center Software Price in India 

If you are looking to set up a call center and looking for a call center software price in India. The pricing of a call center software is quite wide and can cost between Rs. 1500 pm to Rs. 50000 pm. You can choose San Softwares’ one of the most popular products, SanCCSto get the best possible pricing with top-notch service. 

Here are some of the best advantages of SanCCS: 
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Real-Time Analytics and Report
  • Multi-Level IVR
  • Self Designable Web-Based CRM
  • Seamless Integration
  • Skill Based Routing
  • Agent Performance MIS
  • Unified Agent Desktop
  • Thoughtful UI
  • Omni Channel
  • Customer service
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