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Importance of a Virtual Number for a Business in india

Importance of Virtual Numbers

A virtual number is crucial for a business to manage the customer who has reached the business with inquiries, concerns, subscriptions, etc. Virtual number is a way that companies use to communicate with their customers. This technology has empowered businesses to reach the areas where they can’t reach physically. With this kind of feature, businesses become huge fans and understood the importance of virtual numbers, as aids to streamline their business process and simplify the communication process.

Generally, a virtual number comes in a ten-digit telephonic number without physical existence, but in India, there are around 130 crore people, and because of the population, all the ten-digit numbers are exhausted, it might be possible that in some cases businesses will get the eleven-digit virtual number. With this ten or eleven-digit number, the business can be contacted anywhere globally. Below we have added some of the major reasons a business should use a virtual number.

Call recording Facility

Call recording can be very useful in some cases, and it helps you record and save the incoming and outgoing calls in an easily accessible manner for further references. By integrating this feature, you can allow your business to record every incoming and outgoing call in real-time.

This feature is very handy when it comes to evaluating your business operation. You can check your employees’ behavior when they talk with the customers and hear the queries and suggestions of the customers to maintain your business quality standards. Also, the customer automatically gets notified that the call is being recorded, making it legal and safe.

The call recording feature can be useful from the agent’s perspective as well, suppose the agent got a from a customer with a very important reason and he asked for a callback. But, because of any XYZ reason, you didn’t hear that customer. Here the call recording feature can be a lifesaver; the agent can listen to the recently recorded call and can perform according to that call recording.

Accessible Round the Clock

Using a virtual number is quite convenient and hassle-free compared to a traditional number. It helps to maximize the reach of the business without affecting that much on the company’s account.

If you are using a traditional phone line system, you can’t handle a flood or even multiple calls at a time, but with a virtual number, you can handle hundreds of calls, even thousands of calls, and decreases the busy tones as the calls get forwarded to an employee as available or pre-set destinations through an Intelligent Routing System, ACD, and VoiceMail integrations, etc. With this kind of support, customers get aware that the business is reachable at any point in time.

Projects a Professional ImageA single virtual number can establish a professional brand image in customers’ subconscious minds. A virtual number also helps provide customized and personalized support to every customer, creating a brand value and emotional feeling for the brand.

International Numbers

With an international virtual number, you can connect with your international customer around the globe. This solution can be used to transfer international calls from your virtual phone number to another phone number or line in another country. Also, Suppose you are planning to expand your business internationally. In that case, a virtual number can be a great way to connect with international customers and helps to manage the business operations globally.

The business can create a presence in any country and affordably and efficiently provide almost all services without being physically present there. Additionally, you’ll save a big amount of money that could be spent if you build an office and hire staff in your desired country. You can make full use of the virtual number solutions in your business to provide excellent customer support and maintain relationships around the globe.

Concurrent Calls

When a business has numerous calling numbers, customers get irritated because they have to dial every number to get the answer to their concerns. After setting up a virtual calling number, the business can manage all its inbound and outbound calling needs by increasing the number of agents.

The virtual number allows attending to many calls with one number. When the customers call in on that virtual number, the call gets automatically routed to the agent who is available to take calls at the time. Therefore, it helps create a seamless experience for the customer by reducing the waiting time using maximum agent’s competence.

Data security and Scalability

Using a virtual number can eliminate or decrease the chances of a data breach and any kind of data security vulnerability. Each call data, call log, call recordings, and customer information are stored on cloud servers. When an organization grows, data security becomes the biggest concern. That’s why it is always good to use a virtual number to be future-ready. Also, it is feasible to activate and deactivate the services as per needs.

Multi-lingual Support

Technology and innovation are constantly opening new ways for businesses to make more money. Creating the best customer support to satisfy your customer is the best improvement for your business. With the help of a virtual number, you can automate some crucial things in your business. Like calling campaigns, that will be customized on IVR for English, Hindi, and regional custom messages.

A business gets run by only satisfied customers, and making them satisfied is not just a cup of tea for customer support. There are many factors, on those the satisfaction level of the customer depends on and the multi-lingual support feature is one of them. With this feature, your business can overcome the language barriers that could have come in the way of your profits and your customer’s satisfaction level. So make sure to implement multilingual support in your business.

Transparent Reports and Analytics

It is hard to track a voice service, but a virtual number made it possible to track. Because of all the saves on cloud servers, it gives access to all the call records and tracks all related information in real-time comprehending ROI.

Call Center Solution Software by SAN Softwares

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