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What is IVR in Hospitality

These days, modern hotels require a powerful IVR call system to successfully serve their guests. The travel & hospitality sector relays on customer feedback, and an IVR system can help increase customer feedback. When to call flow gets optimized, and guests are routed to the right department, your customer experience (CX) increases automatically the first time. Let’s check how an IVR system can increase your 5-star experience and benefit your brand below.

As nations throughout the world begin to welcome back tourists, it is vital to have a contemporary global communications infrastructure that can scale as your organization offers to develop.

According to McKinsey & Company, a travel boom is on the horizon, and a new era of travel may be upon us. In a new paper, McKinsey forecasts two paths for how travel will likely recover. Still, they warn that “businesses that do not plan for the incoming inflow of passengers risk missing out on important opportunities to recuperate costs incurred during the peak of the epidemic.”

In this article, we will look at the role of interactive voice response software (IVR) in the travel and hospitality industry and solutions that may help you prepare for capacity building, digital innovation, and more.

What is Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)?

IVR, or interactive voice response, is a feature that works to automate your business phone system; it directs your callers to a variety of useful information by interactively obtaining caller information via menu options, telephone keypad entries, or voice response.

If properly configured, your IVR software will improve the customer experience by allowing them to easily obtain answers to travel and booking queries. Among the inquiries are:

  • Reservations can be made, changed, or canceled.
  • Change your billing information
  • Change your lodging preferences
  • Providing Feedbacks
  • Contact customer service, among other things

The beauty of IVR is that it can be tailored according to your client’s needs, ensuring their inquiries are answered with clear call sequences that your team designs, controls, and adjusts via an interactive web interface.

Benefit of IVR system In Travel & Hospitality?

IVR systems have plenty of benefits for the travel and hospitality industry. A Robust cloud-based IVR system can save your team’s time, minimize overall operating cost, and leads to better customer satisfaction rates. 

24/7 Availablity 

An IVR’sIVR’s primary role is to answer client or customer calls and provide answers to their inquiries. For example, If a client or customer wants to know if a hotel in Shimla would be open late at night or if the hotel offers particular facilities, all they have to do is phone the hotel, and the pre-programmed IVR will deliver the information. Because the IVR is automated and no human operator is appointed to answer the call, it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls will be answered without delay, and callers will not have to wait 10 minutes for a response to a basic query.

Improve Your Customer Service and CX

According to a recent McKinsey survey, 71% of customers want businesses to provide personalized, tailored experiences. And 76% become irritated when they don’t get personalized interactions.

Creating personalized welcome greetings and menus for your IVR system is one method to include personalization into your plan to improve contact center customer experience (CX) metrics. This will assist your business in establishing and delivering a tailored experience for your callers.

Personalization is more important than ever with COVID-19 and the growth in digital behaviors setting the standard. According to McKinsey, “personalization increases performance and improved customer results.” Companies that expand quicker generate 40% more income through personalization than slower-growing competitors.” The closer you go to your customer, the better.

Information Center

Customers’Customers’ commonly requested questions can be programmed into the IVR. It can provide information about the services provided, information about the various packages, reserving rooms, and payment. The IVR is often programmed with a plethora of alternatives from which clients can select based on their needs. If the IVR cannot answer the client’s questions, the call can get forwarded to a representative who can better help the consumer.

IVR Routing saves time for both agents and guests

As things are getting better and international and local travel are on the rise, ensuring your company’s IVR system provides a quality client experience at every step of their travel journey is essential.

You will be able to do the following with renowned IVR providers:

  • Make infinite multi-level menus.
  • Calls can be routed to groups, queues, users, voicemail, or external numbers.
  • Customize greetings
  • Measuring effect using actionable data

As a result, your call center’s customer experience (CX) metrics will improve by minimizing the number of call transfers, enhancing self-service, and prioritizing your company’s high-value clients.

Use IVR Reporting to Provide a 5-Star Guest Experience 

Do you want to examine how your callers interact with your call flows and menus?

With the most recent reporting features, you can simply examine the call prompts that receive the most traffic, discover possible loops in your IVR, and pinpoint the locations where the greatest call abandon rates occur. The IVR reporting dashboard is critical to understanding how the process is going for business growth and ensuring that your travel and hospitality callers reach the correct person the first time.

You may be jeopardizing your consumer experience if you do not have one in place. A comprehensive perspective of your IVR system may help with call strategy optimization and provide a better customer experience to everyone who contacts your company’s customer support.

Various Type of Services

With the IVR call center system, hotels may now give a variety of services to their guests. The guest does not need to call the front desk and wait for an operator to assist them; instead, they may phone the hotel’s number and select choices such as Do-not disturb, Room service, or booking the gym room. If the guest is dissatisfied with the service and wishes to file a complaint, he can do so using the IVR. Guests may even organize wake-up calls or arrange for transportation back to the airport using the IVR, which can do all of this and more.

More authority than ever before

IVR will provide you more control over your coverage than ever before, in addition to infinite menus, bespoke greetings, and custom routing.

Use your IVR to route inbound and outgoing phone calls to over 170 countries around the world. Outbound efficiencies are created, allowing your staff to:

  • Send follow-up emails to confirm the scheduled trip
  • Updating your Flight delays/cancellations details
  • updating room info’sinfo’s
  • Gather client feedback
  • other up sell options like extra service or feature add-on

You may utilize unified communications across social media or website chat with IVR in addition to enhanced coverage by linking your CRM, Helpdesk, or chat.

By connecting your IVR system with your tech stack, the guest will be able to book or speak with agents even faster. It also streamlines your agents’ client engagements by providing them with virtual access to consumer facts.

With expanded coverage and the convenience of integrating your systems to deliver live chat, visitors will benefit from a well-designed omnichannel IVR solution that creates smooth information transfer between channels while maintaining conversation continuity.


Pen and paper are no longer required to write any feedback. On the IVR, a feedback option can be configured. If the guest is pleased with the service, they can select an option or rate the hotel.

IVR is not only for large-scale hospitality enterprises; because it is cost-effective, small-scale hospitality industries have begun experimenting with and implementing modest IVR systems. It has increased the efficiency and satisfaction level of clients and customers. 

Choose A Best IVR System For Your Travel & Hospitality Business 

Choosing a top-notch IVR system is quite important as it can enhance your overall customer satisfaction level or it run it totally. EasyGoIVR is one of the best options developed by SAN Softwares. It’sIt’s a multi-featured system that handles everything from personalized phone replies to real-time call reporting and monitoring. This cloud-based IVR system provides a customized greeting based on the campaign-specific DID number. It communicates with the caller and routes the call to the proper destination according to the caller’s requirements. It also aids analytics by displaying a graphical presentation of all connected and answered calls. 

It can be the best IVR in the travel and hospitality industry to provide superior service. Here are some options and features that EasyGoIVR has to offer: 

  • Automatic Call
  • Blacklisting
  • Call Recording
  • Call Tracking
  • CDR (Call Data Report)
  • Customer Agent
  • IVR System
  • Programmable
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