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Today, in the world of technology, it is a crucial and foremost priority of companies to meet their customer needs. You can’t avoid customer queries at any cost. Customers will constantly require your support, whether it’s with a large transaction or simply resetting their account password. To overcome these issues and stay ahead of the competition, the ticketing management software solutions of SAN Softwares named SanTMS can be a game-changer for your company. You can easily handle your existing ticket load, scale your Operations and track your progress.

Introduction of SanTMS

SanTMS is the best ticket management software for your customer queries, either it for new lead requests or support tickets, with features such as ticket generation by Call/API, lead assigning, Auto Reply, Email attachments, and Email/SMS alerts to ensure your customer receives the best service possible. SanTMS also offers the best queue management, with features such as Email Queue Assignment, Escalation matrix, Queue Filtration, Task assignment, MIS reporting, and Queue Rules making queue management simple and hassle-free.

SanTMS helps you to manage your client tickets through Ticket updation, quality check, ticket closure, and happy codes. You can also keep track of how long each user spends on each job and generate productivity MIS reports, which will help you keep track of how productive each user is.

What SanTMS can do for your company?

  • Routing features

Our best ticketing system for small businesses can prioritize requests and route them to various departments across the network. Customers can choose the topic of their request and have it routed to the appropriate person or department using  ticket management system software. Even if the customer selects the wrong category, the employee can divert the query to the right person rather than attempting to work on it. This feature ensures prompt, accurate, and resourceful responses at all times.

  • One point of communications

Our SanTMS can handle all of your customer services, inquiries, requests, and complaints, and assistance needs in one place. Your customer support team will be able to handle all of their complaints and requests from one handy location with the help of good help desk management software.

  • Enhance customer experience

Customer service software assists in the delivery of high-quality, consistent customer service and assistance. It reduces consumers’ perceived wait times by informing them of their current position in the queue. This assures improved customer service and profitable relationships with both new and existing clients. Our SanTMS is known as the best ticketing system for small businesses.

  • The Line System

The use of a numbering system in our ticketing management system software guarantees that customers’ demands are met quickly and efficiently. They will have the assurance that their question will be resolved on time, and that offer queries will not cut in the front of them in line. This system promises to be a well-balanced solution for properly managing customer service needs. It will enhance employee productivity since employees do not have to waste time managing the line or dealing with client complaints about who was first and who is next.

  • Automatic Updates to customers

Customers can check the status of their tickets via the SanTMS ticketing system. Our software ticket management system can also keep clients up to date on their status as needed. Clients are kept informed about their resolution time by sending automatic updates. Customers will have less time to wait as a result of this.

  • Resolution time

SanTMS management software streamlines a variety of time-consuming and complex operations, allowing your customer service staff to spend less time and effort dealing with client complaints, inquiries, and requests. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to resolve an issue and reply to requests.

  • Previous communication Records

Using SanTMS helps you to maintain track of all of your conversations with a customer, whether or not they are linked to their current issue. This allows your employees to get information from the records without having to ask clients the same question over and over. Both you and your customers will save time and money as a result of this.

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Advantages of Software Ticket Management

  • Ticket Creation through Call/API
  • Assign Lead
  • Auto Reply E-Mail Attachments
  • E-Mail/ SMS Alert to assign
  • Logging of timing on each task
  • Productivity MIS Report
  • Queue Management
  • E-Mail assigning to Queues
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Queue Filtration
  • Task Assignment
  • MIS Reporting
  • Queue Rules

Why Choose us?

SanTMS is quickly getting popular and is being used by several businesses. It automated the entire process of efficiently and precisely resolving your clients’ complaints or service requests as soon as possible. It generates a win-win situation for both employees and customers, with happy consumers and a happy support crew. Our customer assistance software increases your revenue while also ensuring client satisfaction.

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