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SanTrans- Best Transportation Management Software Company

Transportation Management Systems play a greater role in improving supply chain operations than anything else. Transportation management in logistics automates basic transportation procedures and offers solutions for moving cargo across all means of transportation, including intermodal movement. SAN Softwares is one of the best companies that offer reliable transportation management software in India – SanTrans. It is the best container billing software and car carrier billing software that provides various services such as Dispatch Entry, GR Entry, Route Payment Voucher, Daily Branch Report, GR Receiving, Bill Entry, Truck Maintenance, Hire Charges for Outside Truck, Diesel/Petrol Bill, Tyre Management, Financial Accounting, etc.

transpotation management software of san softwares

Introduction – SanTrans

SAN Softwares has designed an amazing software for the transport industry—SanTrans. We are known for offering the best software for transportation companies in India. This software is the best software for transportation companies as all normal transportation operations, such as delivery challans, GR, route payment vouchers, hired vehicle billing, fuel management, repair and maintenance, tyre and spare inventory management, and so on, are processed using our software.

SanTrans (Transportation Billing Software), Container Billing Software, and Car Carrier Billing Software can generate a variety of configurable reports in the format of your choice. The GR Report is one of these reports. P & L by vehicle, Dispatch Report, Billing Report, and many others. SanTrans (Transportation Billing Software) has a comprehensive accounting module that handles all of your transportation transactions, billing, bank reconciliation, tracking, and printing of payment vouchers and checks.

Need of Transportation Management in logistics

Transport operators have realize the need for logistic and transport management software. It is significant for Indian transport services to use transport software technologies to maximize their operations. To manage a transportation company smoothly, you should invest in transportation billing software, which will allow you to maximize business value and streamline the transportation process. If you want to expand your transportation company, now is the moment to implement software technologies to help you do so.


Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Purchase Order Management

Tyre Purchase Allocation & Repair Management


GST Reports

Vehicle Tracking

E-Mail, WhatsApp & SMS Integration

Voucher Entry With Cash Book, Bank Book & Journal Entry

Outsourced/ Third Party Vehicle Bill Management

GR/Builty Entry & Receiving

Fuel Bill Management System

Dispatched/ Challan Entry

Client/ Branch Wise Billing

Cheque Printing Facility

Dispatch And GR/Builty Reports

Bank Reconcililation and Bill Adjustment


SanTrans (Transport Billing Software) can provide you various customizable reports in desired format. These reports includes: GR Report. Vehicle Wise P&L, Dispatch Report, Billing report and many more. SanTrans (Transport Billing Software) provides you a comprehensive accounting module that takes care of all the transport transaction, billing, Bank Reconciliation, Tracking and Printing the payment vouchers and cheques.
The SanTrans is the best transport billing software, which will add value to your business. It is easy to use, affordable and flexible software for every business, which is related to Transportation like logistics and warehouse. SanTrans is a leading Logistic Billing Software, which understands the complex transport terms and help you meet your regular billing targets easily.
We are also reputed in the industry as the best Container Billing Software Company that has created the best Lorry Transport Management Software to make your transport billing operations easy.

  • Financial Accounting Reports
  • GR Summary (Pending, Received, Received but not Billed, Billed)
  • Bill Reports
  • Vehicle Reports
  • GST Reports
  • Accounts Reports
  • Driver Reports
  • Dispatch Reports
  • Voucher Reports
  • Daybook Reports

Advantages of our Logistics and transport management Software

  • Container Billing Software

Customer contracts and billing are crucial aspects of transportation business processes since charging appropriate transportation rates and prompt invoicing to customers puts logistics organizations in a good financial position. Our SanTrans, the best container billing software for transport companies, is completely capable of implementing multiple rate contracts and billing them without the need for human intervention.

  • Cost-Effective Transportation

SanTrans is a cost-effective transportation management system that enables a corporation to have a lower-cost planning system. That is the most significant benefit transport software can provide to your company. The most recent version of our SanTrans software can combine current frameworks for dealing with an organization’s transportation needs with those for order processing, inventory management, and customer relationship management.


  • Accuracy in the Orders

SanTrans’ real-time tracking improves the accuracy and efficiency of goods movements. It helps to eliminate any potential for errors or blunders, and in the event of a mishap, the issue can be resolved without affecting the customer. You also keep track of their progress and provide feedback on areas where they need to improve. It also improves supply chain efficiency by providing security benefits, particularly in the event of disasters.


  • Load and route optimization

It can save money on transportation by optimizing the load and route. Transportation management software gives firms analysis and insights, as well as recommendations for cost-cutting strategies. A Transport Management System can help firms use fewer vehicles while transporting the same amount of goods. Furthermore, route optimization saves fuel consumption by a significant amount.


  • Improved Inventory Management

You can spend less time on product management if you use transport management software. It also saves you time wasted on correcting entry errors and gives you total visibility into your supply chain. Organizations can use transport management software to track the progress of orders and shipments in real-time. They can also obtain real-time information for all orders. This provides a precise inventory estimate.

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Other Features

  • Network Users & User Rights
  • Accounting Group Heads & Sub Group Heads
  • Party Rate Master: Truck Wise Rate and for car carriers Model No Wise Rates.
  • Truck Master: Truck No, Type, Types of Documents and Expiry Date (Like Insurance, Fitness etc.)
  • Driver Master: Driver Name, Address, Permanent Address, License No, Authority, Expiry Date, Father Name, DOB, Guarantor, Previous Job Details.
  • Stock Items
  • Branch Details and Branch wise accounting
  • Dispatch Entry, GR Entry, Route Payment Voucher, Daily Branch Report, GR Receiving, Bill Entry, Truck Maintenance, Hire Charges for Outside Truck, Diesel/Petrol Bill, Tyre Management, Financial Accounting
  • Billing System: For Container, KM Wise, Car Carrier Billing, Two Wheeler Billing, Weight Wise Billing
  • Tyre Management: Purchase, Issue to Truck, Issue for Retreat.
  • Tyre Reports: List of Tyre in Stock Old/New, List Tyre Issued to Truck, List of Tyre Issued for Retreat, and List of Tyre Truck Wise.
  • Stock: Purchase, Issue to Truck, and Stock Reports.
  • Accounting Reports – Ledger

Why Choose us?

SanTrans is the greatest transport billing software that will increase the value of your company. It is simple to use, cost-effective, and adaptable software for any transportation-related organization, such as logistics and warehouses. SanTrans is a logistic billing software that is adept at deciphering convoluted transportation phrases and assisting you in meeting your regular billing aims.

If you are looking for the best fleet management softwarecompany in India, reach out to us and we’ll deliver the greatest product at a reasonable price. SanTrans makes it simple to keep track of the company’s billing issues.

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