A Complete Guide to IVR and Why Your
Business Needs the Best IVR Solutions(an Effective One-Stop Solution)

Businesses and call centers that are required to deal with calls are always on the
lookout for innovative solutions that will help them manage calls more efficiently. The way call centers
handle calls determines their success in the long run. Clearly, this is a difficult task to accomplish,
as doing so manually would demand a significant amount of time and human resources. This is where
intelligent calling software solutions prove useful. IVR systems automate a variety of routine tasks and
are capable of efficiently handling and managing calls. A good call response system not only keeps the
caller engaged by assisting them but also ensures that all routine operations run smoothly, apart from
performing several other vital functions. IVR service provider companies in India are coming up with
innovative IVR solutions that find applications in several industries and help businesses achieve
efficiency and productivity.

What is IVR?

IVR, or interactive voice response, is the ultimate call-handling solution for
businesses. It makes sure that everything from personalized greetings and responses from customers to
real-time call reporting and monitoring is handled efficiently. It communicates with callers and assists
them in resolving their problems on their own. When callers are unable to assist themselves, the call is
routed to a human assistant via an IVR system. An IVR system is an essential tool that allows businesses
and call centers to be available to their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. IVR
systems for call centers
also prove to be helpful for analytics, as they provide
call-related data and other information. It is a cost-effective software solution that proves to be
highly profitable in the long run.

How does an IVR system work?

The idea behind all types of IVR systems is that they should be
efficient enough to reduce the burden on human operators. Whenever there is an incoming or outgoing
call, the caller is met with a pre-recorded voice that guides them and helps them resolve their issues.
The IVR guides the caller with the help of a customized menu. IVR menus can be as simple or as complex
as desired. Menus can be multi-level, and as many levels as required can be designed. They can also be
optimized in different languages so that customers are able to follow them in a language they are
comfortable with. IVRs run on both DTMF as well as text-to-speech input. Callers can interact with the
IVR system using an input method of their choice. The IVR system analyses the caller’s response and
helps them find the next best option. When the caller’s problem cannot be solved with the help of the
existing menu, the IVR system connects the caller to the next available agent, or to the agent who is
best capable of solving the caller’s issue. Smart call routing is an important feature of IVR software
because it benefits both callers and operators.

Types of IVR Systems

There are two types of IVR systems, namely, on-premise and hosted IVR.

On-Premise IVR: On-premise IVR, or on-site IVRs, are IVR systems that
are installed within a call center. It requires the IVR system to be integrated with the company’s
existing telephony. On-premise IVRs are owned entirely by the companies where they are installed. This
gives the users full authority over the system. It is an ideal choice for large organizations that are
required to deal with both inbound and outbound calls in bulk.


Hosted IVR: Hosted IVRs are easy to set up as they do not require any
hardware, unlike on-premise IVR systems for call centers. They are cloud-hosted IVR
solutions and allow flexibility for their users as they can use them remotely. Hosted IVR provides room
for customization and can be integrated easily with the existing setup. It is an omnichannel solution
and a hassle-free IVR solution for contact centers.

Both on-premise and hosted types of IVR system can have certain pros
and cons. Businesses should choose an IVR system that meets their requirements in the best possible

The Advantages of IVR Systems for Businesses

IVR software is an effective way of ensuring efficient call handling. Putting clients on
hold or greeting them with busy lines can be detrimental to business-client relationships. IVRs help in
improving engagement by making calls a pleasant experience for the callers. IVRs are a one-time
investment as they help in enhancing sustainability and profitability. It is an excellent and affordable
solution for saving time as well as money. By ensuring effortless call handling, it allows organizations
to focus on other productive aspects. In addition, IVRs allow users to monitor calls and provide them
with error-free call data, which can prove to be useful in data analysis.

  • Customizable solutions

IVR service provider companies in India create IVR systems that are
scalable and can be easily customized to suit the callers’ requirements. The sole purpose for which any
business invests in IVR is to serve its customers in the best possible way. IVR systems have
customizable menus and other features that empower businesses to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Easy integration and streamlining

IVR systems guide the callers and enable them to resolve their issues on their own.
Apart from this, IVRs also help in analytics as they process call-related data that can be retrieved for
other purposes. Most IVR systems can be easily integrated with the pre-existing setup of an organization
and allow for hassle-free integration.

  • Smart call routing

Smart and hassle-free call routing is one of the features that make IVR an essential
tool for call centers. IVR systems for call centers can easily be integrated with the
existing CRM. As a result, customers can connect to the last consulted agent. VIP callers can be placed
at the front of the queue, or calls can be directed to a specific consultant who speaks a specific
language. The intelligent call routing feature also helps to shorten call queues and reduce abandon
rates during high call volume. IVR software enables companies and customers to resolve their issues

  • A cost-effective solution

Apart from simplifying the entire process of receiving, managing, and recording calls,
IVR solutions prove to be highly cost-efficient as they are reliable solutions worth investing in. IVRs
handle calls in high volumes at a fairly low cost. They ensure seamless availability and are capable of
processing more calls without human assistance unless required. This results in increased customer
satisfaction and better profits.

  • Improved engagement and better response

Being immediately available to clients with the help of IVR improves the overall experience for the client.
IVRs help clients save time and resolve their issues quickly. This plays an important role in improving
engagement, building trust, and enhancing brand image over time.

  • Easy monitoring

IVR solutions can be easily integrated with other software for easy call monitoring and
management. IVRs can process and provide insightful data that helps them assess growth. The latest IVR
systems come loaded with a number of valuable features that help them monitor and manage calls more
efficiently. Features such as call barging, monitoring, and whispering have become indispensable for
most businesses.

IVR Voice Bots and IVR Blasting Solutions

Although IVR solutions are highly customizable and perform the tasks they are required
to, other IVR solutions work in integration with the IVR systems in order to achieve a specific goal.
Two of the most common goals that businesses and call centers have in mind are customer service and IVR
blasting. By using specific tools that have been designed specifically to tackle these, businesses are
able to achieve better results.

IVR Voice Bot

Voice bots are an important AI tool that works in tandem with IVR systems to maximize
their effectiveness. IVR Bots can do everything from broadcasting promotional campaigns to sending
reminders and confirmations to making follow-up calls and scheduling appointments. IVR voice bots are
among the most dependable tools for providing excellent customer service. An IVR Bot automates the
entire phone call process, allowing businesses to run more smoothly and efficiently. As a result,
companies can save money, time, and manpower that would otherwise be spent on the time-consuming process
of calling. IVR bots are the ideal IVR tool for businesses to invest in because they allow them to focus
on more complex tasks that require human intervention. This assists businesses in increasing their

The SanIVR Bot is one of the best IVR voice bots available on the
market today. It is capable of performing a wide range of functions. It is highly customizable and
versatile and can easily be moulded to fit into any organizational structure. It is easy to operate and
manage and is bound to prove beneficial. It is a robust solution with a wide range of useful features
such as remote extensions, API integration, schedule-based calling, text to speech, multilingual
interface, and voice input. The San IVR Bot can be trusted to execute various tasks such as promotional
calls, reminders, confirmations, follow-up calls, on-board training, appointments, bookings, KYC
verification, and more. It’s easy to customize and manage, allowing users to achieve their objectives

IVR Blasting Software

IVR blasting software is an automated dialing service that allows call centres to make
automated calls on a large scale. It is a powerful tool that helps businesses achieve better results
while saving both time and money. IVR blasting tools are used by businesses to reach their target
audience. They can effectively carry out a wide array of tasks, such as mass campaigns, telemarketing,
promotions, and sending reminders, broadcasting information, and enhancing campaign outreach. IVR
Blasting software enables companies to save time and money as it allows them to reach a large number of
people at once. As a result, businesses can improve productivity and get better profits.

SanOBD is a smart IVR Blasting software that helps businesses achieve their objectives.
It is a feature-packed software that has been designed to make IVR blasting a hassle-free process. Its
highly responsive UI makes it easy to use. It automates the entire process of IVR blasting, thereby
ensuring that it gets executed effectively and efficiently. SanOBD is an ideal IVR blasting software due
to its versatility and customizability. It is scalable and can easily mold itself to suit most call

Industries that Benefit from IVR Solutions 

IVR is an important requirement for most industries. Businesses that deal with customers
and handle calls in bulk need IVR software solutions to operate with maximum efficiency. Both hosted and
on-premise types of IVR system are used for several purposes, such as payment
reminders, notifications, confirmations, handling grievances, and sending updates, among various others.
It is one of the most important tools for small businesses as it helps them grow exponentially. Some of
the industries that need IVR solutions in order to function seamlessly include:

  • Banks, finance, and insurance sectors

Banks rely on IVR solutions for sending payment reminders, notifications, and
broadcasting other information and the latest updates. In the absence of a reliable IVR setup, it
becomes difficult for banks to keep up with the ever-mounting customer calls and grievances. IVRs are a
powerful customer tool for all financial institutions and insurance companies. IVR prompts and
notifications help a great deal in preventing financial fraud and help businesses achieve customer

  • Healthcare sector 

The healthcare industry needs to keep in touch with its customers. Hospitals rely on IVR
solutions for handling queries, scheduling appointments, rescheduling notifications, and feedback. IVRs
also enable them to conduct surveys and gather useful data. IVR solutions are an important tool that
enables teleconsultation, which proves to be convenient for both hospitals and patients. The “smart
call” routing feature of IVR systems connects the patients to the appropriate doctors or agents.

  • Travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors

The travel and tourism industries have reaped the maximum benefits from smart IVR
solutions. The tourism and hospitality industries receive a large number of calls each day. IVR
solutions handle these calls with great efficiency and reduce the burden on human operators. IVRs
auto-attend calls and provides the necessary information the callers require. The ACD (auto call
distribution) feature of IVR systems helps to streamline operations, thereby allowing for better
management. IVR broadcasts are one of the best ways of updating customers about reservations,
cancellations, refunds, and offers. With the help of IVR, customers can be easily notified about
updates, delays, and rescheduling. This allows travel operators, agencies, and hotels to share the
latest information with their customers while ensuring convenience. This helps a great deal in building
trust among the customers and increasing brand value.

  • Retail and e-commerce 

For any retail business to thrive, there needs to be a strong customer service mechanism
in place. E-commerce, in particular, depends on IVR solutions as it allows them to serve the customers
in the best possible way. Since e-commerce websites get a lot of traffic, one cannot hire enough
operators to handle calls in such a large number. IVR software solutions not only handle calls in bulk,
but also a lot more. IVR solutions update customers about their order status, send delivery updates, and
handle information related to payments. IVRs form the backbone of customer service in both the retail
and e-commerce sectors. It handles most of the issues on its own and connects customers with agents for
more complicated issues. It directs the calls to the most appropriate agent with the help of its smart
call routing feature. IVR blasting is another important tool for retail businesses as it helps them
expand their outreach by broadcasting their promotional messages to potential customers on a huge scale.

  • Public Sector 

Governmental organizations rely on IVR solutions for a number of reasons. One of the
most important purposes that IVRs serve in the public sector is the broadcast of important
information. IVR software companies in India help the government to spread information,
gather data, and achieve targets. IVR solutions also help government agencies and other organizations
conduct surveys with ease and convenience.


To conclude, IVR software solutions are the most reliable, useful, and innovative
solutions for all businesses. They find application in a wide range of industries as they are adept at
performing innumerable tasks with efficiency and accuracy. This reduces the burden on businesses and
allows them to divert their valuable human resources to other complicated things that require human
attention. In addition, IVR add-ons such as IVR bots, IVR blasting software, and outbound dialling
solutions ensure that most calling-related tasks get taken care of with the help of automation. This
helps businesses reduce costs in the long term, helps them expand their reach, and enables them to
enhance productivity. As a result, businesses are able to achieve targets and grow exponentially.

SAN Softwares, a leading software development company in India, has been providing the
best IVR solutions to several industries. We provide customizable IVR solutions that
are reliable and help businesses achieve unprecedented growth. We provide both on-premise and hosted IVR
solutions, depending upon the nature of your business and its requirements. For on-premise IVR
solutions, SanIVR is the best software as it is easy to set up and can be integrated with the existing
telephony setup and other systems. It is a one-time investment that helps large organizations and
contact centres be more productive. Alternatively, EasyGoIVR is a cloud-based IVR software that serves
as the ultimate solution for calling, especially for businesses who prefer cloud-based solutions. It is
a multi-featured system that handles calls efficiently and streamlines business operations, thereby
allowing users to be more productive.

The SanIVR Bot is a smart voice bot solution that is capable of handling a number of
functions, which include promotional campaigns, reminders, confirmations, follow-up calls, appointment
scheduling, and more. IVR blasting is another tool that helps companies achieve targets by making
outbound calls on a large scale. The SanOBD is an outbound dialler that helps companies save both time
and money.

The IVR solutions developed by SAN Softwares are the best IVR solutions
for the value they add. We at SAN softwares also provide customized software development services and
develop tailor-made software that fits seamlessly into an organization and enhances productivity and
profitability. We understand your requirements and offer scalable solutions that ensure 100% business
growth in the long run.

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