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SanMRec- The Best Mobile call recording software

A call recording service may be required for a variety of reasons. Call recording software records and preserves phone conversations through GSM Calls. Call centers must have call recording software to deliver exceptional customer service and as a result, improve sales and service. It can help you stay in compliance with numerous regulatory bodies such as brokers, banks, insurance, and others, avoiding fines and prosecution. If you are looking for the best Call recording software for mobile, SAN Softwares offers -SanMRec.

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Introduction – SanMRec- Mobile Recording Solution Software

SAN Mobile Recording Software (SanMRec) is a handy application developed by our experienced SAN team that allows you to record every voice from incoming to outgoing and vice versa on a centralized platform. If you handling a team who is handling client conversation on their mobile phones and you want to track each call then SAN Mobile Recording Software would be a great asset for your business. SAN Softwares is known as the leading provider of easy-to-use software and has created mobile recording software companies in India. It allows you to keep track of calls between agents and customers. You can buy this amazing solution to simplify your call center management operations.

You can simply eliminate unwanted calls and uncover security issues with our best Mobile recording app SanMRec. To assist reduce confidential and restricted information, keep an eye on trade secrets and interactions among coworkers. You can also keep track of employee interactions to prevent inappropriate remarks such as sexual harassment or the use of company time for personal gossip and phone calls.

Main Features

Centralized Recording With Report

Recording App For Mobile User

Recording Capture Condition

Data Filtering For Recording

Features of SanMRec

  • Centralized Recording with Report

Use your call recorder as a powerful employee coaching and workforce management tool with built-in custom reports, live to monitor, search and replay, and more.

  • Recording App For Mobile User

SanMRec is the best Mobile recording app that detects and notices any flaws with the customer experience as soon as possible.

  • Recording Capture Condition

By recording your calls, you can have absolute proof of all communications in the event of an investigation, and you may use previous events to instruct personnel on the best and worst practices.

  • Data Filtering For Recording

With SanMRec, the best calling software for call center, you can keep track of all the calls between agents and customers with data filtering. You can review all customer and employee interactions regularly using live monitoring, granular search, and playback.

What our Mobile call recording software can do for you?

SAN Softwares is a leading name In the provision of calling software for call center. Here are the benefits of using their SanMRec.

  • Customer Satisfaction

The relationship between a customer and a call center agent is crucial. The agent must communicate correctly, follow phone etiquette, respect the consumer, keep a nice tone throughout the call, and respond to any customer questions. The only management method to verify that an agent has done all of this is to record and listen to the call. Also, if the agent is aware that his or her call is being monitored, he or she will be able to play nice. A call recording software will be able to record all of an agent’s calls, allowing management to select one and monitor it. This will force the agent to maintain a professional attitude throughout all calls. Managers will be able to resolve client issues more quickly if calls are recorded.

  • Quality Control

The quality manager can listen to an agent’s conversation with a customer and pinpoint the areas where the agent needs to improve. Then he or she can devise a strategy for the agent, which could include communication training to improve communication skills or product training to expand the agent’s knowledge of a specific product or service. Another possibility is that if the agent records incorrect credit card information, the manager can listen to the call and record the proper information rather than having to call the customer again for the same information, which may anger the customer.

  • Performance review

Performance evaluations are crucial for both the firm and the employees. Management can compare employee growth to company standards by evaluating the recordings. Employees can listen in on their calls and learn about their flaws. When you listen to your calls, you’ll often see that you’ve made mistakes or that you need to work on your tone to keep it nice. An agent will never be able to listen to his or her call if a call recording system is not in place. This will assist them in improving, allowing them to improve their scorecards. Managers or supervisors will be able to provide them with advice as well.

  • Government compliance

Government rules, both new and old, compel all businesses to be compliant in their operations. All verbal communications in the financial sector must be recorded. The government and private entities regularly monitor and supervise banks, brokers, insurance firms, and other financial institutions. Call recording aids in maintaining compliance with all of these regulatory bodies. You will not be punished or fined as a result of it.

  • Security

If your organization has a proper call recording system in place, it can help to eliminate unwanted calls and detect any security issues. You can also keep track of staff interactions to avoid having inappropriate talks. It will also aid in the reduction of personal telephone calls. All call centers are obligated to tell customers that their calls are being recorded in advance. Customers will be less likely to use abusive language on the phone as a result of this. So, in general, a call recording system will aid in the professional conduct of talks.

Why Choose us?

If you are looking for the best Call recording software for mobile, SAN Softwares offers -SanMRec. With SanMRec, you can keep track of all the calls between agents and customers with data filtering. You can review all customer and employee interactions regularly using live monitoring, granular search, and playback.

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