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A large number of companies from various industries carry out some important functions telephonically. These can be anything – customer support calls, sales calls, grievance redressal, payment-related calls, or simply a conversation with a client. However, since the conversations are telephonic, it is important to record these conversations to be on the safe side. Logged calls act as tangible evidence in the event of a dispute. It ensures transparency, which is the most important thing for a business to be successful. Call recorders play a key role in ensuring transparency and resolving conflicts. SanLogger, created by SAN Technologies, is a voice recording software that ensures that all your calls get recorded accurately, so that they can prove to be useful should the need arise. SAN Technologies is a leading provider of voice logger telephone recording system in India. We are one of the biggest providers of headphones in Delhi, which is a necessary tool for carrying out telephonic conversations with ease.

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Introducing SanLogger

The SanLogger is a smart voice logger device that records audio from a variety of sources, including phone calls, radios, microphones, and other audio sources. It saves the information on a hard drive or a removable storage device. It records and saves files in MP3 format, which takes up less disc space while maintaining excellent audio quality. Caller ID detection, an automatic date-wise log of data, an integrated play option, data export support, and the ability to record unlimited long-duration calls are just a few of its key features. The SanLogger, a call recording software for business, simplifies administration by providing a comprehensive set of features that make it truly indispensable, particularly for businesses that deal with customers on a regular basis, such as banks, hospitals, call centers, and other service-oriented sectors.

Why SanLogger?

The importance of logging and saving audio conversations cannot be reiterated enough. Companies that have public dealing as a vital function benefit immensely from it as it acts as tangible evidence in the event of a dispute or crisis. It comes packed with various important features such as caller ID recognition, date-wise classification of call records, and various other features that make it more customizable and user-friendly. It provides organizations with greater control and puts them in a position of power, thereby proving to be extremely advantageous in the long run.



Disputes and disagreements are common problems faced by many businesses. Solving them tends to be tedious and time-wasting. This greatly hampers productivity as it can lead to the wastage of valuable resources in many cases. It can also cause a business to suffer losses. This makes voice logging all the more important. It is necessary to ensure transparency so that neither party finds itself at a disadvantage. By recording conversations, companies can create tangible evidence that can help them avoid disputes.

Advantages of Voice Logger Device:

Dispute Resolution

Undoubtedly, dispute resolution is the most important advantage of a call logging system. Telephonic conversations with clients and customers can sometimes create conflict. It can give rise to disputes and confrontations, which has a negative impact on a company’s relationship with its clients/customers. By logging audio conversations, businesses can safeguard themselves against disputes and fraud.

Increased Productivity

The SanLogger allows companies to enhance productivity. Service-based companies and call centers can use the recordings to assess the performance of their employees and help them improve. This practice goes a long way towards helping businesses enhance their productivity and helps them provide improved services to their customers.

Well-maintained Audio Records

Telephonic conversations often get overlooked by most businesses. Small businesses hesitate to invest in voice loggers because of the high voice logger system price. However, it is important to record conversations and keep them organized in a systematic fashion for easy access. SanLogger records and saves high-quality MP3 files in a way that is easy to access. This enables easy administration as no time gets wasted in finding the records. It saves files with an easy-to-understand file name and allows room for the reorganization and renaming of recorded files. Specific files can be accessed easily and quickly due to search filters.  Moreover, the SanLogger is easy to control and manage and helps companies carry out their duties effectively.

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Other Features

  • Occupies low disk space
  • Records Files in MP3 Format.
  • Support Win98, Win XP, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win Vista.
  • Available in PCI 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24 Port Analog Line.
  • Available in USB 2, 4, and 8 Port Analog Line.
  • Available in PCI ISDN PRI 1 and 2 Digital Ports.
  • Record Every Line in a Real-Time Without any Disturbance.
  • Special Call Option and Can Give Remarks Also.
  • Records File in Date Wise Folder so that it will be easy to search any calls.
  • Understandable file naming convention like 20080521-11-28-08-120-2144.MP3.
  • Each Channel Can be Labeled with a Name and Number for Ease of Record Search and Retrieve.
  • Integrated Play Option
  • Can detect Called ID & Caller ID.
  • Call Data Exported to Excel Also For Further Your MIS Reporting.
  • Support FSK/DTMF Mode.
  • Record Unlimited Duration Call.
  • Real-Time Monitoring Activities of Channels.
  • Call Filter by Date, Phone No, Duration, Called ID, Caller ID, Incoming Call, Outgoing Call.
  • The Completely Integrated GUI Provides a True Windows Look-and-Feel. All the User Needs to do is “Point and Click” to Access All the Functions of the Logger, Allowing Easy Administration.
  • Access Our Recordings In A Matter Of Seconds Using Multiple Search Criteria, Unlike Other Solutions Where Records Are Obtained Only In A Serial Fashion.
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