Top Benefits of Call Management Systems for Small Businesses

Call Management Systems
Well-established communication channels are the biggest strength of any business. Businesses need to carry out internal as well as external communications in order to operate smoothly. Telephony is the most reliable and effective solution for businesses. Telephony solutions can be on-premise or hosted. On-premise setups are preferred by large organisations with several departments and a large number of employees. Private branch exchange systems are widely used in such organizations in order to create convenient channels for internal communication. PBX solutions are also capable of handling external communication through VoIP. Similarly, hosted or cloud-based solutions are fast emerging as the preferred choice of a large number of small businesses for the flexibility they provide. However, smart call management systems are an essential tool for all contact centers for call management. Businesses can track, record, and monitor calls with the help of call management solutions. In india, there are plenty of call management systems for small businesses.

Types of Call Center Setup 

When it comes to call management software systems, businesses have two major options to choose from. These include on-site setups that are installed on the call center premises and hosted software solutions that can be operated and accessed remotely.

On-Premise Setup 

On-premise call center setups require software to be installed within the existing IT infrastructure. The onus of maintaining the system falls directly on the business owners. In addition, they must look after the hardware, power demands, and other unforeseeable requirements in the case of software that is deployed on-premise. On-premise setups allow businesses to exercise greater control. They are best suited for large organizations that are required to comply with stringent regulations and need to maintain superior security and privacy.

Hosted Setup

Hosted or cloud-based service call center setups work on the basis of a third-party server which facilitates all call-related functions of a business. The server is usually owned by the service provider. Hosted calling services can be used by people who require these services but, at the same time, do not want to install an on-site solution as it ends up costing them more. Cloud-based calling systems, on the other hand, are more flexible and can be scaled up or down easily. The majority of cloud services operate on a subscription basis. This is suitable for both businesses as well as service providers.   However, it is impossible to say that one is better than the other, as each of these setups is best suited for different business setups. Both of these have certain advantages and disadvantages, and call centres and businesses need to assess their requirements before zeroing in on the right call management system for small business.  

Managing Inbound and Outbound Calls 

Generally, call centers need to handle both inbound as well as outbound calls, depending on the nature of their business. Most contact centers need to communicate internally as well as externally in order to function efficiently. While solutions such as IP-PBX are ideal for internal communication, businesses that operate on a larger scale need more robust and feature-rich solutions for handling calls from customers. Call management system for call center are not limited to handling incoming and outgoing calls. They should include a wide array of features to help businesses record, track, manage, and route calls. Smart call routing, in particular, is one of the most important features that call centers should be armed with in order to handle calls and customers’ queries in a quick and efficient manner.  

The Most Important Call Management Systems for Small Business 


PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System 

PBX systems are used by call centers to connect branches and sub-branches within the enterprise to make calls. PBX systems run on voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to establish internal and external communication. PBX systems can be used easily with other mediums such as PRI, analog line, VOIP, and GSM while using any resources such as analog phones, IP phones, PCs, laptops, smartphones, and so on. It is scalable and interoperable with any existing setup. IP-PBX software solutions provide are extremely beneficial for the convenience they provide. With the help of PBX, users are able to share external phone lines. On the contrary, with PSTN (public switched telephone networks), call centers require separate lines for each call operator. PBX systems help call centers reduce costs drastically, and allow businesses to be more productive and profitable.  

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems 

IVR systems have made call management software India a breeze for call centers in India. IVRs ensure automation of a number of call-related functions, such as call receiving and call routing. IVR menus can be customized to meet business-specific requirements. The IVR guides the caller with the help of a customized menu. IVR menus can be as simple or as complex as desired. Menus can be multi-level, and as many levels as required can be designed. They can also be optimized in different languages so that customers are able to follow them in a language they are comfortable with. IVRs run on both DTMF as well as text-to-speech input. Callers can interact with the IVR system using an input method of their choice. The IVR system analyses the caller’s response and helps them find the next best option. When the caller’s problem cannot be solved with the help of the existing menu, the IVR system connects the caller to the next available agent, or to the agent who is best capable of solving the caller’s issue. IVR systems can be both on-premise as well as hosted. Other important IVR solutions include IVR Bots and IVR blasting systems. IVR Bots can do everything from broadcasting promotional campaigns to sending reminders and confirmations to making follow-up calls and scheduling appointments. IVR blasting software, on the other hand, is an automated dialing service that allows call centres to make automated calls on a large scale. All of these IVR blasting tools are used by businesses to reach their target audience. IVR solutions are indispensable for any call center as they reduce the burden on agents by carrying out calls through automation.  

Call and Voice Recording Systems

The significance of recording and storing conversations cannot be overstated. Businesses that rely heavily on public dealing benefit greatly from it because a logged conversation serves as tangible evidence in the event of a dispute or crisis. Voice recording solutions come with a number of useful features, such as caller ID recognition, date-based classification of call records, and other features that make them more customizable and user-friendly. It gives organisations more control and puts them in a position of power, which proves to be extremely beneficial in the long run. Similarly, call recording software records and saves phone conversations made over GSM networks. Call centres must have call recording software in order to provide excellent customer service and, as a result, improve sales and service. It can help you avoid fines and prosecution by staying in compliance with numerous regulatory bodies such as brokers, banks, insurance companies, and others. The SanLogger is a smart voice logging device that records audio from various sources such as phone calls, radios, microphones, and other audio sources. It stores the data on a hard drive or a removable storage device. It records and saves files in MP3 format, which consumes less disc space while maintaining high audio quality. If you have a team that handles client conversations on their mobile phones and you want to keep track of each call, SAN MRec will be a valuable tool for your company. SAN Softwares is a prominent developer of simple-to-use software and has developed the best mobile call recording software solutions. The San Mrec enables businesses and call centers to keep track of client and agent calls.

Call Billing Systems 

While manual billing gave way to electronic billing a long time ago, the billing system was far from perfect. In some cases, it was needlessly complicated due to a dearth of smarter billing solutions that not only made billing a quick and hassle-free process but also took care of other billing-related aspects. Certainly, the solution lay in a smart software that not only simplified billing but also took care of other aspects such as accounting and customer support without compromising on accuracy. Investing in the right billing systems can be a game-changer for call centers.  

Call Billing Solution for PBX 

SanCBS is the best call billing software for PBX that helps in the analysis of call information and the allocation of costs among departments. The Call Billing System is extremely useful for lowering telecom costs by preventing the misuse of telephone lines. Billing information based on-call time, phone number, trunk, extension, duration, and other factors can be retrieved for monitoring and future reference. Track excessive calls by collecting call records and generating reports, which improves visibility and accountability for telephone utilization.  

Call Billing Software for DID 

The SanIP-DID is a smart DID billing system. It is the best billing software for small businesses in India. The user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) streamlines and simplifies the entire procedure. The SanIP-DID billing software comes with both prepaid and post-paid support. Apart from simple billing, it includes a slew of useful features that benefit both operators and subscribers. This web-based software works smoothly on all major operating systems. It works with LANs, WANs, and fiber networks. It's a low-cost method of billing that eliminates the possibility of human error. SanIP-DID is cost-effective in the long run because it manages more than just billing.  

Benefits of Call Management Systems

Adopting call management systems has been immensely beneficial for businesses as it has helped them increase long-term profitability. Automating calling operations has allowed them to be more productive and work with increased efficiency. Some of the most prominent benefits of call management system for call center include:  

Reduce Call Abandon Rate 
Customers abandoning calls is a common problem faced by call centers. It usually happens when customer agents are unable to handle and appropriately manage high volumes. As a result, callers are forced to wait in long call queues. This can be a frustrating experience for callers as they choose to abandon the call. This not only causes inconvenience to the customers but also leaves their issues unresolved. With the help of robust call management systems such as IVRs, companies are able to better serve their customers. Moreover, IVR menus that are designed to meet business-specific requirements prove to be of immense help in lowering the call abandonment rate. IVR menus can assist callers to serve themselves. Smart call routing is another key feature of IVR systems. If necessary, IVR systems can also route the call to the next available agent who is best suited to deal with the customer’s problem.  

Call monitoring, recording, and tracking 
Smart calling solutions allow users to monitor, record, and track calls for better call management. They are equipped to process and store call-related data in such a way that it can be accessed when required. Call data records prove to be helpful for data analytics, which is crucial for any business to grow. Moreover, most call management systems are secure and reliable and provide room for customization.  

Enhance customer service 
Businesses today need to ensure best-in-class customer service in order to grow and outperform their competitors. Good customer service is the only thing that guarantees profitability for businesses in customer-based industries such as healthcare, automobiles, hospitality, travel & tourism, and banking, among various others. Customers refuse to settle for anything less than the absolute best, and therefore, businesses need to up their customer service game if they want to retain as well as gain customers. Call management systems are required in every business and call center as they help them serve their customers better.    

Improve performance 
Since call management systems allow call centers to record calls and access call-related data, they can use it to assess the performance of their calling agents, recognize their shortcomings, and help them improve. This is one of the biggest advantages of call recording software for small businesses, as it helps them provide quality service to their customers. As a result, businesses can stay one step ahead of their competitors.  

Enhance productivity 
A company's productivity and profitability are determined not only by its employees but also by how well-equipped those employees are. Sluggish workflow and the lack of smart solutions are two of the main reasons responsible for low work efficiency. In the absence of automation, employees end up spending hours of their valuable time doing tasks that shouldn’t need to be done manually in the first place. This can be easily avoided by installing the best call management systems and automating a number of processes. It is one of the most effective ways of increasing employee productivity. As a result of automation, employees can divert their energy towards other things that need their immediate attention. Smart software solutions for call management are highly adaptable and can easily integrate with the existing setup. As a result, businesses are able to streamline operations and save valuable time and effort. When good streamlining practices are implemented, it results in uninterrupted workflow and increased productivity.    
Reduce expenses 
Apart from simplifying the entire process of receiving, managing, and recording calls, call management software India proves to be highly cost-efficient as they are reliable solutions worth investing in. Call management systems such as IVRs, billing software, and other telephony solutions handle and manage calls in high volumes at a fairly low cost, while considerably reducing the burden on telephone operators. Call management systems such as IVRs help businesses ensure 24*7 availability for their customers as they are capable of processing more calls without human assistance unless required. This results in increased customer satisfaction and better profits, and also goes on to drastically reduce operational costs in the long run.  

Easy integration and Streamlining 
Call management systems, apart from simplifying the entire process of receiving, managing, and recording calls, prove to be highly cost-efficient as they are reliable solutions worth investing in. They can easily handle calls at high volumes at a fairly low cost and ensure the seamless continuation of all processes. This is possible as calling software systems are capable of processing more calls without human assistance unless required. Moreover, they can be easily integrated with the existing setup and CRM. As a result, processes get streamlined, and businesses become more productive and profitable.   About SAN Software  SAN Softwares was founded in the year 2000 as a client-oriented software development and call management software company India. We have extensive experience developing telecom and CRM software to provide our clients with smart software solutions. With our interactive and dynamic software, we have successfully served over 1500 clients, including government and private organizations. We aim to develop unique software solutions that meet the needs of customers. Our entire line of products and services is focused on quality and cost-effectiveness. By implementing feature-rich, custom software, our clients can be confident that we will do everything possible to assist them in gaining a competitive advantage in the market. We have over 21 years of experience and a team of expert technicians to deliver high-quality telecom CRM software solutions and help you achieve 100% business growth.  
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