Top 12 Benefits of Ticket Management System Software

Ticket Management Software Benefits
If you have landed on this article, it means it's pretty evident that you are thinking of implementing ticket management software or looking for the best ticket management system. Growing a customer base is excellent for a business; it is a sign that the company is growing, but as the customer base grows, the problem also grows.  Customers need support at every step of their customer journey, whether making a big purchase or just changing their account password.  Countless calls, numerous support tickets, and emails will blow your customer care department. To handle these types of hassle, ticket management software can be an excellent option for you; it can help you handle all the support tickets and give you scalability to add more customers without ruining their customer journey.  Before talking about the software and its benefits, let’s find out what is ticket management software?

What is a Ticket Management System? 

In simple words, the Ticket management system plays a crucial role in customer-based companies. It can be defined as powerful software that helps register, organize, prioritize, and resolve support tickets. These tickets can be issues or requests that a customer or an employee faces.  Once the issue is resolved, the ticket management software can automatically change the ticket that denotes the resolved issue. Also, it can notify the agent and the customers as well. 

How Does a Ticket Management Software Work? 

When customers face any issue, they raise a support ticket via ticket management software. Once the support ticket is generated, the system also notifies the agent and the concerned customer.  After this, the agent starts to work on the customer's issue; meanwhile, the customer can see the progress of their issue. Now, it depends on the nature of the issue. It can be prioritized, escalated, or assigned to a different department.  After resolving the issue, the agent marks that particular ticket as done or closes the ticket. Although, the customer gets the option to reopen the ticket if they face the same issue again or if the issue is never resolved. 

How Does a Ticket Management System Make Your Business Better? 

A sound ticket management system can be life-support for your customer support department if it can help run the department efficiently by managing the tickets properly.  Here's how a ticket management system can help your business to be better:
  • Companies can run a real-time survey to see the performance of the agents. 
  • A cumulative way to see all the systematically arranged tickets.
  • Can integrate a live chat tool to quickly assist the customer and resolve the issue n the spot. 
  • Can add a knowledge base where most all the solutions have already been written generally occurs. This will drastically decrease the number of tickets, and ultimately the business will save the cost. 

Benefits of Ticket Management System 

A powerful ticket management system is a necessary tool for a business to properly run customer support operations. Here are some excellent benefits that you can get as a business while an excellent ticket management tool:

Able to organize a high volume of requests in a centralized system 

It is one of the most significant advantages of using ticket management software, and it helps to organize and catalog all incoming support queries. When a business suffers from a high volume of requests or issues, these features help them deal with those high volumes of requests.  The software not just helps the organizations and their employees is helpful to complete from the customers' standpoint as well like no call can be missed without getting resolved or responded to.  Additionally, prioritizing tickets helps the agent resolve the issue efficiently; therefore, they don't have to worry about resolving all the issues simultaneously. 

A simple view of interaction in one thread

These days ticket management systems are well qualified and can flawlessly work with multiple channels. If an organization offers support to their customer through multiple channels, this feature can be a lifesaver for them. A consolidated view of chats/interactions in a unified thread makes it more understandable and concise.  It gives your customer the freedom to go to their preferred channel, or they can use even the channel while resolving their issue. However, the interaction will be logged simultaneously whether the customer changes the agent or the platform. All the information will be stored in the same place systematically. 

With Content-Full Knowledge Base Decrease the Number of Silly Issue Tickets

Microsoft says that according to their study, 90% of people expect businesses to provide online services to resolve their issues.  A knowledge base is an excellent way for a business to teach its products to the customers. There are many things that can be added to the knowledge base, such as user guides, product manuals, and FAQs. It helps the customers be less dependent on your customer support agents so that the customer support agents' burden decreases. This method can reduce the number of tickets by up to 80%, and ultimately it will save cost.  This method might not show the result within just a week of implementation, but in the long run, this will save the costs of customer support operations. 

Helps to Maintain Customer Service Standard  

Ticket management software comes with integration support of Service Level Agreements. An agreement ensures that the service will be on time and standardized. It gives a clear expectation to the customers, providing clarity about when they can expect to receive a response.  Also, it helps the support centers to maintain their standards by giving a goal to the agent to work towards it. Therefore, it ensures that the support will be according to the standards every time. 

Context of Previous Customer Communications

Microsoft conducted a survey in which they found that more than 75% of consumers expect service reps to have visibility into previous interactions and purchases, and almost half of them said that only hardly an agent has the context about the previous customer communication and resolves the issue effectively and adequately.  By using ticket management software, an agent gets access to the records of past interactions with every customer. As soon as the agents get the information, they can treat the customer according to the previous context. This way, a business can build a good customer experience and can resolve the issue effectively and efficiently. 

Evaluate Your Agents' Performance with Real-Time Survey

An excellent ticket management system provides features beyond the limitations. You can find a feature in your ticket management software to run a real-time survey on any topic related to your business.  You can check your agents' performance and how they are doing? Are they able the solve the issue or not?  After implementing this feature, customers get an option to take a survey; it is up to them whether they take it on not, which means no effect on customer experience. 

Integration of Live Chat

 After implementing ticket management software, you can categorize and systematically organize the tickets and the pieces of information. But, there is still one thing that a customer could ask for: a live update about their issue.  Ticket management software like SanTMS by SAN Softwares provides a feature of integration of a live chat support portal to deal with such situations. One more advantage of this integration is that the chat is offline, and customer questions are automatically saved as tickets. Therefore, later the agent can resolve the issue when they come online. 

Quickly and Efficiently Helps to Collab with the Team

The ticket management system plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and collaborative environment in the team. The tool promotes greater cooperation between the members of the customer support team. There are a lot of examples such as transferring and escalating tickets to others in the team or the senior team members, internal messaging capabilities, adding private notes to tickets that are visible to the agent only, and more.  These features provide a way to work seamlessly with multiple agents on the same case or exchange critical information that can help to resolve the issue swiftly. 

Process Automation and Workload Management 

Many automation options are being provided by a ticket management system. Let's start with the beginning; the software gathers and processes the information and support requests provided by the customer from multiple sources and automates ticket creation.  Also, the ticket gets created automatically every time a customer raises a query using any support channel, be it on social media or the website.  Then, the ticket automatically gets distributed among the agent according to their workload, expertise, or other pre-defined parameters. Also, you can set specific rules and orders in which tickets will be addressed to ensure a timely and efficient resolution, making the process easier. 

Shoot-Up the Efficiency and Productivity of The Agents

Automation of ticket management system and level of organization can bring significant productivity and efficiency to the team. The system can automatically assign the tasks to the agents according to their level of expertise. Also, provide accurate information and reminder about the request or issue that need to be resolved at the earliest.  Additionally, the software works automatically, which means less room for human errors and faster ticket response times. Ultimately, these features make the ticket management system more productive and efficient for agents. 

Allow to Track Valuable Service Metrics and KPIs 

A ticket management system has built-in reporting possibilities that allow an organization to evaluate and track different customer service metrics and KPIs. Those reports include every key metric such as channel usage, ticket volume, ticket resolution time, first reply time, SLA compliance, agent activity, productivity, and much more.  These reports are essential to determining where the company needs to optimize its service operations and build a foundation for measuring its overall customer service performance and efficiency. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Obviously, "Increase Customer Satisfaction" has to be on the list. Because when the ticket is prioritized according to some set parameters, agents can resolve the issue effectively and efficiently. The collaboration between the staff is excellent, resolution speed is faster than ever, interactions are professional and personalized, and customer satisfaction will increase. 

How to Choose a Suitable Ticket Management System for Your Business? 

It is essential to understand which software suits your business that fits your business needs and desires.  Here is some point to think about before choosing a ticket management system for your business: 
  • Acknowledge your expectations 
  • Review the experience you want to offer your support team
  • Compare features among the selected ones 
  • Compare pricing
  • Go with a robust ticket management system that is future complied
SAN TMS – Best Ticketing Management Software Solutions 
SanTMS is one of the best options to go with, and it can help businesses manage support tickets and even new leads flawlessly. SanTMS comes with plenty of useful features such as ticket generation by Call/API, lead assigning, Auto replying, Email attachments, and Email/SMS alerts. Also, SanTMS has an excellent queue management system with features such as Email Queue Assignment, Escalation matrix, Queue Filtration, Task assignment, MIS reporting, and Queue Rules.

Here Are Some Crucial Advantages of Using SanTMS: 
  1. Call Routing Features 
  2. Total Support at One Place 
  3. Enhancement in Customer Experience 
  4. Efficient Queue System 
  5. Send Automatic Updates to The Costumes
  6. Optimization in Resolution Time 
  7. Previous Communication Records for Better Customer Experience and Resolution
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