Top Benefits of Using an IVR System For Call Center

Benefits of IVR System
IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response system. Automated IVR systems are pretty useful for contact centers to answer incoming calls. Even outbound calls can be answered to provide a recorded message with options and information for the caller. Callers get the option to respond using their mobile keypad or voice command (if the IVR is voice recognition compatible). Next, if the caller's concern is resolved, IVR will mark that particular as resolved; if not, the IVR system will transfer or route the call to the live agent for further conversation.  There are plenty of IVR systems for small businesses in India. Though, if you are planning to install an IVR system in your call center, you should evaluate your call center's needs and set your budget before going out to find an IVR system provider.  As you might know, an IVR is often the first interaction between a caller and an organization when calling into a call center. Therefore, it can be a deciding factor whether to use the service or not in the future. Typically, they decide it through its tone of voice and ease of use. You should use an IVR system integrated with the CRM and other contact center systems to make your call center more effective. A well-optimized and organized IVR system can provide numerous benefits for the call center. You can add more automation tools such as IVR self-service and IVR voice recognition and text to speech to get the most out of it. There are numerous benefits of using an IVR system in your call center below we have added some of them.

List Of Some Of The Best Benefits Of Using An IVR System In Your Call Center 

Enhance The Customer Journey 

Generally, Inbound calling (Inbound IVR system) and outbound calling (Outbound IVR system) have a bad reputation in customers or the public's eye. Their complex and clunky designs and poorly planned systems can frustrate callers. These days, IVRs are reshaping the customer journey by providing an effective self-service tool with clear messages that reflect the organization's brand. The key to improving the customer journey is that if the caller requires an agent's assistance, the information should seamlessly be transferred and presented to the best agent to handle the query. This will increase productivity and decrease caller frustration. Additionally, a well-designed and optimized IVR allows callers to self-serve outside of their normal business hours. You can use more advanced features to enhance the experience a little more, such as speech IVR (a system that recognizes spoken words or is "speech-enabled"). This will allow your organization to be available 24x7x365. By using IVR, it is also possible to create rules for route-specific callers through the automated system for faster service or special needs. Based on previous interactions, these can be prioritized according to criteria such as customer status, debt level, or perceived vulnerability.

Improves professionalism

The IVR system allows you to greet your customers professionally, and it gives the impression that the company is way bigger and has numerous departments and employees than you actually have. Also, it is a perception among the customers and callers that if the company has an IVR system, that means they are quite big and professional. 

Intelligently Route the Calls 

When the IVR system gets linked to other software like CRM, it can intelligently route calls based on the caller's phone number and last details. It also allows routing the call to the most recently spoken-to consultant automatically. Additionally, VIP callers can be placed at the front of the calling queue, or calls can be routed to a specific consultant who speaks a specific language – the possibilities are limitless. Intelligent routing that is optimized for streamlining your customer journey can reduce call abandonment, reduce call queue times, and provide tailored IVR call-back options during times of high call volume.

Improve First-Contact Resolution 

If an IVR system is optimized properly, it can significantly improve first contact resolution because of IVR intelligence; callers are always routed to the agent or department best suited to meet their needs. The agent who answers the phone is more qualified to answer the caller's question and is less likely to transfer the call to another agent.

Help with Busy Times and Disaster Recovery 

An IVR contact center technology enables organizations to provide callers with the option or ability to self-serve and leave messages. Leaving messages is an important option because the agent can call back to the caller with the correct resolution when the rate decreases. In times of high demand, such as during emergencies or peak seasons, the IVR self-service feature can help the contact center by relieving pressure on your agents. There are many such simple tasks that can be automated, such as Frequently asked customer questions about account information, order status, or payment due dates. Modern IVR software can quickly and easily modify messages and menu options during peak times.  An IVR system can prove invaluable during times of disaster recovery. In the event of an emergency, a pre-programmed alternative route can be activated, directing selected calls to an alternate call center or to staff working from home during severe weather or pandemics such as COVID-19.

Decreases your Operational Cost 

Today's modern IVR systems can take the place of a receptionist or a customer service representative who answers calls and directs them to agents. As you know, the IVR system is quite affordable compared to customer representatives. It will increase the overall efficiency and will reduce operational costs, resulting in a massive ROI.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics 

If your organization values Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), an IVR survey would be a great step to take after each interaction. It will help to provide accurate satisfaction scores. An agent can report on these scores, which can be pretty helpful in training or reward programs. Enhancing the on-hold experience is another way to boost customer satisfaction and reduce dropped calls and hang-ups. Virtual assistance can also wait time announcements and manage IVR call-back requests. There are some other self-serve tools as well that come with an "agentless" system to eliminate the need to even speak with an agent. 

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction 

When you set up your IVR system properly, it becomes easy to use and reliable. As a result, your customers will never be directed to the wrong department or an agent who is unable to resolve their issues.

Excites and Increases the Confidence of The Team by Freeing Them from Boring Tasks 

IVRs are designed to route general calls and common questions that allow callers to be free up from the less important calls and give time to handle more complex calls or questions via multiple channels. As a result, you will significantly improve efficiency and provide agents with more meaningful work rather than repetitive questions like account balances, confirming appointment times, or collecting payments. An IVR phone call, when used in outbound mode with the Text to Speech (TTS) feature, you'll be able to make special offers, send reminders and welcome messages, or complete collection calls, and the best part is you don't have to pull the agents away from other services. If the IVR system has automated speech recognition (ASR) technology, it can help quickly and accurately understand a caller's request and allow responding to their request immediately. If in case there is a need for a live agent, the IVR system will direct them to a live agent with all the caller's relevant information pushed to their screen, eliminating manual lookups. It is important to test the call-flow manager of the Ongoing Interactive Voice Response IVR system. It helps to ensure that you continuously update the customer journey rather than annoy customers with an ineffective IVR. The company owner or the organization should understand that adaptation of new things and technology is quite important for business. Managers should be able to easily modify call flows and menus based on caller feedback or the evolution of the brand/message using modern inbound IVR systems or outbound IVR software. Make sure that the solution gives you the freedom to create complex IVR flows, launch menus, make recordings, define subscript routing, and define help tables, all using a simple, point-and-click user interface. So whenever you need to update, you don't have to run to the IT department or learn web development.

Improve the Efficiency of Customer Service 

Suppose the company installs an IVR system in their company. In that case, the agents become more proficient at solving specific problems and meeting the specific needs of the customers that they are assigned. As a result, it increases the efficiency of the customer service. 

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