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When we think of hospitals, we think of doctors, patients, nurses, and other hospital staff involved in the process of receiving and providing treatment. However, the routine functions at any hospital are more complicated and layered than this. The healthcare sector involves more than just diagnosing and treating people. While this constitutes a large chunk of all that takes place in a hospital, there are several other things that the average person is oblivious to. Running a hospital seamlessly can be a herculean task, and the bigger the hospital, the more difficult it is to run it efficiently. This is where hospital management software companies in India play a key role. Hospital administration needs to come up with actionable strategies in order to ensure the seamless functioning of all departments. However, the real challenge is to ensure the execution of these strategies, and execution can only be achieved with the right software solutions.  

Why Do Hospitals Need Call Center Solutions? 

  The need for software solutions in healthcare cannot be reiterated enough. Every HMS software company in India has been coming up with innovative software solutions for the healthcare sector. Apart from managing patients, other things need to be dealt with in a hospital, such as answering and managing calls, emergency management, inventory, finances, and various other routine operations. All of these can only be handled efficiently with the help of smart solutions that make life easier for those in charge. As far as patients are considered, they always have several options to choose from. Healthcare can be expensive, and people are not willing to settle for less. Therefore, the healthcare industry needs to step up its game and invest in the right solutions to ensure high revenues and patient loyalty. In the absence of the right solutions, the healthcare industry faces several problems. They find it difficult to manage patients’ calls and other records. While many patients prefer teleconsultation, many hospitals are not equipped to offer it. On any given day, hospitals face various challenges in their day-to-day functions, such as:
  • Poor lead management
  • Improper handling of emergency calls
  • Difficulty in managing patients’ records
  • Difficulty in handling a large number of calls and poor queue management
  • Insufficient manpower to handle a large number of calls
  • Difficulty in retrieving patients’ call history
While these are only some of the problems, there are many other issues that arise in hospitals that require the right mechanism to be dealt with. This is where call center solutions come into the picture.  

SanCCS Call Center Solutions for Hospitals 

Call center solutions help hospitals streamline operations and manage calls effectively. It is the best hospital management software in India. With the right software solutions, hospital contact centers can handle patients with convenience and ensure satisfaction. We at SAN Softwares have been providing innovative call center software solutions to various industries. We have been in the industry for over 21 years and have provided software solutions to various hospitals, which were able to immensely benefit from call center solutions. SanCCS solutions are ideal for hospitals as they can simplify several processes, streamline operations, and ensure customer satisfaction. Some of these are listed hereunder.  

  • Managing, tracking, and nurturing leads/ patients 
While it may seem rather crude to refer to hospitals as businesses and patients as customers, this is true, factoring in the nature of the transaction between hospitals and patients. Just like any other business, hospitals need to be profitable. This means they need to make continuous efforts to draw customers towards themselves. While many hospitals market their services (take health check-up packages, for example), they often fail to gain enough customers from them. This is because they aren't nurturing their leads properly. The SanCCS call center solutions enable hospitals to track, manage, nurture, and convert leads and generate more sales.  

  • Manage patients and improve services 
Hospital call centers receive a large number of calls every day for purposes that range from inquiries to emergencies. All of these calls need to be attended to, and the patients’ queries need to be resolved at the earliest. With the SanCCS call center solutions, hospitals can manage calls with great efficiency and precision. It is a reliable hospital management system India. With the help of IVR and customizable menus, patients can get their queries resolved within a matter of minutes. Apart from that, it is a quick and reliable solution for ensuring customer service. Hospitals can automate key processes such as appointments, confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, and even feedback calls. The SanCCS solutions can help hospitals streamline operations as they can be easily integrated with the existing CRM.  

  • Streamline teleconsultations 
Teleconsultations have gained popularity thanks to the convenience they bring. It was the need of the hour during the pandemic when most people could not make it to hospitals for various reasons. However, handling teleconsultations can be a complicated and tedious process. It can be time-consuming to route patients’ calls to the right department. This is where call center solutions come into the picture. With the help of smart call routing, patients’ calls can be routed to the right department. Moreover, patients who have a follow-up consultation lined up can be directed to the doctor they last consulted. Patients’ records get stored on a centralized server and are used to provide a personalized experience and quick service. Hospital management system India ensures that all calls get recorded, and all details, such as prescriptions and reports, get stored on the server.  

  • Streamline operations 
Apart from medical, hospitals have other departments such as housekeeping, electrical, engineering, pathology, billing, emergency, pharmacy, etc. The personnel from all of these departments need to contact one another, which demands a strong and reliable mechanism for internal communication. The SanIP-PBX is an effective solution to ensure that all departments can communicate with one another. This is crucial as it helps to streamline operations and ensure the seamless functioning of the hospital.  

  • Manage appointments and tickets 
Most patients prefer to book an appointment via phone call. It is not uncommon for patients to be met with poorly designed IVR menus and long waiting queues. This proves to be rather inconvenient and tends to drive patients away. However, with the help of the right ticket management system, these issues can be addressed. Callers no longer have to wait in a queue as they can request a callback. This helps hospital call centers ensure that they do not miss any calls. It also helps them reduce the call abandonment rate. Apart from that, the escalation matrix ensures that call queues are managed efficiently and that callers who are on hold get attended to by the next available agent automatically. The SanTMS ticket management software is the best ticket management and the best hospital management software in India for resolving tickets.    

  • Call Recording 
Hospitals need to record and store all conversations. This is all the more important in the case of teleconsultations. All teleconsultations need to be recorded with 100% clarity for medico-legal purposes as it serves as evidence in the event of a dispute. Apart from this, all calls that are answered by agents need to be recorded for evaluation and staff training. However, the callers should be informed that they are being recorded. SanLogger by SAN Softwares is an ideal solution for recording and storing conversations. The SanLogger is a smart voice logging solution that records audio conversations and saves the data on a hard drive or a removable storage device. It records and saves files in MP3 format, which consumes less disc space while maintaining high audio quality. The recorded conversations can be easily retrieved in the future.  

  • Emergency response mechanism 
Hospitals need to put in place strong response mechanisms to manage emergencies. Critical patients in ICUs require medical staff to be alert at all times, as even a delay of seconds can wreak havoc in its most literal sense. With the right emergency response system in place, hospitals can be more prepared to tackle any unforeseen emergencies. With the help of telephony solutions, they can assign certain phone digits to each critical patient. In the event of an emergency, dialing that digit will alert all concerned departments at once. This ensures that there is no delay in the procedures that need to be followed. In the case of critical patients, timely response plays a key role, and the SanCCS solutions help hospitals ensure the same.  

  • Bills and Payments 
Since hospitals have bills to pay and payments to collect, it is crucial that they invest in a smart software solution that can make the entire process less tedious. Apart from receiving payments from patients, hospitals have to pay vendors from whom they source medical equipment, drugs, and even third-party labs. Moreover, while OPD patients and their payments are easier to manage, it tends to be complicated in the case of inpatients as they have outstanding dues, room charges, investigation charges, etc. Having an integrated solution that keeps track of a patient’s records and history is useful for streamlining operations, in addition to helping hospitals ensure that they can provide excellent services to their patients.   With the many obstacles and the demanding and stressful environment, ensuring the proper functioning of hospitals is a challenge in itself. While there is nothing that can change that, hospital administrators can always rely on smart software solutions to ensure that there is no room for error or delays. The call center solutions by SAN Softwares are adaptable and can help hospitals function with ease and efficiency. SAN Softwares is one of the leading hospital management software companies in India that has been providing innovative software solutions to various industries including hospitals. With our innovative solutions, we are able to assist hospitals and clinics in executing their functions seamlessly and contribute to the greater good.  
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