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Political Campaign Software
Election campaigns play a key role in determining the success or failure of a political party. Political parties all across the world spend a fortune on campaigns. It takes enormous effort to set up a campaign committee to look after the campaign and ensure that it runs smoothly and yields results. There are several expenses involved, such as hiring manpower to run the campaign committee. However, all of the resources that are spent on campaigning end up going to waste if the party or the candidates lose to their opponent. In such cases, political parties and candidates need to introspect and analyze where they went wrong, in addition to investing in the best political campaign software in India in 2022. While ideological differences and other factors are responsible for the failure in some cases, it is often seen that it is the campaign that fails to achieve what it was intended to. In the absence of the right tools, even the best strategies and campaigns can fall flat. Political parties in 2022 need to look for the best available tools in order to ensure that their campaigns are a success. Gone are the days when political parties had their volunteers canvassing from door to door right before the day of election. In 2022, such practices are considered futile, or at best, insufficient. The political system needs to evolve with time. Political parties all across the world are adopting the latest tools that help them improve their efficiency.

Challenges Faced by Political Parties in India

While political parties in developed countries have adopted the latest tools for election campaigning, India still lags way behind. Parties in India, especially in smaller cities, struggle to carry out their campaigns effectively, owing to a lack of resources. Independent candidates have to face the worst ordeal of all as they do not have the backing of a political party. Listed hereunder are some of the most common challenges faced by political parties in India. Time Constraints:Political parties are always running whenever elections are close. Parties are unable to keep up with the hectic schedule no matter how hard they try to stay ahead of time and start early. Time management becomes challenging as parties try to campaign aggressively in order to outshine their rivals. However, it has been seen that the parties that rely on a combination of smart campaigning software solutions and a robust strategy outperform their rivals by a huge margin. Insufficient Funds: Being short on funds is a common problem faced by political parties in India. While the bigger political parties have it easier, independent candidates and smaller political parties struggle to raise enough funds to carry out campaigns that grab the voters’ attention. The lack of funds limits parties from employing all the necessary measures for creating and executing an ideal campaign. However, they overcome problems that arise due to a lack of funds by adopting cost-effective solutions and carrying out most of the campaigning processes through automation. Lack of Manpower: For effective and result-oriented campaigns, parties need a pool of volunteers, campaign managers, political consultants, treasurers, coordinators, fundraisers, activists, and other people who work to make the campaign a success. It has become difficult for political parties to successfully execute their campaign strategies. While automation has been replacing manpower in other industries, political parties have been slow to adopt this change. Software solutions and automation are capable of filling the manpower void that presents itself as an insurmountable challenge.

Need for Election Campaign Software in India 

Most of the challenges faced by political parties can be overcome with the help of smart software solutions that can be customized in order to best serve their campaigning requirements. It is important to understand that the objective behind election campaigning is to make potential voters aware of the party’s agenda and ideology. Traditionally, this job was carried out by conducting rallies and canvassing. However, it took a lot of time for parties to cover all areas within their constituency or area of contest. But with the help of the best political campaign software solutions, parties can spread the message with the help of broadcasting their message using several mediums. One of the primary examples of this is political parties' spreading campaigns with the help of IVR blasting. It allows parties to reach their potential voters within a short time period. It is one of the best ways of conducting campaigns as it allows political parties to make voters aware of their ideology and agenda. This has become all the more important after the COVID-19 pandemic, when public gatherings have been restricted and this is the only viable alternative that political parties are left with. It also enables parties in India to carry out their campaigns while complying with the strict norms set by the election commission. Using software solutions for campaigning is a smart move as it proves to be more beneficial.

Election Campaign Software Solutions

IVR, or interactive voice response, is the ultimate software solution for election campaigns. IVR software is used by political parties for a variety of objectives, including mass campaigns, conducting surveys, and sending notifications. IVR blasting software is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools that may be used by political parties to make their campaigns a success. It is the best political campaign software. IVR blasting uses an outbound dialer for making calls and sending messages on a large scale. An outbound dialer is an automated dialing and bulk voice calling software that allows political parties to expand their outreach and convert non-supporters into supporters, IVR is a strong tool that helps them save both time and money.   Reasons for using IVR for election campaigns:
  • Personalized messages: IVR blasting systems allow parties to send personalized messages to voters. This is a useful feature as parties can identify the problems faced by people living in different areas and send messages that target those problems. It also allows them to inform and educate voters about their agenda and manifesto, thereby helping them gain more voters in their favor.
  • Bulk calling: Since political parties are required to make promotional calls in bulk, they need a software solution that is robust enough to handle high call volumes. IVRs enable parties to ensure that their campaigns reach the target audience. This helps them increase their chances of achieving success.
  • Bulk SMS/Emails: Campaign broadcasting is not limited to calling. People tend to have a busy schedule, and to be honest, most of them do not entertain bot calls. This is why using SMS and emails is important in order to gain better visibility. IVR blasting systems can send SMS and emails in bulk, thereby helping political parties magnify the impact of their campaigns. 
  • Auto-dialing: Auto-dialers are automatic dialling solutions that make calls automatically to a specific set of phone numbers. Auto-dialers are the best dialling solutions because they ensure that calls are executed in a timely and cost-effective manner.Various types of auto-dialers carry out different functions. 
  • Preview Dialer places the call after agent reviews a phone number from the database.
  • Predictive Dialer sends a call blast on the basis of a schedule fixed by an algorithm.
  • Progressive Dialer automatically sends the next call blast when an agent is done attending the previous call.
  • Power Dialer sends a call blast according to a pre-decided schedule.
  • True Auto dialer sends prerecorded messages to a list of selected numbers.
  • Manage multiple campaigns simultaneously: Most parties run multiple campaigns in order to address different issues. They also need to come up with area-specific campaigns so that they can make the most of IVR blasting campaigns. In order to achieve this, they need a powerful software solution that can handle the burden of a large number of campaigns and make managing campaigns easy.
All of these features make IVR software solutions an indispensable tool for running election campaigns in India and achieving great results. It is the best political campaign software. They prove to be an effective tool for creating a good image in the public eye and ensuring a high turnout of favourable voters on the day of the election.                                                                                               

Benefits of IVR for Election Campaigns

IVR solutions help political parties manage campaigns better. They have become an important tool for election management, as they are able to carry out a number of tasks efficiently. They help parties increase their chances of success, overcome limitations that arise as a result of less manpower, and conduct surveys and polls that they can later use to improve their campaigning strategies and achieve better results. IVR solutions have completely revolutionised election campaign software India as now parties are able to carry out result-oriented campaigns that have a grave impact on the public.
  • Multiply chances: Broadcasting campaigns and important messages through IVR blasting helps parties get their message across. IVR blasting is an effective method of reaching out to voters and making them aware of the party’s agenda and ideology. Outbound dialers make this a hassle-free process. This method of approaching voters proves to be more productive and cost-effective. Moreover, since IVRs can be customized in several languages, they allow political parties to connect with voters in their language. Parties can also come up with powerful IVR scripts to make an impact and get the most out of this tool.
  • Defy manpower constraints: Election campaigns require rallying and addressing people on a huge scale. This is only possible with a large number of volunteers. Smaller parties and independent candidates find themselves at a disadvantage as they do not have enough resources to conduct such rallies on a large scale. IVR solutions empower them by presenting them with endless possibilities.
  • Increase outreach: By combining a powerful campaigning strategy with effective software solutions, political parties can target a wider audience. IVR campaigning solutions enable parties to expand their outreach without wasting valuable resources. Since parties tend to be pressed for funds during elections, IVR broadcasting gives them the most bang for their buck. Moreover, with the help of IVR, parties can reach out to potential donors and raise more funds.
  • Get feedback: Apart from blast calling, there is a lot more that IVR solutions can do. Political parties can conduct surveys using IVR and get honest feedback from the public. IVR surveys are a convenient way of knowing public perception as phone users find them easy to follow. People are more likely to abandon long, elaborate surveys. Therefore, short, to-the-point surveys are a smart way of gathering valuable information from people before elections.
  • Accurate reports: IVR systems can be used to conduct public polls and get accurate reports. They help political parties assess the likelihood of their success. This is immensely helpful as knowing the probability of their success helps them to rethink their strategies and improve their chances of winning.
  • Manage volunteers: Cloud-based IVR and telephony solutions prove to be immensely beneficial for political parties before an election. It is important to connect with volunteers in a transparent way. You can use software solutions to send updates and reminders to volunteers. You can also use telephony solutions to make important announcements to all party members. It is important to manage volunteers and party members efficiently as it helps in building trust within the party.
  • Build trust: Political parties must be available to their voters 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve any issues that may arise. They can start hotline numbers with the help of IVR bots that will assist callers and impart the information they need. If required, the calls can be routed to a volunteer for better assistance. This is an effective way of building a good image and trust.
  • High voter turnout: Parties can use IVR blasting to create awareness among voters. A high voter turnout exponentially increases the chances of a party’s success. When Election Day gets closer, parties can start broadcasting awareness messages to create an impact. They can share important information about the polling booths, polling areas, and EVMs in order to create an impact on the voters’ minds. They can urge voters to exercise their voting rights and ensure a high voter turnout.

Software Solutions for Elections by SAN Softwares 

SAN Softwares, a leading software development company in India, has created some of the best IVR solutions and voice broadcasting software for running powerful election campaigns. We provide customizable IVR solutions that are reliable and help political parties manage their campaigns more efficiently.  The Best Election Campaign Software India IVRs, or interactive voice response solutions, are one of the most dependable solutions for political parties. SanIVR is the best election campaign software India. It is capable of handling a number of functions, such as call blasting, recording responses, conducting polls and surveys, and providing the users with comprehensive call-related data which proves to be valuable in the long run. Running political campaigns is more complicated than it appears, and even more difficult to execute effectively. IVR solutions are easy to install and even easier to operate and manage. They help parties reduce campaigning costs and manpower.

 IVR Blasting: Outbond Dialler Software for Polictical Parties

The SanOBD is an ideal choice for an IVR blasting software in India. This bulk voice calling software enables political parties to reach their target audience using IVR. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including sharing information, campaigning, and reminders. It is one of the most reliable election campaign software India. It helps political parties save time and money by targeting a large number of voters at once. SanOBD is a smart programme that works without human intervention to help political parties attain success in the elections. It is an economical yet effective IVR blasting tool. This voice broadcasting software for political parties enables them to reach a huge number of voters at once. It ensures that campaigns and other messages receive the attention they deserve. It also empowers parties to run and manage many campaigns at the same time, thus helping them to multiply their chances of success. SanOBD is also distinguished by the fact that it was developed by San Technologies. It is a feature-packed software with a highly responsive UI that has been designed to make IVR blasting an easier process.

IVR Voice Bot

The SanIVR Bot is a smart solution for placing calls to serve various purposes. It places the call automatically and places the desired voice message for people. This message can be customized according to the campaign strategy. The San IVR bot also helps parties conduct polls and surveys. It walks the customers through a menu that allows them to choose the options they like. Parties can customize the IVR menu and script to their liking. This election campaign software India is a multi-language bot that helps parties interact with more people. People can add inputs both manually and through voice commands. The San IVR voice bot is suitable for campaigns, reminders, polls, surveys, and more. It is indeed a dependable voice bot solution for all political parties.  Political parties are fast realizing the importance of software solutions for increasing productivity and achieving better results in elections. These are some of the best software for political parties in order to help them carry out their duties with greater efficiency. The solutions provided by SAN Softwares are some of the best political campaign solutions that enable political parties to streamline their campaigning operations and make campaigning a hassle-free job that can be executed systematically.  
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