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Virtual Call Center Software Solutions
Businesses and call centers all over the world are required to work remotely, especially due to the ongoing pandemic. However, working remotely has emerged as a viable option for many businesses due to its many advantages. It is easier to set up in comparison to setting up office space and building the necessary infrastructure. This is why several businesses are opting for a combination of both virtual and office setups. Moreover, a large number of employees show a preference for remote work as it allows them to achieve the right work-life balance. This helps them avoid stress and makes them more focused and productive during their working hours. Moreover, going virtual opens a world of possibilities for call centers. They can reduce expenses, scale easily, onboard employees from anywhere, and get the maximum use out of their resources. All of these factors help businesses become more productive and profitable. Call centers can be fully or partially virtual, depending on the requirements. There are three important components that need to be put in place before setting up a virtual call center. These are skilled employees, the right software solutions, and an effective strategy. All three of these need to be put in place in order to ensure the seamless functioning of a virtual call center. However, it is important to know how to choose the right software solutions for your virtual call center. It is equally important to come up with the right strategy in order to get the maximum out of the resources you invest in order to make your call center virtual.

Virtual Call Center Software Solutions

Virtual call centers solutions are as good as on-premise solutions. In fact, virtual or cloud-based software solutions offer businesses more freedom and flexibility. Virtual call centers are a cost-effective solution as businesses can hire talent from anywhere, and agents only need to have a strong internet connection to work seamlessly. Moreover, with web-based services, businesses can avoid the upfront cost of on-premise setup and the required infrastructure. As a result, businesses are opting for cloud-based call center solutions as they allow them to work seamlessly, irrespective of their employees’ location.   Cloud technology has made it possible for call centers to go virtual. Cloud telephony uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology to host calls on a cloud-based server. Virtual call center software solutions are easy to install, use, scale, and integrate with the existing setup. Integration is an important feature for any call center software as it helps in the streamlining of operations and leads to increased productivity. Setting up a virtual call center can be difficult. It is equally difficult for businesses that are used to on-site setups to adapt to a virtual setup. However, once businesses go fully or partially virtual, they find it easier to communicate with their teams and other departments. It also helps businesses ensure uninterrupted availability and provide better services to their customers.  

Benefits of Virtual Call Center Solutions 

Virtual call centers prove to be beneficial because of the flexibility they provide. However, that is only one of the many benefits it has. Some other advantages of virtual call centers include:   Cost-Effectiveness  Going virtual helps businesses and call centers save money. Apart from avoiding the huge upfront cost of building infrastructure, virtual call centers also help them avoid the costs involved in the upkeep of an on-premise setup. On-premise setups can be a hassle to maintain as they need to be updated frequently. However, since a virtual setup is hosted by a service provider, call centers are not responsible for maintaining and upgrading the tools and equipment. This helps businesses avoid huge upfront costs as they only have to pay for the hosted service, which is usually economical and gives a better ROI than an on-premise set up.   Freedom to Work Remotely Small businesses usually struggle to accommodate enough people in a tiny office space. Not to mention the infrastructural upgrades it requires and the costs involved with the same. Virtual call centers work in everyone’s favour. Business owners can hire talent from anywhere, as geographical limitations barely play a role in virtual call centers. The only thing that the employees are required to have is a strong internet connection, along with other basic equipment to get started. Virtual call centers are also preferred by employees, who get the option of working from a place that best suits them. Moreover, the pandemic required people to be quarantined in their homes, and working from home was the only option for most people. Although it was adopted under different circumstances, both employees and employers soon came to realize that this was a feasible option. A virtual call center is preferred for the flexibility it provides. It helps businesses use their resources optimally, save money, and be more productive.   Data Security and Reliability Data security is of the utmost priority to most businesses. It is also a factor that prevents call centers from going virtual, as they believe that cloud-based services will compromise their valuable data. The entire existence of a business, big or small, depends on data. Therefore, such concerns are only reasonable. The only problem with data being remotely accessible is that it can be accessed by anyone. However, security breaches are avoidable as long as the service providers stay a step ahead of the hackers. It is therefore important for businesses to invest in a virtual call center solution that is known to be reliable and secure. Since cloud services encrypt your data in order to transcript and store it, it becomes difficult for hackers and unauthorized parties to access your data. This ensures increased data security. Moreover, the best virtual call center companies allow users to control and manage security settings, thereby empowering them with greater control and security. As a result, most businesses that go virtual find that cloud-based services offer greater data security than their on-premise counterparts. Moreover, even if the data is lost accidentally, it is most likely to be recovered from the server. This is rarely the case with an on-premise setup.   Easy scalability In comparison to on-premise solutions, virtual call centers offer better scalability and flexibility. As businesses grow and prosper, their resources need to grow with them so that they are able to keep up with the increasing workload and demand. A virtual setup allows businesses to add more agents easily. This helps them save time, money, and resources that are usually spent on accommodating more people. This allows them to focus entirely on enhancing productivity, as investing time and resources in the upkeep of software is the last of their concerns. Since most cloud-based call center services are subscription-based, subscription plans can be changed or modified with ease. In comparison, on-premise setups can be difficult to scale up as they require infrastructural adjustments. However, in the case of virtual call centers, upgrades and maintenance are taken care of by the service providers. This allows business owners to focus on increasing their productivity and achieving better results.   Easy Integration & Streamlining  Call center operations need to be streamlined in order to ensure seamless functioning. However, due to the presence of several departments and a large number of employees, communication tends to be complicated and time-consuming. The most important thing required for streamlining is the seamless exchange of information within a call center. This is difficult in the case of an on-premise setup, as it is difficult to integrate devices with one another. This creates a communication gap among different departments and leaves room for confusion. Cloud-based virtual solutions tackle this problem by ensuring that all of the important data is easily accessible. As a result, it becomes easy for employees to collaborate and share information with ease and work as a team, irrespective of their location. Virtual call center setups ensure that all processes are streamlined and businesses are able to be more productive. It also eases the burden on the employees, who can then focus on doing other tasks that need their attention. Going virtual is an effective way of ensuring easy streamlining and efficient teamwork.   How to start a virtual call center?  If you’re planning to build a virtual call center, you need to build the right strategy. Apart from that, you need a team of professionals who will make your virtual call center a success, followed by the right tools and solutions to help you execute your strategy. All of these play an important role, irrespective of whether you are building a virtual call center for small business from scratch or moving your on-premise setup to a cloud-based setup.   Assess your requirements  If you are looking to start a virtual call center for small business, you need to start by assessing your requirements. Knowing the nature of your business and the structure of your organization will help you come up with the right strategy. Inbound and outbound call centers tend to have different requirements. If you own a business and need to start a virtual call center in order to be available to your customers, your requirements will be different. You should also decide your budget for the virtual call center. Although it is not likely to burn a hole in your pocket, setting a budget will help you choose the right tools and will prevent you from overspending by adding features or solutions you don’t need.   Build the right team The success of your virtual call centers depends upon your agents. You should ensure that all your agents are highly skilled and are capable of being productive even in the absence of a competitive office environment. This should not be difficult as you can hire people from anywhere. Another thing that you need to decide on is the number of agents you are going to start with. Adding too many agents will cost you more. On the other hand, not hiring enough agents will defeat the purpose of your call center. Ideally, you should start with a small but highly-skilled team. You can always hire more agents to suit your requirements, as scalability is never an issue with virtual call centers.   Choosing the right tools  You should carefully assess your requirements and your budget before choosing the right software solution for your virtual call center. Ease of use, scalability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness are some of the factors you should keep in mind while choosing the right software solutions. It is always better to compare the available options before zeroing in on the best virtual call center companies.  Even though there are a large number of virtual call center software solutions to choose from, not all of them will be the right choice for your business. You should only settle for a solution that meets your requirements. There are several other things you need to carefully consider, such as the time taken to install the solution, its integration with your existing CRM and other setups, etc. Choose a software solution provider that offers installation support and can provide customizable solutions. Once you have installed the software and are ready to go live, make your team familiar with the solution. Training them would be a good idea at this time. Not only will this ensure the seamless functioning of your call center, but it will also foster team building. This is crucial as even with the right tools and the best team, working remotely can be challenging.  

 Virtual Call Center Solutions from SAN Softwares 

  SAN Softwares, one of the best virtual call center companies in India, has been providing reliable and innovative call center solutions. SanCCS is the most effective cloud-based call center software solution for increasing productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction. Apart from handling calls, it can be used to make a variety of tasks easier, including ticketing, sales, appointment scheduling, and call routing. These virtual call center solutions enable businesses to serve their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The SanCCS can handle all key operations such as ticket assistance, sales, appointment scheduling, and technical issues, and helps call center agents increase their productivity. It is a clever software solution that enables your virtual call center to reach its full potential. It has been created in such a way that it can easily adapt to several industries, including educational institutions, healthcare, and the service industry, to name a few. We provide the best-hosted telephony solutions, calling solutions, call billing solutions, order management solutions, ticket management solutions, and enterprise resource planning software solutions. All of these prove to be immensely useful for making your virtual call center a success. All solutions provided by us are scalable, meaning they can be scaled up or down to meet changing business needs.   Some other important features of SanCCS include:   IVR Solutions IVR menus and sub-menus can be customized to meet customers’ requirements. The IVR solutions by SAN Softwares offer a number of features, such as voice mail, call forwarding, call barging, IVR bot, etc. The San outbound dialer is an effective IVR blasting solution that can be used for making outbound calls for several purposes.   Self-designable web-based CRM  We offer a customizable web-based CRM that can be integrated with the existing setup. You can also integrate our solutions with a third-party CRM of your choice.   Skill-Based Call Routing This is the most important feature for ensuring productivity as the customer’s call gets directed to the most suitable agent.   Unified agent desktop  The Unified Agent Desktop allows users to have greater control. It ensures that agents get easy access to call details, customer details, emails, chats, and project details, among other things.   Call tracking and recording  These features make it easy for businesses to manage calls. All calls are recorded and stored on the server. The recorded calls can easily be accessed in the future.   Useful Analytics You can get real-time reports and useful statistics that help you assess your agents’ performances. This proves to be useful as you can gauge your agents’ shortcomings and train them better.    

About SAN Softwares

SAN Softwares, one of the leading software development companies in India, has been providing the best cloud-based service solutions to several industries. We have been in the industry for over 21 years and have served more than 2100 clients from all over the world. We provide software solutions that are reliable and help businesses reap the benefits of cloud services. We customize hosted service solutions depending on the nature of your business and its requirements. If you are a business owner looking to start a virtual call center, then look no further. We have helped many business owners start a virtual call center for small businesses. All our solutions are easy to install and use, and can be easily integrated with the existing setup. It is a one-time investment that helps large organizations and call centers enhance productivity and profitability. Our multi-featured software solutions make it easy for businesses to streamline operations, thereby allowing them to work more efficiently.  
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