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In this digital era, the telecom industry has been experiencing booming growth. But as every industry has its drawbacks, so does the telecom industry. The good news is that telecom billing software can quickly resolve many of these challenges. During the last few years, the billing system has gained prominence on a scale with other aspects of the telecom industry. The complexities of mobile device technology and pricing have also paved the way for an efficient system to fulfil the demands of the modern technological era.

SAN Softwares offers the best call billing software in India, called SanCBS. We have added numerous structures to the SanCBS, which makes it the best gst billing software in India, and ensures that both consumers and telecom operators are not concerned about billing issues.

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Introduction to SanCBS

SanCBS is the best call billing software for PBX that helps in the analysis of call information and the allocation of costs among departments. The Call Billing System is extremely useful for lowering telecom costs by preventing the misuse of telephone lines. Billing information based on-call time, phone number, trunk, extension, duration, and other factors can be retrieved for monitoring and future reference. Track excessive calls by collecting call records and generating reports, which improves visibility and accountability for telephone utilization.

What Our Call Billing Software do for you;

  • More accuracy in billing

It is crucial to complete the billing process accurately. Make sure that a mistake in a fraction of a second can have a significant financial impact on the firm. Our SanCBS is robust and ensures that the final bill received by users is error-free. This also ensures that consumers are not irritated while the process is being corrected.

  • Easy analysis of records

Our best telecom billing software solution is particularly useful when it comes to sustenance customer screening. A more advanced billing solution will look for duplicate records and remove them. The software can also be used to reject applications from untrustworthy clients based on their SSN, date of birth, and other data.

  • Overview of the detailed bill

Customers nowadays desire to minimize the costs associated with phone calls and other phone-related expenses. This is why a detailed bill assists them in accomplishing this by allowing them to examine every telecom service-related transaction. These detailed bills explain monthly consumption and include information such as call duration, time and date of calls, message details, internet data charges, and the option to track dialed conversations. Telecom companies must produce this type of detailed bill, which may be easily done with telecom billing software.

  • Advantage over competitors

Users have become volatile as a result of the numerous options available when it comes to telecom services. Customers are more likely to use a well-automated bill that can be paid effectively online. They don’t want to wait in long lines to pay their bills, particularly those relating to telecom. We are proving an automatic billing system by using which you can gain the trust of customers and prevent them from switching to other operators.

  • Easy dealing with innumerable customers and payments

SanCBS, the best billing software in India, is well-known for its capability of managing a huge number of clients. These solutions also serve as a constant reminder of the due amounts. Furthermore, it includes high-tech features that provide your consumers with enticing offers, discounts, and other incentives based on their transaction history.

  • Timely management of subscriptions

Subscribers of telecom companies pay for their services every month. It occurs at the end of the month when the company’s accounting team must create bills based on the previous month’s records. SanCBS can create bills and generate invoices in a flash. You will be able to contact your numerous customers with their bills in hand and request payment right away.

  • Customer Data Security

Using innovative technology equipment or software to keep your customers’ financial details private is not only your ethical but also your professional duty. If you can’t do that, you won’t be able to keep your client calm. Our SanCBS uses cutting-edge technology to protect your customers’ personal information and earn their trust.

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Key Features

  • Fully Networking Support & User Rights
  • Capturing of Calls through RS 232/IP Port from Exchange (EPBX)
  • Call Reports and Graph: Extn. No. Wise, Called No. Wise, Department Wise, A/C Code Wise, Trunk No. Wise Duration Wise, Call Type Wise (Local, STD, ISD), Date Wise Summary, Transferred Calls.
  • Trunk No. Wise Congestion Report
  • Export Call Data to Excel for the Generation of MIS Reports.
  • Extn. No./Name Wise Telephone Directory
  • AMS Software(Optional for IRIS/Panasonic) = Agent Management, ACD Management, ACD Que, Trunk Management, Call Type Wise (Like IDLE, HOLD, BUSY, MISSED, RING, OUTGOING, INCOMING)
  • IAMS Reports (Optional for IRIS/Panasonic) : Date Wise, Extn. Wise, Agent Wise, ACD Wise, Agent /Status Wise.
  • Agent Summary (Optional for IRIS/Panasonic): Total Call Offered, Call Received, Call Missed, Hold Count, Busy Count, Avg. Talk Time, Avg. Hold Count.
  • Voice Logger (Optional for IRIS/Panasonic)
  • complaint Register
  • Compatible with Coral IRIS, DX2000, DX120, Panasonic, Siemens, C-DOT, Samsung, LG, Avaya, etc.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for the best call billing software in India, you can contact SAN Softwares to set up and install the best telecom billing software, SanCBS, which helps in the analysis of call information and the allocation of costs among departments. SanCBS has an advantage over other billing softwares as it has been created by SAN Softwares, the best billing software company in Delhi. The Call Billing System is extremely useful for lowering telecom costs by preventing the misuse of telephone lines.

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