Best Call Tracking Software for Lead Generation

Call Tracking Software
A call tracking software can help you track data from phone conversations with customers from incoming phone calls, including call sources and audio recordings. This advanced technology allows the pay per call, pay per minute, or pay per lead business models by allowing phone call tracking to be associated with performance-based advertising such as Google AdWords, SEO Services, Display, and Electronic Direct Marketing, as well as providing additional analytic information about the phone calls themselves.   If you are a business owner and looking for a call tracking software for lead generation. Before directly going for any tracking software, you should know how this software can be beneficial for your business and what

How Does Call Tracking Software Work? 

Software like EasyGoIVR by SAN Softwares is a cloud-based interactive voice response system that offers call tracking. This thing helps its users to engage customers’ digital journeys to phone calls using online data collection via unique and trackable phone numbers.    EasyGoIVR works when a caller dials your company’s phone number; call tracking software records the information and saves it in a database known as a CDR or call detail record. The call monitoring software will then process the CDR and your business rules and generate standard and customized reports for you to see on a dashboard. This helps to get a clear picture of how your efforts are actually performing. This capability is available on several platforms, with a single toll-free number or numerous distinct numbers routed to the same incoming IVR application.

Benefits of Using a Call Tracking Software

There are various benefits that you can get by implementing a call tracking software, or you can go with an IVR software that comes with call tracking like EasyGoIVR, which has one of the best Call Tracking Software inbuilt. 

You Can Track ROI More Accurately 

Call monitoring or tracking provides a ton of data to assist you in determining the actual return on investment for various marketing strategies. Using trackable phone numbers might offer you a better picture of which ads make the most money.

Marketing through Multiple Channels

Call monitoring helps you track when and where calls are made to your firm. With this data, you can identify exactly which days and hours of the day you get the most calls. This can help you arrange work hours for your employees more efficiently.

It Gives You the Ability to Make Quick Decisions

Call monitoring or tracking can adequately demonstrate the ROI (Return on Investment) of multi-channel campaigns and justify the effect of marketing resources. Multi-channel marketing might include advertising across multiple channels.

It Enhances Call Forwarding 

Call monitoring or tracking enables you to pass a call to the appropriate staff member promptly. A sale opportunity will no longer be lost because a caller became frustrated because he or she could not promptly reach the appropriate person.

It Can Assist You In Better Targeting Your Marketing 

The more you get this kind of information from the call tracking system, it will help you to get a better understanding of the actual demographics of your customers. This gives you an option to create more focused advertising to reach those customers.

Call Recordings Include Useful Information 

Call Tracking software allows you to record customer or client calls as well. This can provide you with quite helpful insight. You can find out what kind of issues a significant amount of your customers or clients are having or what items they like the most. This knowledge enables you to make necessary changes to your plans much more quickly.

It Helps in Measuring the Efficiency of Your Internet Operations

You may also use unique tracking phone numbers to help with your online marketing activities. Using these unique phone numbers, you may identify which landing pages truly generate calls. This might help you learn how to focus and construct your internet marketing more effectively and efficiently. 

It Can Assist with SEO Refinement

Call tracking or monitoring can also assist you in boosting your search engine performance. You may utilize it to collect data for your pay-per-click marketing campaign to see which keywords are generating calls. This can assist you in optimizing your SEO and focusing on the keywords that are engaging clients.

It Enables You To Compare Various Advertising Channels 

The usage of unique contact numbers that can be tracked might also help you quickly compare different channels you may be employed to run advertisements. For example, you may notice that your newspaper advertising only generates a small number of conversions. This allows you to concentrate on more profitable channels like the internet and radio.

It Helps in Staff Management

Call tracking enables you to manage your call center workforce more effectively. You can assess whether or not your team is doing an excellent job of aiding consumers and completing business over the phone if you have the option to record the calls and other information.

The Most Common Misconception About Call Tracking

When thinking about implementing Call Tracking software, many businesses wonder, “Doesn’t my primary phone number have to change?” No, it does not. Your firm can maintain its present contact number. New numbers will be issued and routed to your primary number in order to track your marketing activities better. 

Industries Where Call Tracking Is Pretty Important and Popular

Call tracking, like anything else, is popular in a range of sectors, primarily because prospects often locate these organizations through offline or internet marketing. The following are some of the most common industries for Call Tracking:

Real Estate 

A savvy realtor will generally have a busy phone and will have to manage many potential purchasers. A superb retail agent uses call tracking to enhance. This is because call detail reports empower an agent to focus on the number of calls they make and determine which ones appear to be warmer leads.  Some properties will need a more number of phone numbers than others. Call tracking helps ensure that the property is appropriately promoted. It may also assist agents in determining client demands by restricting their options and how much a caller is prepared to invest in a home-based on repeat caller statistics.


You can easily monitor the quality of your leads. When a customer’s information displays on your agent’s computer screen, he or she can recommend different forms of insurance based on the caller’s geographic region. High-quality leads may be prioritized and sent to the agents best suited to handle the call. For quality assurance, your organization might choose to record incoming calls. Your supervisors may monitor the calls that come in by using call recording. Accessing the quality of your calls allows you to identify better which agents are high performers and reward them.


Call tracking enables medical practices to identify how to market to new consumers and patients. Though, personnel from the healthcare sector are not allowed to share any confidential information about any patient. That’s why people from the healthcare sector use HIPAA-compliant call tracking software. 

Best Voice Call Tracking Software in India

If you are looking for a call tracking software India. SAN Softwares is one of the leading software development companies in India, and they have developed one of the best interactive voice response systems called EasyGoIVR, and it comes with call tracking software inbuilt.  EasyGoIVR comes with numerous other advantages as well, such as:
  • Automatic Call
  • Blacklisting
  • Call Recording
  • Call Tracking
  • Call Data Report
  • Customer Agent
  • IVR System
  • Programmable
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